The Bergh Family Records

Augusta Jane Bergh

(Name Mary Mechtilde)

Great Aunt to:-

H.L.B. G.E.B.
N.H. H.E.H.J.A.H.
M.B.W. A.L.W.
  1. Memorandum by the Abbot
  2. Obituary Notice
  3. Obituary Letter from D.M.A.Sullivan O.S.B. in Italian
  4. Obituary Letter from D.M.A.Sullivan O.S.B. - translation by H.J.B.
  5. Three photographs of Augusta Jane Bergh

Authoress of Crown Jewels published 1879 by Elliot Stock, 62 Paternoster Row, E.C. with a Preface by Lady Herbert of Len. A Brief Record of the Wives of English Sovereigns from 1066 to 1897 A.D.

The copy in my possession is inscribed:- Not Monasterii S.Augustini, Ramsgate

Ad usum Abbatis Thomae Bergh Q.S.B.

Given me at Carshalton by the Abbot July 5th, 1907. Written by my Aunt Jane Augusta Bergh (Dame Mary Mechtilde) R.F.B.