Birth, Marriage & Death Certificates for Hicksons

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Births in Yorkshire

Anne Hickson (Ann); Sutton/Hull (Hull); SUT/1/88; stray
James Hickson; West Sculcoates; Hull; WES/1/279
Robert Hickson; East Sculcoates; Hull; EAS/1/408
James Hickson; Drypool; Hull; DRY/2/8
Emma Hickson; East Sculcoates; Hull; EAS/4/382
Hannah Hickson; Hunslet/Leeds; (Hunslet); HUNS/8/453; Stray
Sarah E (Sarah Elizabeth) Hickson; West Sculcoates/Hull (Hull); WES/3/82; Yorks 105
Eliza Hickson (Hull) Yorks 112; daughter of John & Eliza
Priscilla Hickson; Drypool; Hull; DRY/2/327
Andrew Hickson; Myton; Hull; MYT/10/109
Maria Hickson; Myton; Hull; MYT/10/468
Elizabeth Hickson; East Sculcoates/Hull (-); EAS/7/11; Yorks 105; daughter of William & Ann
Mary Elizabeth Hickson; Morley; Leeds; MORL/4/5
George Hickson; Leeds West; Leeds; WEST/27/20
Harriet Hickson; Hunslet/Leeds; (Hunslet); HUN/15/171; Stray
Isabella Hickson; Myton; Hull; MYT/17/16
Charlotte Hickson; West Sculcoates; Hull; WES/6/266
Emma Hickson; West Sculcoates; Hull; WES/7/32
Lydia Hickson (Hull) Census; widow
Sarah Elizabeth Hickson (-) Stray; Married 1870 in Hull. Maybe born 1843, see above.
Ann Hickson; Humber; Hull; HUM/7/308
Mary Ann Hickson; Leeds West; Leeds; WEST/31/357
Emma Hickson (Hull) Yorks 112; daughter of John & Eliza
Henry Hickson; Myton/Hull (Hull); MYT/23/348; Stray
John Hickson; Humber; Hull; HUM/8/317
Maria Hickson; West Sculcoates; Hull; WES/8/127
Sarah Hickson; Hunslet/Leeds; (Hunslet); HUNS/21/362; Stray
Mary Ann Hickson; Hunslet; Stray
Caroline Hickson; Leeds West; Leeds; WEST/37/462
Matthew Hickson; Myton; Hull; MYT/28/197
Tom Hickson (Thomas); West Sculcoates/Hull; (Hull); WES/9/467; Stray
Catherine Hickson; Humber; Hull; HUM/10/78
Mary Hannah Hickson; Myton; Hull; MYT/29/326
Sarah Hickson; Leeds West; Leeds; WEST/41/424
Maria Hickson; Hull; Stray
Fanny Hickson; (1856); West Sculcoates/Hull; (-); WES/11/268; Stray
Walter Alfred Hickson; Leeds West; Leeds; WEST/44/3
George William Hickson; Humber/Hull; (Hull); HUM/11/71; Yorks 105. Son of William & Ann
George Hickson; Leeds Southeast; Leeds; SE/40/73
William A Hickson; West Sculcoates; Hull; WES/12/230
Mabel Hickson; Myton; Hull; MYT/36/207
Ann M Hickson; Humber; Hull; HUM/12/157
John Hickson; Humber/Hull; (Hull); HUM/12/396; Yorks 105. Son of William & Ann
Mary Elizabeth Hickson; Myton; Hull; MYT/38/406
Ann E Hickson; Myton; Hull; MYT/42/236
Charles H Hickson (Charles Henry); West Sculcoates/Hull; (Hull); WES/14/399; Census. Son of Emma
Frank Hickson; West Sculcoates; Hull; WES/15/294
Henry Hickson; Myton; Hull; MYT/43/346
Mabel Hickson; Myton; Hull; MYT/42/130
Sarah Hannah Hickson; Leeds West; Leeds; WEST/57/210
Angelina Hickson; West Sculcoates; Hull; WES/15/408
Robert W Hickson; Myton; Hull; MYT/44/291
William Hickson; Humber; Hull; HUM/13/319
Edward S Hickson; West Sculcoates; Hull; WES/17/482
Charles A Hickson; St Mary's; Hull; STMY/11/42
Joseph Wilson Hickson; Myton; Hull; MYT/51/77
Robert Hickson; Leeds West; Leeds; WEST/65/212
Edward T Hickson; Hull; Census. Son of Sarah Ann - see 1861 above
Matilda Hickson; Leeds West; Leeds; WEST/70/144
Sarah Hickson; St Mary's; Hull; STMY/11/218
Clara Hickson; St Mary's/Hull; (Hull); STMY/11/456; Yorks 105 - unlikely that Hickson was her maiden name
Ada Rebecca Hickson; Myton; Hull; MYT/59/63
Emma H Hickson (Emma Hoyle Hickson); Humber/Hull; (Hull); HUM/16/354; Yorks 105. Daughter of William & Ann
Mary Hickson; Myton; Hull; MYT/60/438
Sophia Pearson Hickson; Myton; Hull; MYT/61/466
John Hickson; born sometime between 1865 & 1882, lived in Hull; Y17
Ada L Hickson; St Mary's; Hull; STMY/12/408
William Hickson, born ca 1866 in Hull; Lancs 12
Alice Hickson; Hull; Census
Jane Hickson; Sutton; Hull; SUT/18/276
Sarah Ann Hickson; Myton; Hull; MYT/68/150
Anna M Hickson; Hull; Stray
Charles Hickson; Leeds North; Leeds; NORT/108/250
James W Hickson; Wortley; Leeds; WORT/59/61


Probable year of birth Year of marriage HICKSON Spouse Location No of certificate
1817 1838 HICKSON Fanny CONYERS George St James, Sutton Hull HO/1/46
1814 1838 HICKSON John JACKSON Hannah All Saints, Sculcoates Hull HAS/1/203
1817 1838 HICKSON Richard INGALL Elizabeth Holy Trinity, Rothwell Leeds CE109/150
1819 1840 HICKSON Mary DALE Nicholas All Saints, Sculcoates Hull HAS/2/393
1819 1841 HICKSON George WILSON Sarah All Saints, Sculcoates Hull HAS/3/13
1821 1842 HICKSON Ann BURTON Thomas St Wilfrid, Calverley Leeds CE127/A/409
1823 1844 HICKSON Mary Ann RUSSELL John William All Saints, Sculcoates Hull HAS/4/444
1824 1845 HICKSON William BROOKS Ann All Saints, Sculcoates Hull HAS/5/134
1824 1848 HICKSON Charles TUKE Elizabeth All Saints, Sculcoates Hull HAS/6/491
1835 1853 HICKSON Stephen STORY Mary Elizabeth Hull Register Offices Hull HRO/6/15
1833 1854 HICKSON William HOYLE Ann Holy Trinity Hull HD/15/323
1834 1855 HICKSON Eliza POTER William N All Saints, Sculcoates Hull HAS/10/94
1827 1855 HICKSON Francis J BROMBY Sarah A St Paul, Sculcoates Hull STPL/1/437
1834 1855 HICKSON Gerard W BARKER Elizabeth St Peter, Leeds Leeds CE46/47/288
1834 1855 HICKSON Martha SMITH James Hull Register Offices Hull HRO/5/30
1838 1859 HICKSON Joseph LUCOP Fanny Holy Trinity Hull HD/19/58
1838 1859 HICKSON Mary CHESTER James St Paul, Sculcoates Hull STPL/2/174
1838 1859 HICKSON Mary FARLEY James St Paul, Sculcoates Hull STPL/2/173
1840 1861 HICKSON Ann M CROBB William All Saints, Sculcoates Hull HAS/13/221
1841 1862 HICKSON Henry BLEEZE Fanny Holy Trinity Hull HD/21/272
1836 1864 HICKSON Charles GANNON Margaret Hull Register Offices Hull HRO/9/93
1845 1866 HICKSON Mary FISHER Henry Hull Register Offices Hull HRO/10/61
1846 1867 HICKSON Elizabeth ROUTH Samuel St Matthew, Little London, Leeds Leeds CE32/257
1846 1867 HICKSON Mary Ann HUNT John St Paul, Sculcoates Hull STPL/3/491
1847 1868 HICKSON John BASSET Catherine Leeds Registered Building Leeds RB/41/45
1847 1868 HICKSON Mary EWARD Thomas St Mark, Woodhouse Leeds CE69/E/170
1846-1850 1870 HICKSON Ann E GREENHOUGH George Doncaster Register Office Doncaster DON/7/191


From 1969 Death Certificates recorded the date and place of birth, as given by the informant, previously only the age at death was recorded

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