The Bergh Family Records

Right Reverend Abbot F Thomas Berg O.S.B.


St. Augustine's

27 Jan. 1903.

My dear Frank,

You have done wonderfully well. I never thought so much could have been unearthed, and I feel a real interest in your researches. The Bergh side is much more satisfactory than the Rattray connection. But both James Rattray and Augustus Bergh of Brighton must have been dover fellows and made their way upwards. This ancestor Franz Christoph Berg ought to be traceable. He must have lived some time in England to write his book. I don't think you gave me the date of that Hanover Sq. marriage in writing. But I suppose it does not correspond, otherwise we might account for a tradition by supposing he had something to do with education at the Court of George III.

For myself you cab put down -

I have been not at all well this Christmas and have put off several journeys. But I hope before very long to come and pay a visit to you all.

All kind thoughts to your father to Hal and to Annie.

Your affectionate Uncle,
F. Thos. Bergh. O.S.B.

Note: A man competent to teach his son Astronomy and Navigate and to edit a Grammar is above the average.