Hickson Genealogy

"I didn't encounter even one Hixon reference I recognize so I can't be of any help" wrote one person.

My aim is to link as many Hickson / Hixson / Hixon / Higsons together as I can.

Some of my families contain over 2,000 people, for example my own family now has 3,031 people, the Irish, Co Kerry, family has over 2,500 and a mainly American family which originates in Staffordshire, England has 2,460 members. The "Hickson" surname is often spelt differently, usually Hickson, Hixson or Hixon although there are many other variations (see www.hicksons.org/variations.html)

Other "families" may consist of as few as 2 people, husband & wife or parent and one child.

Obviously I can't list all the names of my (now over 80,000 people) on my web pages, so I have chosen to put only those who are at the top of each tree, that is the Hickson/Hixson/Hixon/Higson whose parents I would like to find. So for my own family you will see Thomas Hickson born ca 1650 in Hertfordshire (but no mention of any of his descendants), for another family you may see "George Hixson, born 3 APR 1891, died JAN 1968 in Fayette, Tennessee" or "Elmer Hixon, born 8 JUL 1892, died NOV 1971 in Calloway, Tennessee".

You say that you can't be of any help. Indeed you can. You can add yet another name, or family, to my records and perhaps help me to find some more links. That way I can also help other people to link into these trees. Maybe you are a member of one of my larger families about whom I know a lot more than you, maybe you are part of a family about whom I know absolutely nothing. Would you like to help?

Can you let me know as much as you can about your ancestors? Parents, Grandparents ... with dates of birth (and marriage & death if you know them). Places where these events occurred will help a lot as well, even as little as the name of the State (or County in England). If you prefer not to include people who are still living that is fine. You may notice that I rarely put details of people born within the last hundred years in my web pages. I sometimes include people who have passed away within that period.

Hicksons you will find here ... and won't.

Would be nice to find collaborators for:

I now have a total of over 80,000 names in my database

E-mail: Anthony Hickson