Hickson Genealogy

Heads of HICKSON families found in the State of Wyoming, USA

Can anyone help me link these together?

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  1. Charles Hixson, born 16 MAR 1897 in Wyoming, died OCT 1959
  2. Effie Hixson, born 17 OCT 1899 in Kansas, died OCT 1985 in Wyoming
  3. Austin Hixson, born 22 AUG 1928 in Wyoming, died JAN 1981
  4. Gladys Hixson, born 10 APR 1930 in South Dakota, died MAR 1996 in Wyoming

Can anyone help me join the above, some of whom have been collected from Social Security files, into families?

I have details of many more families who have lived in Wyoming, but whose ancestors have been traced to other places, so they have not been included here