The Bergh Family Records

Right Reverend Abbot F Thomas Berg O.S.B.


Carshalton House,
Carshalton, Surrey.

13 Oct. 1920.

My dear Frank,

Thanks for your birthday wishes, As to "happy returns" the Expectation of Life Tables allow me 4 years and a fraction. Not much!

Meggie and Nan have both written. The former, I fear, is in poor health. Nan promises me a visit, She is a nice girl and it will be a treat to see her.

I feel much concerned about your poor old uncle Francis. Neither had I heard of ....... for a long time. I am sure Hal will do what he can for him.

I congratulate you on your own home happiness, and share your hopes for Jack, I must really pay you a call in the city. Half a dozen times I have thought of doing so when passing Welbeck, but have always been in a hurry. My eighty years notwithstanding I am always kept pretty busy.

Your affectionate Uncle,

F. Thos. Bergh. O.S.B.