Hickson Genealogy


Below is a list of HICKSONs whose parents are unknown to me.

All of these people have some connection to Lincolnshire, England.

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Trees for Hicksons found in Pinchbeck.

People called Abraham Hickson in Lincolnshire

People called Frederick Hickson in Lincolnshire

People called Henry Hickson in Lincolnshire

Name Year of birth Reference
up to 1599
Gawen HigsonEst. 1515-1584Swinehead
Rice Hicsanabout 1529IGI-FHC5
Thome Hicsonabout 1529IGI-FHC11
Wylm. Hycsonabout 1529IGI-FHC22
Johan Hyxssunabout 1532IGI-FHC22
Thomas Hicsonabout 1533IGI-FHC10
Mr Hycsonabout 1534IGI-FHC14
John Hicksonabout 1535IGI-FHC18
Roberti Hyckesonabout 1537IGI-FHC5
Alice Hicksoneca 1540IGI-Fhc1
Joane Hicsonabout 1540IGI-FHC11
Robert Hicsonabout 1540IGI-FHC5
Richard HicksonEst 1541-1640Stray
Agnas Hicksoneabout 1542IGI-Fhc1
Agnes Hicksonabout 1542IGI-MARR1
Ellinne HicksonABOUT 1542IGI-FHC5
Kateryn Hyksonabout 1545IGI-FHC4
John Hicsonabout 1546IGI-FHC9
John Hicsonabout 1549IGI-FHC11
John Hicksonabout 1551IGI-FHC1
Anthonye Hicsonabout 1554IGI-FHC22
William Hicsonabout 1554IGI-Fhc1
Henricus Hicsonabout 1555IGI-FHC9
Herye Hicsonabut 1555IGI-Parent5
Marie Hicksonabout 1555IGI-FHC15
Thomas Hicsonabout 1556IGI-Fhc1
John Hiksonabout 1557IGI-FHC3
Rice Hickeson or Hickson about 1558IGI-FHC5
Edmund HixonEst. 1560-1639Stray
Wyllyam Hicksonabout 1560IGI-FHC22
Christopher Hicsonabout 1561IGI-Fhc1
Elezabethe Hycksone1561IGI-FHC5
Thomae Hicsonabout 1561IGI-FHC11
Thomas Hicksonabout 1561IGI-FHC18
George Hicson1562IGI-FHC8
John Hicksoneabout 1562IGI-FHC5
Tomas Hykson1562IGI-FHC21
Alys Hykson1563IGI-Fhc1
Elizabet Hicson1563IGI-FHC5
John Hicksonabout 1563IGI-FHC18
Robert Hycksonabout 1563IGI-FHC11
William Hicksonabout 1563IGI-FHC20
Willyam Hicksonabout 1563IGI-FHC22
Henrici Hixone or Hewsonabout 1564IGI-FHC18
John Hycksonabout 1564IGI-MARR6
Elizabeth Hicksonabout 1566IGI-FHC5
Margaret Hixon1566IGI-FHC14
Thoms Hixonabout 1566IGI-FHC21
Henrye Hixonabout 1567IGI-MARR4
Thomas Hicksonca 1567IGI-MARR10
Anne Hicsonabout 1568IGI-Fhc1
Jane Hicksonneabout 1568IGI-FHC10
Luke Hicsonabout 1568IGI-Fhc1
Thomas Hickesonnabout 1568IGI-FHC5
Luke Hicsonabout 1569IGI-Paren12
Mary Hicksonabout 1569IGI-FHC15
Susane Hixonabout 1570IGI-MARR10
Katheryne Hixonabout 1571IGI-MARR2
Ralf Hicksonabout 1572IGI-Fhc1
Rice Hicksonneabout 1572IGI-FHC18
Richard Hicksonabout 1572IGI-FHC6
William Hicksoneabout 1572IGI-FHC3
Agnes Hicksonabout 1573IGI-FHC1
George Hicksonabout 1573IGI-FHC8
Henry Hicksoneabout 1573IGI-FHC9
Maryan Hicksonabout 1573IGI-MARR7
Luke Hicksonabout 1574IGI-FHC9
Margret Hicsoneabout 1574IGI-FHC14
Elizabeth Hicksonabout 1575 IGI-FHC5
Hugh Hixsonabout 1575IGI-Parent5
Margery Hicksoneabout 1575IGI-MARR7
Richard Hixonabout 1575IGI-Fhc1
Robert Hixonabout 1575IGI-FHC19
Edward Hexsonabout 1576IGI-Fhc1
Grace Hicksonneabout 1576IGI-MARR4
Margaret Hicson1576IGI-FHC14
Marye Hicsen1577IGI-FHC15
Thomas Hicksonabout 1577IGI-Pare17
George Hicsonabout 1578IGI-FHC8
Susan Hicson1578IGI-FHC20
Edward Hicksonabout 1579IGI-FHC9
George Hicksonca 1579IGI-FHC8
Robert Hicksonabout 1579IGI-FHC11
Robert Hixsonabout 1580IGI-FHC18
Edmond Hicksonabout 1581IGI-FHC15
Hugh Hicsonabout 1581IGI-Parent5
Richard Hicksonabout 1581IGI-FHC18
Robert Hicksonabout 1581IGI-Fhc1
Robert Hicksonabout 1581IGI-FHC6
John Hixonabout 1583IGI-Fhc1
Robert Hicksonabout 1583IGI-Marr9a
William Hicksonabout 1583IGI-FHC23
Edmond Hicksonabout 1584IGI-Fhc1
Joan Hicksonca 1584IGI-FHC11
Ellen Hickson1585IGI-FHC5
Robert Hicksonabout 1585IGI-Fhc1
Robertus Hicsonabout 1587IGI-FHC18
Thomas Hicksonabout 1587IGI-FHC6
William Hicksonabout 1587IGI-FHC1
Magdelen Hixon1588IGI-FHC14
Robert HiksonEst 1588-1667Stray
William Hicksonabout 1588IGI-FHC19
Elizabeth Hicsonabout 1589IGI-FHC6
Elyzabeth Hicson1589IGI-FHC5
John Hicksonabout 1589IGI-FHC11
Marie Hickeson1589IGI-FHC15
Robard Hyxon1589IGI-FHC18
Robert Hicksonca 1589IGI-FHC18
Dorethie Hicson1590IGI-FHC5
Isabell Hicson1590IGI-FHC9
Thomas Hicksonabout 1590IGI-FHC9
Elyzabeth Hyckson1591IGI-FHC5
Issabell Hicsonabout 1591IGI-FHC9
William Hickeson1591IGI-FHC22
Willielmi Hicksonabout 1591IGI-FHC5
Freswell Hicsonabout 1592IGI-FHC8
Henrie Hickeson1592IGI-FHC9
Jane Hicson1592IGI-FHC10
Anna Hicksonca 1593IGI-Fhc1
Faith Hickson1593IGI-FHC8
Hugh Hickson1593IGI-FHC9
John Hicksonabout 1593IGI-FHC11
Thomas Hicsonabout 1593IGI-FHC11
Thomas Hixon1593IGI-FHC21
William Hicksonabout 1593IGI-Paren20
Alice Hixonabout 1594IGI-MARR1
John Hicksonabout 1594IGI-FHC11
Robart Hicson1594IGI-FHC18
Thomas Hicson1594IGI-FHC21
Agnes Hicson1595IGI-Fhc1
Ann Hickson1595IGI-FHC1
Bredged Hixson1595IGI-FHC4
Dorothie Hicksonabout 1595IGI-MARR2
Richarde Hicksonabout 1595IGI-FHC6
Susan Hixenabout 1595IGI-MARR10
Thomas Hicksonabout 1595IGI-FHC21
Elizabeth Hickson1596IGI-FHC5
Henry Hickson1596IGI-Fhc25
John Hicson1596IGI-FHC11
Mary Hickson1596IGI-FHC15
Susan Hicksonabout 1596IGI-MARR10
William Hicksonabout 1596IGI-FHC11
Elizabeth Hickson1597IGI-FHC5
Mary Hickson1597IGI-FHC15
Thomas Hickson1597IGI-FHC21
John Hickson1598IGI-FHC11
Wyllm Hickson1598IGI-FHC23
John Hixon1599IGI-FHC11

Please do not contact me unless you have some connection to a Hickson family

John Hicksonabout 1600IGI-Fhc1
John Hicksonabout 1600IGI-FHC10
Robert Hicksonabout 1600IGI-FHC5
Robert Hicksonabout 1600IGI-FHC15
Jane Hexonabout 1601IGI-ADDM1
Robert Hickson1601IGI-Fhc1
William Hicksonabout 1601IGI-Fhc1
John Hickson1602IGI-FHC11
William Hicksonabout 1602IGI-FHC4
William Hicson1602IGI-FHC23
Anne Hicson1603IGI-Fhc1
Ellin Hicksonabout 1603IGI-MARR3
Robert Hicksonabout 1603IGI-FHC6
William Hicksonabout 1603IGI-FHC23
An Hicksonabout 1604IGI-Fhc1
Marye Hicksonabout 1604IGI-MARR7
Ann Hicksonca 1605IGI-Parent1
Anne Hixonabout 1605IGI-MARR1
Elizabeth Hixonabout 1605IGI-MARR3
John Hicksonabout 1605IGI-FHC11
Robert Hicsonabout 1605IGI-Marr9a
Thomas Hicksonabout 1605IGI-FHC19
Thomas Hixonabout 1605IGI-MARR11
Anthonie Hicksonabout 1606IGI-FHC23
Anthony Hicksonabout 1606IGI-FHC3
Jane Hicksonabout 1606IGI-MARR5
William Hicksonabout 1606IGI-Paren20
William Hicksonabout 1606IGI-FHC2
John Hicksonabout 1607IGI-FHC15
William Hicksonca 1610IGI-FHC6
Jane Hexon about 1611IGI-FHC10
John Hicksonabout 1612IGI-FHC11
Jane Hicksonabout 1613IGI-FHC10
Jane Hicksonabout 1613IGI-MARR5
Hugo Hicksonabout 1614IGI-MARR5
Jane Hixonabout 1614IGI-MARR5
Peter Hicksonabout 1615IGI-FHC11
Mary Hicksonabout 1616IGI-MARR7
Roberte Hicksonabout 1617IGI-FHC19
Robtt Hixonabout 1618IGI-Fhc1
Robert Hicksonabout 1618IGI-FHC9
Thomas Hicksonabout 1618IGI-FHC21
Edward Hixon1619Census
Peter Hicksonca 1619IGI-FHC17
Edward HixonWill 1620Stray
Elizabeth Hixonabout 1621IGI-MARR3
Robtt Hixonabout 1621IGI-FHC6
Thomas Hixonabout 1622IGI-FHC2
Peter Hicksonabout 1623IGI-FHC17
Thomas Hixonabout 1623IGI-Paren17
Henry Hixonabout 1624IGI-FHC2
John Hicksonabout 1624IGI-FHC11
Thomas Hicksonabout 1624IGI-FHC2
William Hicksonabout 1625IGI-FHC23
Robert Hixonabout 1626IGI-Paren115
Henry Hickson about 1627IGI-MARR5
Issabell Hicksonabout 1629IGI-MARR5
William Hexonabout 1629IGI-FHC2
Charles Hicksonabout 1630IGI-FHC2
Thomas Hixonabout 1630IGI-FHC2
William Hexonabout 1630IGI-Paren22
Hugh Hixsonabout 1631IGI-FHC6
John Hicsonabout 1631IGI-FHC21
Peter Hicksonabout 1632IGI-FHC17
John Hicsonabout 1633IGI-FHC5
Marie Hicsonabout 1633IGI-MARR7
Willyam Hixsonabout 1633IGI-Fhc1
Ann Hickson1634IGI-FHC1
Anne Hicksonabout 1634IGI-MARR1
John Hickson1634IGI-FHC4
John Hicksonabout 1635IGI-FHC12
Gulielmi Hicksonabout 1636IGI-FHC6
Hugh Hicksonabout 1636IGI-FHC9
Jane Hicksonabout 1637IGI-FHC10
John Hicksonca 1637IGI-Bz
Mary Hicksonabout 1637IGI-Addend4
Thomas Hicksonabout 1637IGI-FHC2
Elizabeth Hicksonabout 1638IGI-MARR3
Thomas Hicksonabout 1638IGI-FHC21
Gulielmi Hicksonabout 1639IGI-FHC6
John Hicksonca 1640IGI-FHC11
John Hicksonabout 1640IGI-FHC13
Richard HicksonBefore 1640Stray
Mrs Robert Norman
née Hixon
about 1641IGI-MARR1
William Hicksonabout 1641IGI-FHC12
John Hicksonabout 1643IGI-FHC2
John Hicksonabout 1644IGI-MARR6
Will Hixtonabout 1644IGI-FHC2
Frances Hicsonabout 1645IGI-MARR4
Hugh Hixsonabout 1645IGI-Parent5
Jeremiah Hicksonabout 1645IGI-FHC19
John Hicksonabout 1645IGI-FHC12
Mrs Susana Hicksonabout 1645IGI-FHC6
Elizabell Hicksonabout 1648IGI-MARR5
Richard Hicksonabout 1648IGI-Marr9a
George Hicksonabout 1649IGI-FHC6
Jane Hicksonabout 1649IGI-FHC2
John Hixonabout 1649IGI-FHC6
Robert Hicksonabout 1649IGI-FHC9
Thomas Hixsonabout 1649IGI-FHC13
Mary Hixonabout 1650IGI-MARR8
Thomas Hickson, Snr ca 1650#1
John Hicksonabout 1652IGI-FHC2
Johannis Hixonabout 1652IGI-FHC18
William Hixonabout 1652IGI-FHC15
John Hixonabout 1653IGI-Fhc1
Matthew Hicksonabout 1653IGI-FHC2
Richard Hickson about 1653IGI-FHC4
John Hixonabout 1654IGI-FHC15
Matthew Hicksonabout 1654IGI-Paren13
Matthew Hicksonabout 1654IGI-FHC14
Robert Hicksonabout 1655IGI-FHC6
Anne Hicksonca 1656IGI-FHC2
Thomas Hicksonabout 1656IGI-FHC21
John Hicksonabout 1658IGI-MARR6
Matthew Hicksonabout 1658IGI-FHC5
Anthony HixonWill 1659Stray
William Hicksonabout 1659IGI-FHC12
William Hicksonabout 1660IGI-Fhc1
John Hixonabout 1661IGI-MARR6
Robert Hixon about 1661IGI-FHC2
Eliz Hicksonabout 1662IGI-MARR3
Richard Hicksonabout 1665IGI-FHC2
Joseph Hicksonabout 1666IGI-MARR7
Thomas Hixonabout 1666IGI-FHC21
William Hicksonabout 1666IGI-FHC2
Abraham Hicksonabout 1667IGI-FHC8
William Hicksonabout 1667IGI-FHC2
Robert Hicksonabout 1668IGI-FHC6
Mary Hicksonabout 1669IGI-MARR8
Easter Hixonabout 1670IGI-MARR2
Robert Hixonabout 1671IGI-FHC6
Robert Hixonabout 1672IGI-Paren15
Susanah Hixonabout 1672IGI-MARR10
Abraham Hicksonabout 1673IGI-FHC2
Joseph Hicksonabout 1673IGI-FHC21
Robert Hicksonbetween 1673 & 1674IGI-Marr9a
William Hicksonabout 1673IGI-FHC12
Joseph Hicksonabout 1674IGI-FHC2
Mary Hicksonca 1674IGI-Addend2
Robert Hickson1674IGI-FHC15
Henry Hixonabout 1675IGI-Parent5
Mary Hiksonabout 1675IGI-MARR8
Charles Hixtonabout 1676IGI-MARR2
John Hicksonabout 1676IGI-Fhc1
Richard Hicksonabout 1678IGI-FHC18
Mary Hicksonabout 1679IGI-MARR8
Matthew Hicksonabout 1680IGI-FHC9
Richard Hicksonabout 1680IGI-Marr9a
John Hixsonabout 1682IGI-FHC12
Joseph Hicksonabout 1683IGI-MARR7
Robert Hicksonabout 1683IGI-FHC2
Robert Hixonabout 1683IGI-Marr9a
Henry Hixsonabout 1685IGI-FHC6
Anne Hickson about 1686IGI-MARR1
John Hicksonabout 1686IGI-FHC12
Robert Hicksonabout 1686IGI-FHC19
Ann Mrs Hixonabout 1690IGI-FHC2
Thomas Hicksonabout 1690IGI-FHC8
Richard Hicksonabout 1691IGI-FHC21
John Hicksonabout 1692IGI-FHC12
John Hicksonabout 1693IGI-FHC2
John Hixsonabout 1693IGI-MARR6
William Hicksonabout 1693IGI-FHC12
John Hixonabout 1694IGI-FHC6
Richard Hicksonabout 1694IGI-Marr9a
Richard Hicksonabout 1694IGI-FHC16
Abraham Hicksonabout 1695IGI-FHC8
John Hicksonabout 1695IGI-FHC12
Elisabeth Hicksonabout 1696IGI-MARR3
John Hicksonabout 1696IGI-FHC13
Richard Hixonabout 1696IGI-FHC12
Robert Hicksonabout 1696IGI-Marr9a
Susanna Hicksonabout 1697IGI-MARR10
James Hickson
and Mary Hixon
ca 1698
Staffs 2

Please do not contact me unless you have some connection to a Hickson family

Frances Hicksonabout 1700IGI-MARR4
Ann Hixonabout 1702IGI-MARR1
George Hicksonabout 1702L1
George Hicksonabout 1702IGI-Fhc1
Mathew Hixonabout 1702IGI-FHC19
Thomas Hickson1702L25
John Hixon about 1703IGI-FHC12
Mary Hicksonabout 1703IGI-MARR8
John Hicksonabout 1704IGI-FHC16
Mary Hicksonabout 1704IGI-MARR8
Elizabeth Hicksonabout 1705IGI-FHC6
Matthew Hicksonabout 1706IGI-FHC6
Catharine Hicksonabout 1707IGI-MARR2
Elizabeth Hiksonabout 1707IGI-MARR3
Elizabeth Hicksonabout 1708IGI-MARR3
Elizabeth Hixonabout 1708IGI-MARR3
John Hicksonabout 1708IGI-FHC6
Richard Hicksonabout 1708IGI-FHC21
Thomas Hicksonabout 1708IGI-FHC21
Abraham Hicksonabout 1709IGI-FHC2
John Hicksonabout 1709IGI-MARR6
Abraham Hicksonabout 1710IGI-Fhc1
Elizabeth Hicksonabout 1710IGI-FHC2
Elizabeth Hicksonabout 1711IGI-Parent3
Sarah Hixonabout 1711IGI-MARR10
Matthew Hicksonabout 1712IGI-FHC2
Richard Hicksonabout 1713IGI-FHC6
William Hickisonabout 1713IGI-FHC16
Ann Hicksonabout 1714IGI-MARR1
Eliz. Hixsonabout 1714IGI-MARR3
John Hicksonabout 1714IGI-FHC12
Matthew Hicksonabout 1714IGI-FHC17
John Hicksonabout 1715IGI-FHC16
Thomas Hixonabout 1715IGI-FHC2
John Hicksonabout 1716IGI-FHC2
John Hicksonabout 1716IGI-FHC12
Priscilla Hicksonabout 1716IGI-Marr9a
Ann Hicksonabout 1717IGI-FHC4
Thomas Hicksonabout 1717IGI-FHC6
John Hicksonabout 1718IGI-FHC16
Robert Hixonabout 1718IGI-FHC2
Robert Hicksonabout 1718IGI-Marr9a
Thomas Hicksonabout 1718IGI-MARR11
Mary Hicksonca 1719IGI-FHC15
John Hicksonabout 1720IGI-FHC16
Thomas Hicksonabout 1720IGI-MARR11
John Hicksonca 1722IGI-MARR6
Ann Hicksonabout 1722IGI-MARR1
Edward Hicksonabout 1723IGI-FHC20
Sarah Hicksonabout 1723IGI-MARR10
Rachell Hicksonabout 1725IGI-Marr9a
Robert Hixonabout 1725 IGI-Paren15
Robert Hicksonabout 1726IGI-Marr9a
John Hicksonabout 1727IGI-FHC12
Margaret Hixonabout 1727IGI-MARR7
Robert Hicksonca 1727IGI-FHC16
Robert Hixonabout 1728IGI-Marr9a
Robert Hicksonabout 1729IGI-FHC6
Thomas Hixonabout 1729IGI-FHC21
William Hixonabout 1729IGI-FHC2
George Hicksonabout 1730IGI-FHC12
John Hicksonabout 1730IGI-FHC16
Mary Hicksonabout 1730IGI-MARR8
Joseph Hicksonabout 1732IGI-MARR7
William Hicksonabout 1732IGI-FHC2
John Hicksonabout 1734IGI-FHC16
Robert Hicksonabout 1734IGI-FHC6
William Hicksonabout 1735IGI-FHC2
Elizabeth Hicksonabout 1737 IGI-MARR3
John Hicksonabout 1737IGI-MARR6
James Hickson1738-1837Index of deaths
William Hixonabout 1738IGI-MARR12
Sarah Jane HicksonEst. 1740-1839Index of deaths
Stephen HicksonEst. 1740-1839Index of deaths
Tabitha Hicksonabout 1741IGI-MARR10
Ann Hicksonabout 1742IGI-MARR1
Mary Hicksonabout 1743IGI-MARR8
John Hicksonabout 1743IGI-FHC6
Samuel Hicksonabout 1743IGI-FHC19
John Hicksonabout 1744IGI-FHC19
John Hicksonabout 1744IGI-FHC11
Mr & Mrs Hickson1746-1790Harvester
George Hixonabout 1748IGI-FHC9
Ann Hicksonabout 1749IGI-FHC18
Francis HicksonBetween 1749-1754IGI-ADDM1
John Hicksenabout 1750IGI-FHC23
Richard Hicksonabout 1750IGI-FHC2
Samuel Hicksonabout 1753IGI-FHC7
Susannah Hicksonca 1753IGI-FHC20
Frances Hicksonabout 1755IGI-MARR4
John Hicsonabout 1757IGI-FHC16
Joseph Hicksonabout 1758IGI-FHC14
Richard Hicksonabout 1758IGI-Marr9a
Benjamin Hicksonabout 1760IGI-FHC11
Elizabeth Hicksonabout 1760IGI-MARR3
Edward Hicksonabut 1761IGI-FHC13
Jane Hicksonabout 1761IGI-MARR5
Maria Hixonabout 1761IGI-MARR8
Maria Hicksonabout 1762IGI-MARR8
Elizabeth &
Mary Hickson
Frances Hicksonabout 1762IGI-MARR4
William Hicksonabout 1762IGI-FHC7
Benjamin Hicksonabout 1763IGI-FHC13
John Hicksonabout 1763IGI-MARR6
Emma Hickson1764IGI-FHC7
Ann Hicksonabout 1765IGI-MARR1
Elizabeth Hixonabout 1765IGI-FHC4
John Hicksonabout 1766IGI-MARR5
Mary Hicksonabout 1766IGI-MARR8
Richard Hicksonabout 1766IGI-Marr9a
Robert Hicksonabout 1766IGI-FHC7
Richard Hicksonabout 1768IGI-FHC11
Richard Hicksonabout 1768IGI-Marr9a
John Hicksonabout 1770IGI-Fhc1
John Hickson of Pinchbeck
married Elizabeth
had Elizabeth, Rebecca, John,
Ann, Ann, Ann, John, John
about 1770IGI-Fhc1
Mary Hicksonabout 1771IGI-MARR8
Thomas Hicksonabout 1771IGI-FHC13
Elizabeth Hicksonabout 1772IGI-MARR3
Sarah Hicksonabout 1772IGI-FHC7
Sarah Hixonabout 1772IGI-MARR10
Robert Hicksonabout 1772IGI-FHC19
Thomas Hicksonabout 1772IGI-FHC20
Matthew Hicksonabout 1775IGI-FHC13
Thomas Hicksonabout 1777IGI-FHC3
Thomas Hickson1778Census
Thomas Hicksonabout 1778IGI-FHC24 1
Thomas Hicksonabout 1778IGI-FHC24 2
Mrs Elizabeth Hickson1779Census
William Hicksonabout 1779IGI-MARR12
Henry Hicksonabout 1780-1800 Denton
John Hicksonabout 1780L16
Abraham Hickson1781Y16
Abraham Hickson1781Y38
Elizabeth Hickson1781Census
Joseph Hexonabout 1781IGI-FHC3
Henry Hickson1782Census
Matthew Hicksonabout 1782Census
Rebecca Hicksonabout 1782IGI-Paren14
Thomas Hicksonabout 1782IGI-MARR11
William Hicksonabout 1782IGI-FHC14
Mary Hicksonca 1783IGI-FHC16
William Hickson1783IGI-FHC20
Mrs Anne Hickson1784Grantham
John Hicksonabout 1785IGI-Fhc1
Abraham Hickson1786Census
Henry Hicksonabout 1786IGI-ADDM1
John Hickson of Pinchbeck
married Elizabeth Harwood
in 1807
about 1786IGI-MARR6
Arthur Hicksonabout 1787IGI-FHC3
Sarah Hickson1787Census
George Hicksonabout 1789IGI-FHC9
Elizabeth Hicksonca 1789IGI-MARR4
Mary Hicksonabout 1789IGI-MARR8
Sarah Hicksonabout 1789IGI-MARR10
Mrs Ann Hicksonca 1790Census
George Hicksonabout 1790IGI-FHC9
Elizabeth Hicksonabout 1791IGI-MARR4
Mrs Elizabeth Hickson1791 Census
Mary Hicksonabout 1791Census
Mrs Sarah Hickson1791Census
George Hicksonabout 1792IGI-FHC8
Rev James Hickson1792FONS
John Hicksonabout 1792IGI-FHC13
John Hicksonabout 1793IGI-MARR6
Richard Hicksonabout 1793SW19-Isolat
Thomas Hicksonabout 1793IGI-FHC24
Ann Hicksonabout 1795IGI-FHC17
Charles Hickson between 1795-1797Census
Richard Hickson1795Midland2
Robert Hickson1796Census
George Hicksonabout 1797IGI-MARR4
Joseph Hickson26 March 1797IGI-Addend2
Rebecca Hickson about 1797IGI-Marr9a
Thomas Hicksonabout 1797IGI-FHC10
John Hickson1798Census
Joseph Hickson16 March 1798Vermont
Mary Hicksonca 1798Census
Mary Hickson1799Census
Joseph Hicksonabout 1799IGI-FHC3
William Hicksonabout 1799IGI-FHC20

Please do not contact me unless you have some connection to a Hickson family

George Hicksonabout 1800IGI-MARR4
Mary Hicksonabout 1800IGI-MARR8
Rebecca Hicksonabout 1800IGI-Marr9a
John Hickson1801Census
Caroline Hicksonabout 1802IGI-MARR2
Phoebe Hicksonabout 1802IGI-FHC22
Thomas Hickson1802P28
Anne Hicksonabout 1803IGI-FHC7
Mary Hickson1804Convict
Henry Hickson1805IGI-FHC20
Mrs Ann Solitt, née Hickson about 1806P4
Anna Hicksonca 1806IGI-Anna3
Mary Ann Hixsonabout 1806IGI-MARR8
Henry Hickson1807IGI-FHC9
John Hickson1807Census
Thomas Hicksonabout 1807IGI-Fhc1
William Hickson1807IGI-FHC5
William Hicksonabout 1807IGI-MARR12
Elisabeth Hickson1808Census
George Hicksonabout 1808IGI-FHC4
Richard Hickson18081851 Census
George Hickson1809PRO
William Hicksonabout 1809IGI-FHC17
John Hickson1810Census
John Hicksonabout 1810IGI-FHC13
John Hickson of Pinchbeck
married Elizabeth
had Mary, Alfred & Phoebe
(1842, 1846 & 1851)
about 1810 Census
John Hickson of Pinchbeck
married Elizabeth
son - John William Lee Hickson
about 1810 IGI-FHC13
Edward Hickson1811Belton in 1841 census, married Arabella (or Anabella)
Mrs Elizabeth Mann,
maybe née Hickson
George Hickson1811Census 1
George Hickson1811Census 2
Caroline Hicksonabout 1814IGI-FHC9
Jane Hicksonabout 1815IGI-MARR5
John Hickson1815Census
Mrs Martha Hickson1815Census
David Hicks1816Census
Sarah Hickson1816Census
George Hicksonabout 1817IGI-FHC9
George HicksonBetween 1818-1821Census
William Hickson1818Census 1
William Hickson1818Census 2
Edward Hixon1819Census
Mrs Elizabeth Hickson1819Census
Emma Hickson1819Census
Edwin Hixon1820Census
Matthew Hickson1820Census
Rebecca HicksonBetween 1821-1830IGI-Marr9a
Susan? Hickson1821Census
Sarah Hickson1823Census
John Hickson1824Census
William HicksonEst. 1824-1885L26
Mrs Catherine Hickson1826Census
Harriet Hicksonabout 1826Census
Mary Hickson1826Census
Michael Hickson1826Census
William Hicksonabout 1826Y20
William Hickson1826IGI-Paren23
Betsy Hickson1828Census
Charles Edward Hickson1829Census
John Hickson1829Census
Phobe Hicksonabout 1829IGI-Marr9a
Robert Hi?iter1829Hi?iter
George Hicksonbetween 1830-1832Berkshire 6
Charles Hicksonca 1831Census
Eliza Hickson1831Census
George Hickson1831Census
George Hickson1831L9
Sarah Hickson1832Census
William Hickson1832Census
Edward W Hickson1833Census
Edwin Hickson18331851 Census
Thomas Hickson1833Census
Gunner William Hickson1833Census
Mr Hicksonca 1833Census
Mrs Diana Hickson1835Census
John Hicksonca 1836IGI-Addend2
Joseph Hickson18371851 Census
Mary Hickson1837Census
Elizabeth Hickson1838Census
William Hickson1839Census
Henry HicksonBetween 1841-1846Census
Mary &
Hannah Hickson
Richard Hickson1841Census
Mary Hickson1842Census
Thomas Hickson1842Census
Abraham Hicksonca 1843OHIO-JLH
John Hicksonabout 1843Census
Harry Hickson1846Census
John Hecksonabout 1846Census
William Hicksonabout 1846Census
John Hickson1847Census
Joseph Hickson1847Census
Robert Hickson
born in Barrow
son of Mary Kirk
Robert Hickson
born in S Ferriby
Annie Hickson1848Census
Mary Hicksonabout 1848FHC
Thomas W Hickson1848Census
Rebecca Hickson1849Census
Sarah Hicksonabout 1849FHC
Emma Hicksonabout 1850LDS
George Hicksonabout 1850LDS
George Hicksonabout 1850Stray
Robert Hicksonca 1850L8
Thomas Hickson1850LDS
Hickson of Hillsborough1850-1880Y6
Thomas Hickson1851Census
George Hickson1852Stray
Thomas Higson1852Census
Mary A Hickson1854Census
James Higson and
Elizabeth J Higson
Eliza Hickson1855Census71
Frederick Hickson1855Census
Harry Hickson1855Census
John Henry HicksonBetween 1855-1867Lancs 9
John Hixon1855Census
Arthur H Hickson1856Census
John Hicksonabout 1856L2
Robert Higson1856Census
Mr Hicksonabout 1856Leicester 2
Ernest Hickson1857Census
John? Hicksonabout 1857Durham 1
Sarah A Hickson1857Census
Frederick Hickson1858Census71
Charles Edward Hickson1859-1867Y57
David Hickson1859Census
(Y1) Hickson1860-1880Y1
Mary Ann Hickson1862VRI
Hickson1863-1875Wales 2
Florence A S Hickson1865ensus
Frederick Hickson1866Census
George Edward Hicksonca 1866Y4
Alice Hickson1867Census
Jane Hickson1867Census
Joseph Hicksonabout 1867L11
Henry Hickson1868Kent 14
Richard Hicksonca 1870London 14a
Thomas? Hickson1870Rutland
Edith Hicksonabout 1873L2
Emma Jane Hickson1874VRI
Gertrude Hickson1874Census
Mr Hicksonabout 1875L28
Frederick Hicksonabout 1879Cambridge 3
Mr Hicksonabout 1879Cambridge 2
Edith Hannah Hickson
daughter of John Edison
& Martha
William Carter Hickson1880-1890L18
Beatrice Swindale Hicksonabout 1882LDS
Bertha Alice Hickson1882IGI-Bertha
Minnie Hicksonabout 1882LDS
Albert Hicksonca 1883-1888L12
William George Hicksonca 1885London 3
George Hickson
Charles Hickson
Sally Hickson
Walter Hickson1886Wales 1*
Jane Hicksonabout 1887L10
Walter Hicksonca 1890L19*
(L4) Hicksonbetween 1890-1907L4
Mrs Rose Hickson, formerly Butlerbetween 1893-1908L15

These people have been sorted by their year of birth.

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