Hickson Genealogy

Discussion of the Joseph HIXSONs and their families of Virginia & Tennessee, USA

The Joseph, Jr. connection to Joseph, Sr. and hence to the original William in New Jersey.

Boyd Hixson writes:

William Hixson 1647-1722
m. Mary Pattison
Joseph Hixson 1678-1775
Joseph Hixson 1740-1804

As far as I can determine Joseph, Sr. was born in 1678 and died 1775. He did have a son named Joseph. All kinds of dates are proposed for Joseph, Jr. depending on who you read. If Joseph, Sr. was born in 1678 then his son Joseph, Jr. was most likely not born in either 1740 or 1750 as I've seen conjectured in various material from the Tennessee Hixson's. If Joseph, Jr. is born in 1723 then connection to Joseph, Sr. is much more probable. This makes Joseph, Sr. aged 50. Even if Joseph, Sr. is born later this makes the connection even more probable.

Joseph Hixson 1678-1775 married Margaret. Margaret was not born until ca 1703 and their first child was not born until 1725. Joseph was the youngest, born 1740.

The Tennessee Hixsons want to claim Joseph, Jr. as the man who moved to Tennessee and married Susannah Stringfield. I think that this is wrong. The Stutter documents have Joseph, Jr. being born in 1740 in Loudon County, VA but leaving Hunterdon County, NJ in 1778 and in VA by 1780. This makes no sense. The Will of Joseph, Sr. lists Jr. as an heir - his son and is written in 1764 - he's not in VA then but in NJ. The same documents say Joseph III is born to Jr. and Susannah Stringfield was born in Hunterdon Cty, NJ in 1765. But if Joseph, Jr. is born in VA why is he back in NJ for the birth of Joseph III in 1765 - It makes no sense. I think that the Joseph who married the Stringfield lady is some other Joseph - perhaps the son of one of the Hixsons who left the Hopewell, NJ Baptist Church to go to the Catoctin Church in Loudon County, VA. Or perhaps some other Joseph Hixson out of NJ. The attempted connection to Joseph, Jr. and Sr. by the people in Tennessee is not likely but rather a stretch at best.

There are some additional clues that lend credence to my position that Joseph, Jr. of my lineage is the son of Joseph, Sr. of the line to William of Crosswicke's Creek - apparently the first Hixson in NJ. In the Hixson lineage found in Family Tree maker on the internet, there is a reference to Isaiah Hixson as being the son of Joseph, Jr. having been born in 1757 in NJ and died in Bedford County, PA. He married a Kitchen woman in NJ. As we know, three of the Joseph, Jr. daughters married Kitchen men. Isaiah is an heir as a son referenced in Joseph, Jr.'s Will. I don't know if 1757 is the date of birth for Isaiah but there may be other info on that. As an aside, if Isaiah is born in 1757 and Joseph, Jr. is born in 1740 or 1750 as the Stutter and Tennessee group contend then Jr was a bit precosious. The Family also lists William as a son of Joseph, Jr. who married a Ingola Hughes. Joseph, Jr.'s Will references no William as a son. I do not believe that William is a son of Joseph, Jr. Further on in the Family Tree Maker there is a reference to Daniel Hixson (my ancestor and a son of Joseph, Jr.) as a son of Titus Hixson of NJ. There is a note there saying " Some evidence exists that Elizabeth Hixon (b.1762 d.1830) who is shown as a daughter of Titus Hixon (b.1730 d.1795) might be the daughter of Joseph Hixson of Greenwich, NJ. Joseph Hixson of Greenwich, NJ also had a son, Daniel (per Beverly Hixson Rowley, W.5224 Rosewood, Spokane WA 99208). This Daniel is in my line and is the son of Joseph, Jr. Elizabeth is a daughter referenced in Joseph, Jr's Will as his daughter, Elizabeth Kitchen.

A lot of people seem to have jumped to the conclusion that Joseph, Jr. left Hunterdon Cty, NJ and went to Maryland, VA and then Tennessee. I don't think he moved anywhere but just north of Hunterdon Cty, NJ to Sussex Cty, NJ in Greenwich Township.

Additionally, I received information from Bev Rowley of Spokane, WA as she is descended from Isaiah, brother of Daniel(sons of Joseph, Jr.). She too believes Joseph, Jr. to have been the son of Joseph, Sr. She submitted to me some information about the Kitchens. The Kitchen line that all but one of the daughters of Joseph, Jr. married into were sons of Wheeler Kitchen b.1724 Amwell Twsp, Hunterdon Cty, NJ, d.1785 Greenwich Township, Sussex County and Mary Heath b.1724 Amwell Twsp,Hunterdon Cty m 1749, d.1785 Greenwich Twsp, Sussex County.

Kitchen brothers

These Kitchen brothers' grandfather and grandmother were Henry Kitchen b.1690, d.1745 from Amwell Twsp, Hunterdon Cty who married Anne Wheeler in 1720. In addition to Wheeler (above), their children were:

It seems logical that the Hixsons knew the Kitchens in Hunterdon County and moved north about 50 miles to Greenwich Twsp, Sussex County, NJ together and the sons and daughters intermarried. I contend Joseph, Jr. son of Joseph, Sr. moved north and NOT to Tennessee.

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