Hickson Genealogy

Barnton, Cheshire, England

HICKSONs who have some connection to Barnton, Cheshire.

Only people whose parents are not known to me have been included. If you would like more information about a Hickson who is not included please e-mail me.

Barnton is situated between Little Leigh, Weaverham, Great Budworth, Marston, Northwich and Hartford

Pat Riedel, Texas, writes:

I was born in Barnton in 1943 and Christ Church churchyard was at the end of my garden. I remember there was a Hickson Street in the village and I'm really stretching my memory to remember a little shop run by the Hicksons. I was a member of Christ Church for many years. When I was young Barnton was a very small village then Imperial Chemical Industries (ICI) moved in a lot of people from the Liverpool area and our village at least doubled in size. ICI was the main employer then; otherwise there were many farms and agriculture supported the rest of the population. During the war there had been a prisoner of war camp in Anderton (about a mile away) where the Germans were housed. They in fact were put to work in Barnton and actually built the council house that I moved into when very young. There were several different chapels in the village but only one Church of England. Eventually a Catholic church was erected - probably around 1960, to the shock of many residents. Beside the church and chapels, we had several pubs including the Red Lion, Travelers Rest, Shepherd's View, and a few others I don't recall the name of.