Hickson Genealogy

The origin of the surname Hickson could be:

From English Surnames by Charles Wareing Bardsley we find:

From him [Isaac] then have arisen our 'Isaacs' and 'Isaac-sons,' our 'Hicks' and 'Hicksons,' our 'Higgs' and Higsons,' and with the Norman-French diminutives appended, our 'Higgins,' 'Higginsons,' 'Higgotts,' and Higgetts.'

and from the Dictionary of British Surnames by P.H.Reaney, LittD, PhD, F.S.A.:

Hickson, Hickeson, Hixson: Stephen Hykson 1391 PTY; John Hixon 1450 Rad (C). 'Son of Hick.

'Sacred to the memory of George Higgott,' etc. Bonsall Church, Derbyshire. The more common form is 'Higgett.'