The Bergh Family Records

Family Records

These records may be considered completed down to H.J.B. although, at a later date, I may issue a Facing Sheet and possibly other details concerning F.R.B. I had intended making certain visits to the Cemeteries around London and checking up on the Inscriptions and also approaching Mr. Metcalfe and trying to ascertain the present whereabouts of the original Manuscript by F.C.A. Berg, and also the M.S. by Augustus Bergh. Also I have wanted to make a comprehensive index and to draw two detailed maps. I also had in mind a number of other improvements.

These various things would have taken until Christmas, the original date I had as the target for completing the Records. However, as I now require the next two months for various other work in connection with my taking a new appointment, I have had rather to rush the completion of these re-productions but nevertheless, they should prove of considerable interest to members of the family.

It is quite probable that various small mistakes, discrepancies, etc., will be noticed and if so, I would like to have a note of these for checking against the originals.

So wrote my Uncle Rowie (R.F.B.) before distributing copies of these documents