The Bergh Family Records

Augustus Berg

Master Mariner. Shipowner. Writer.

Great-Great Grandfather to:-

H.L.B. G.E.B.
N.H. H.E.H.J.A.H.
M.B.W. A.L.W.
  1. Copy of Original Manuscript by himself with notes by F.R.B.
  2. Copy of "Address to my Children" by himself with notes by his married daughter, Sarah Mills and F.R.B.
  3. Copy of a Copy of his movements from a Boy age 10½ years
  4. Copy of Baptismal Certificate of his wife Sarah Sibsey, 7.11.1779.
  5. Copy of Marriage Certificate
  6. Photgraphic copy of Marriage Certificate
  7. Acknowledgement by the Geological Society of London, 7.11.1860 for "An Essay on the Causes of distant alternate periodic Inundations".
  8. Original Manuscript by himself "Lines by a Friend for my Museum".
  9. Copy of Obituary Notice in the "Athenaeum" 28.8.1864.
  10. Memorandom by F.R.B.
  11. Extracts by F.R.B.
  12. Letter dated 24.3.1902 from Brighton Parish Clerk re Grave
  13. Letter dated 26.3.1902 from Brighton Parish Clerk re Inscription.