The Bergh Family Records

Right Reverend Abbot F Thomas Berg O.S.B.


St. Augustine's

16 May 1905.

My dear Nephew,

Your letter and enclosures were most interesting. I have been able not only to realize all the details of family history therein set forth, but, thanks to your graphic style, to share somewhat in your enthusiasm. It appears that all the branches alike have drifted asunder, there being no recognized rootstock to bind them together.

I remember fairly well that Robert Stanley Mitcalfe and also his little brother "Gus", Sarah and Annabella Mills were about my own age, Augsuta several years older.

You note that 17 March 1878 R.S.M. writes "All my uncles are dead". Therefore also Augusta Bergh.

The likeness between Mrs Mitcalfe and Maggie is a striking instance of heredity. They are only third cousins, and in descent do not come together before the lives of Charles and Anne Wright in the middle of the 18th century.

With John and Ann Ainsley you have now got us back to 1719 - I hope you will be able to go further. The venerable Mary Johnson seems to be a charming personage. I wish I had known her in earlier days. But it is a real pleasure to learn that my poor mother was a favourite with her own people, I am always most curious about the Berghs of Hamburg. Some of the Mills' may perchance have papers left by my grandfather Augustus Berg throwing light on their post.

It will be a great pleasure to me to come and see you and Mabel in your, I am sure, very pleasant home, when I can get the opportunity.

Your affectionate uncle,

This must be inaccurate. To whom is he referring? Perhaps Jane Johnson, 3rd cousin twice removed, i.e. 1830-1930 generation.
FRB's sister and my grandmother? (APH)