Hickson Genealogy

Cemetery Transcriptions

Hixson Cemetery, Manassas, U.S.A.

established 1798

submitted by Emily Hixson

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Page 4 - Hixson Cemetery Tombstones

Section F
HIXSON, Felix Moses died Jan 7, 1907, age 28 years.  Son of Leland and Elizabeth (McFee)
       "        Isabella Allen Hixson, (2nd wife) of Leland Hixson, died Jan 11, 1911, age 50 yrs.
       "        Leland Hixson d. Jan. 1, 1908, age 62 yrs.
       "        Elizabeth Hixson nee McFee, (1st wife) of Leland Hixson, d. 11-7-1883,age 34 yrs.
       "        Edward Leland, son of Leland and Elizabeth Hixson, died Oct 4, 1883, age 4 mo.
       "        Mamie Leonie, daughter of Leland and Isabella Hixson, d June 21, 1886, age 10 mo.
       "        Felix Randolph, son of Bolling F. .and Selena V. Denham, d 2-19-1905 age 1 yr.
                            (Note: I do not recognize this last entry, and it isn't in my Hixson Index.)
                                 But must be of family, note the name Felix Moses .-Emily)

Listed on same upright monument (small initialed headstones on children's graves:

SULLIVAN, Luther T., b July 3, 1850; d. Sept. 20, 1927
       "         Spouse:  Livonia E. (Hixson),    b Sept.3, 1851; d. Feb. 6, 1921 (known as "Kate")
                                (A daughter of Moses and Jane (Butler) Hixson)
       "         Viola J., b Oct. 30, 1883; d April 13, 1884 (dau of Luther T. & Livonia)
       "         William F., b Feb. 8, 1885; d. Sept. 4,. 1919  (son of Luther T & Livonia)
       "          Cecelia M., b..April 3, 1887; d. Aug. 6, 1921 .
       "          Richard C., b Sept. 27, 1893; d Jan. 21, 1956. 
       "          Maurice L., b Dec. 16, 1881; d Dec. 10, 1963 (son of Luther T. & Livonia)
CARTER, James S.., Co. F. 17 VA. Inf.  CSA
                       (Note: Paul Arrington said his full name is James Shirley Carter.  Although the
                 dates are missing on his tombstone, he does fit into the Carter -Hixson family.
                 Our record shows one of this name married. Margaret Emily Hixson 1837-1904,
                 (Daughter of Moses Hixson and Jane.Butler  Hixson.)
                     And James .S. Carter was b. 25 Jan. 1836; d. 2 April, 1912
                 Note: there is a "rough stone" at the foot of James S. Carter's grave..
                  There is a "rough stone" between James S.Carter and Walter Carter.)
       "         Walter ..  d.  Oct. 17, 1881..(  He was a son of James Shirley)
       "         Ella, d. Oct. 16, 1881 (a dau of James Shirley Carter)
       "         Miss Medora Carter  d. Aug. 9, 1881 (our record says she was a dau of James Shirley.
                    b. 30 Aug. 1873)

There is a large "rough" stone at the next gravesite, and a smaller one next to that.

WILT,        John, 1846-1893.
     "            Framces L., 1850-1913.
     "            Henry Clinton 1874-1893

(Note: This is a bit different from our record, and I don't know which is correct, but the record given to me shows John Wilt 1846-1893 married to Lucretia P. Hixson, a dau of Moses and Jane Butler Hixson. I have no record of any children for them. Lucretia's brother Robert Wallace Hixson 1841 - 1907 married Mary J. ("Mollie") Wilt (1851-1906, likely related to John Wilt. ) There are a row of three rough stones in the "next" row, and then the following row shows this: A large rough stone followed by the Tombstone for Mrs JANE HIXSON, died Aug. 25, 1881; age 71. She was the spouse of MOSES HIXSON b ca 1808 in Pr.Wm.Co.VA. He died 1880. There's a row of smaller rough stones in that row and in the next row or two. Some had a head and foot stone. But where is MOSES HIXSON buried?. And where is his BROTHER: John Hixson?...whose wife, Priscilla Woodyard Hixson is buried in the Manassas Cemetery! Family believe John Hixson is buried in the old Hixson Cemetery. JOHN and MOSES are the sons of Elizabeth Johnson and William Hixson (d. 1832 Pr.Wm.Co.VA). William is the son of BENJAMIN HIXSON, JR and Sarah HUTCHINSON, dau of Wm. Hutchinson and Ann SIMPSON. This Benjamin and Sarah came to Pr.Wm.Co..in. 1770 from Middlesex Co. N.J. with their families, and members of the DYE and JOHNSON families.

STAUB, Willard A. 1889 -      
  "    Nannie V. 1893-1969

Note: the above Willard married Nannie V Tartisel . She was the daughter of Ida J. Carter and James Tartisel. Ida J. Carter was a dau of James Shirley Carter and Margaret Emily Hixson. On the same upright marker is seen the following:

James A. Tartisel, Feb. 14, 1833-Nov. 11, 1909.   (Ida's 1st marriage)
Ida J. Staub, Feb. 14, 1868 - June 26, 1953
George T. Staub July 14, 1885- Mar.3, 1950.        (Ida's 2nd marriage)
On the next row: WILLIAM H. HIXSON, b June 5, 1826; died Oct. 18, 1858.

(NOTE: Our record shows he married SARAH A. BUTLER. Wm. H. was a son of James and Nancy (Florance) Hixson. James was a son of William and Elizabeth Johnson Hixson so here we find another brother of John and Moses Hixson!