The Bergh Family Records

Right Reverend Abbot F Thomas Berg O.S.B.

The Convent,
Carshalton House,
Carshalton, Surrey.

16 Oct. 1908.

My dear Henry,

Many thanks for birthday good wishes. How few there now left to think of these anniversaries.

I did not answer sooner because I was on the Continent and only came home slowly, so that your letter was waiting me here.

I got back last night dreadfully tired and today am not yet myself. At 68 one can't run about as years ago.

That congress was altogether a grand affair and though I can't bear publicity or fuss I am glad I was in it. I little thought I should ever attend a Papal Legate in full robes through London streets. But the crowd was terrific. The most impressive features to my mind were however the procession of 20,000 children on the Saturday and the great meeting of men with .......? crowding in the Albert Hall.

If I get again to the North I hope I shall see you and I should like to make the acquaintance of Alice's daughter. And when you are in London you must come and see me again. It is ages since I heard from Francis.

On my return here, I found they had thoughtfully repainted and done up this little flat. I am very comfortable.

I hope you keep well and strong,

Your affectionate brother,

F. Thos. Bergh. O.S.B.