The Bergh Family Records

Right Reverend Abbot F Thomas Berg O.S.B.


St. Augustine's, Ramsgate.

Just as I posted my letter this morning the Tablet came with a surprise for me. It will mean of course a meeting and Speechifying. F.T.B.


St. Augustine's Abbey,

Extract from "Tablet" of 10 March 1906.

"We are glad to note that Abbot Bergh's long term of distinguished service at Ramsgate is not to be allowed to pass without some substantial recognition. The Catholic community of the town have determined to present him with some mark of their appreciation, and the Committee which has been appointed to make arrangements for carrying out this purpose of appealing to his many friends to assist them to make that recognition not unworthy of its object. Such a call will certainly meet with a wide and generous response and those who may wish to have a share in this expression of esteem will find in our advertisement columns where their subscriptions may be sent"

The advertisement is:-

"Abbot Bergh's Testimonial". An influential Committee has been formed to organise a Testimonial to the Abbot Bergh of Ramsgate in recognition of his valuable services to Holy Church in Thanet, as well as throughout England. Donations may be sent to the Hon. Treasurer, Mr. Maskell, Esq., 3 Royal Crescent, Ramsgate.

N.B. A portrait of him in Oils was presented and hangs at St Augustine's, also a purse. F.R.B.