Hickson Genealogy

The Will of Ellen Hickson or Hughsone 1576/7

[In] dei no[m]i[n]e Ame[n] the xxvth daye of Juanuarie Anno d[omi]ni 1576 et reg[ine] Elizabeth etc 19 I Helen
[Hu]ghsone spinster beinge sicke in bodie. but and beinge lyvinge w[i]th Thomas Hughsone of the
[apr]ishe of Little do Budworth and yet of good memorie God be praised do make my last will
and testam[en]t in mano[ur] and forme folowinge First I co[m]m[i]tt my soulle to our savious Jesus Christ
trustinge to be saved thoroughe his blessed mercye and the merit[es] of his glorious pass[ion]
[And] my bodie to be buried in the churchyard of Little Budworth aforesaid Also I geve
[a]ssigne and bequeth al thos small good[es] debt[es] and apparell that be myne and dwe to
[and] by me unto Thomas Higsone aforesaid and to M[ar]garet his wiffe brining me honestlie
home and payinge debt[es] and funerall expenc[es] It[e]m my small apparell w[hi]ch I geve
to the said Thomas Hidgsone and his wiffe is tow read petecoat[es] a whyt wastcott
and lynnons an approne a carchaffe a mosell a necharchaffe and a smocke skert and other
cours apparell And I ordeane and make my executors of this my last will and testam[en]t
the said Thomas Hidgsone to see the same well and truelie p[er]formed and fulfilled

Debtes owinge unto me the said Elle

Imp[ri]mis Roge Little of Hardford ij s viij d It[e]m Ellen Lyttle his daughter had myne to
kep to my use iiij s vj d It[e]m Will[ia]m Cocke of Hardford senior v d It[e]m Coke Junior vj d
Robert Highomes wyffe for cardinge viij d Ellen Williameson of the Cottbroke xij d
Margerie Plechcher uidowe x d It[e]m Elles Wilkinsone and M[ar]gerie for a halfe of
Corne iiij d It[e]m Cicile Little i d ob[ulum]

Wittenesses of this my last will
Hughe Chalbroke Rauphe Person and others

A true Inve[n]torie of the Small good[es] and Apparell of Elene Hyichensone dep[ar]ted
Imp[ri]mis two peticott[es] ij s
It[e]m leonans p[ri]c xij d

The praysers - Thomas Holland - Hughe Halbrocke