The Bergh Family Records

Right Reverend Abbot F Thomas Berg O.S.B.


Saturday August 23 1924


A solemn requiem for the repose of the soul of the Right Rev. Abbot Thomas Bergh, O.S.B. was sung by the Bishop of Southwark in St. George's Cathedral at 11 o'clock on Thursday, August 14. The many friends of the late Abbot who assisted at the ceremony included their lordships the Bishops of Miletopolis and of Fella, the Right Rev. Abbots Cabrol and Egan, O.S.B. the Very Rev. Canons W. Murnane, E. Murnane, and Monk, the Rev. Fathers Moriarty, Corbellis, Cuddon, and numerous other members of the secular clergy. Many of the London convents also sent representatives. The music was rendered by Dom Maurus Moorat, O.S.B., (at the organ) and by a choir of monks from St. Augustine's Abbey, Ramsgate. The Requiem Mass was followed by the absolutions, which were given by the Bishop of Southwark. Later in the day the body was removed to Ramsgate.

The funeral took place on Staurday, August 16. A solemn dirge was sung in the Abbey Church of St. Augustine's at 9.45 a.m. followed at 11 a.m. by a High Mass of Requiem sung by the Right Rev. Abbot Egan, O.S.B., Abbot of St. Augustine's, in the presence of Cardinal Bourne, Friends of the late Abbot assembled in great numbers for the last rites. Among them were the Right Rev. Abbot Vosier, O.S.B., of Buckfast, the Very Rev. Canon Jackman, Dom Adalbert O'Sullivan, O.S.B., Father O'Hare, S.J., and many representatives from local convents. The absolutions were given by Cardinal Bourne, who also officiated at the graveside. The body was laid to rest in the monks' cemetery, under the shadow of the Abbey church where the late Abbot had so long presided as superior in years gone by. R.I.P.