The Bergh Family Records


THE TABLET. Saturday August 16 1924


The Right Rev. Abbot Bergh, O.S.B.

At the ripe age of fourscore years and three, Frederick Thomas Bergh, Abbot-Visitor of Ramsgate for nearly twenty years, has passed away. His Danish name did not mean that he came to England as an alien, indeed his family has been settled in this country since the eighteenth century. The deceased Benedictine began his eduaction in England and in France, finishing it with a university course in Rome. His golden jubilee as a priest occurred in 1919. Within seven years of his ordination, Dom Frederick Bergh had been given the charge of the Isle of Thanet missions in general and of St. Augustine's Monastery and College in particular. He discharged these heavy duties until the twentieth century was well begun, and, during his term, he not only enlarged St. Augustine's but also built St. Catherine's Hospital, founded missions at Westgate and Broadstairs, opened an additional church at Ramsgate for the benefit of the many residents and visitors who found St. Augustine's too far away, and erected a convent and a church at Minster. In 1896 he had the honour of becoming the first Abbot of St. Augustine's, and was made Abbot-Visitor in 1905. He belonged to the Cassienese Congregation of the Primitive Observance. Of late years, Abbot Bergh resided at Carshalton, where he acted as chaplain to the Daughters of the Cross. His death took place on Tuesday morning, August 12, at King's College Hospital, Denmark Hill. A solemn requiem was celebrated at St. George's Cathedral, Southwark, on Thursday, and the funeral is to take place this (Saturday) morning at Ramsgate. R.I.P.

Thomas is the religious name.