Hickson Genealogy

Some brief details of people called Hickson

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Benoni Hickson, born 1770, died, lost at sea, while returning from Gibraltar
Benoni Wood Hickson, baptised 1827 in London
Waldo Barton Bradford Hixon was born 1842, died 1879. Massachusetts
Ann Bradford Hickson was born 1845. Ireland & America
Beulah Hickson was born ca 1847. Tennessee
Beulah Hickson was born ca 1873 in Houston Co., Georgia. She died 1911
Beulah Hixson was born 1896, died 1992 in Missouri
Beulah Hixon was born 1901, she was buried 1902 in Jixon cemetery, Parke County, Indiana
Caleb Hickson was found in Bursh Creek, Pennsylvania in the 1850 census
Caleb Hickson was born 1756, died 1770. Hertfordshire
Caleb Dana Hixon was born 1827, died 1848. Massachusetts
Caleb Crosby Hixon was born ca 1849 / 1881, probably in Tennessee or Missouri
Cecil Hickson was born 1870/1. New Zealand
George Cecil Hickson was born 1871 in Wellington, New Zealand
Welbourn Cecil Hickson was born 1879, died 1928 and was buried in Hougham
Cecil Hickson was born 1880 in Hougham, Lincolnshire
Cecil Hickson married unknown in 1911. Virginia, Florida
Cicely Hickson married Thomas Randolph 1646 in Barkston, Leicestershire
Will Claude Hickson was born ca 1850. New Zealand
Claude Hixson was born late 1800s. Tennessee
Claude C Hixon was born 1871 in Indiana, died 1940
Claude Phillip Guyon Hickson was born ca 1871. New Zealand
Henry Claude Hickson was born 1878/9, died 1948, buried in Karori, New Zealand
Claude Hixon was born 1888, died 1914. Wabash Valley, Indiana
Claude Hixson was born 1890, died 1978 in Nebraska
Claude Hickson was born 1896 in Oregon, died 1963
Claude Merland Hickson was born 1898
Claude Ern Hixon was born in Rockville, Indiana, early 1900s. He died 1952 in Indianapolis
Claude Ptolemy Hickson was born 1903, died 1982 in Oklahoma
Claude Hixson was born 1903 in Kentucky, died 1965 in Kentucky
Claude Hixson was born 1903, died 1977 in Tennessee
Clint or Clinton
Clinton Hixon was born 1886 in New Jersey, died 1977 in Florida
Clinton Hickson was born 1895, died 1977 in Pennsylvania
Dean M Hickson was born 1881 in Morrow Co., Ohio, died 1964 in Lancaster, Ohio
Dean Hickson was born 1881, died 1969 in Ohio
Della Hickson was born 1865 in Alabama, USA
Della E Hickson was born 1884 in Oregon
Della Hixon was born 1901 in Maryland, died 1974 in West Virginia
Dolly or Dollie
Dollie Hixson. Hamilton Co., Tennessee. Her father was born ca 1840
Dolly Hickson was born ca 1768. Leigh, Lancashire
Dollie Hickson was born 1889, died 1980 in Tennessee
Isabella Dolly Hickson was born 1896 in Tasmania, died 1968
Dosha or Doshia
Doshia Hickson was born 18896 in Tennessee, died 1982 in Georgia
Dosha Hickson was born ca 1902, died earlt 1970s. South Carolina
Earnest James Hickson was baptised 1878 in Nw Sindon, Wiltshire
Earnest Hickson was born 1879 in Manchester
Earnest Hickson was born 1894 in Milton, Nothamptonshire
Elijah Hixson, of Virginia, married unknown in 1812
Elijah Hixon was born 1757 in New Jersey, died 1805 or soon afterwards
Elijah Hixon married Mary Stephens 1812 in Ross County, Ohio
Elijah Hickson was born 1819 in Manchester
Elijah Hixson was born in 1886, died 1970 in Oregon
Nancy Emeline Hixon was born 1810 in Tennessee, died 1879 in Oregon
Emeline Hixon was born 1841, died 1917 in Oklahoma
Emeline Hixon was born between 1843 & 1864. Indiana
Emeline Hickson was born 1861, died 1864 in New South Wales
Emeline Hickson was born 1863 in Weaverham district
Hazel Emeline Hickson was born 1892, died 1902 in New Brunswick
Estella or Estelle
Mary Estella Hixon was born 1852. Massachusetts
Estella Olive Hixon was born 1872, died 1929. Indiana
Estell Hixson was born 1895 in Idaho, died 1973 in Oregon
Estella Hickson was born 1896 in New York, died 1977 in Illinois
Estelle Hickson was born1901, died 1983 in North Carolina
Edith Eunice Hickson was born 1880 in East Ham, Essex
Eunice Hickson was born 1888 in New South Wales
Eunice Hixson was born 1901, died 1982 in Oklahoma
Euphemia Hickson married John Irving 1846 in Bowness on Solway, Cumberland
Euphemia Hickson married William Simpson between 1891 & 1895 in the district of Northwich
Euphena Hixson was born 1886, died 1977 in Tennessee
Edith Norah Euphemia Hixson was baptised 1903 in Newton, Wales
Franklin Hixson married Martha F Hopper in 1853 in Indiana
Franklin Hixson was born between 1834 & 1854. Hamilton Co., Tennessee
Franklin Hixon was born between 1849 & 1881. Tennessee / Missouri
Benjamin Franklin Hixson was born 1850 in Indiana. He died in 1928
Franklin Hixson was born 1854 in Summit County, Ohio
Ephraim Franklin Hixson was born 1856, died 1923. Hixson, Tennessee
Franklin Walker Hickson was born 1868 in Newington, (London), Surrey
Franklin Hixson was born between 1873 & 1902. Bucks Co., USA
James Franklin Hixon was born between 1874 & 1893. Mangham, USA
Franklin Joseph Hickson was born 1881, died 1918 in Ohio
Omer Franklin Hixon was born 1883, died 1963 in Kansas
Frieda Hickson was born 1892 in Bradford, died 1978 in Brighton
Georgius Hickson was baptised 1573 in Kingsley, Staffordshire
Georgius Hixon was baptised 1610/11 in Haughton le Skerne, Co Durham
Georgius Hickson married Anne Reed 1681 in Sedgefield, Co Durham
Gilbert Hickson was baptised 1640 in Pinchbeck, Lincolnshire
Gilbert Hixson was baptised 1670 in Pinchbeck, Lincolnshire
Gilbert Hickison was baptised 1787 in Killarrow, Argyll
Gilbert Hixon was born 1822. Massachusetts
Gilbert Hixon was born 1829. Massachusetts
Gilbert Hickson married Cora Curr. From England to Alberta. Probably late 1800s
Gilbert Hixson was born 1901, died 1977 in California
John Gilbert Hickson was born 1902, died 1979. Gorton, Lancashire
Lysle Gordon Hickson was born 1882 in Stonehaven, New Brunswick, Canada
Percy Gordon Hickson was born 1885 in New South Wales
Arnold Gordon Hickson was born ca 1890. New Zealand
Gordon Hickson was born 1894 in Janefield, Victoria
Henry Joseph Gordon Hickson was born 1899 in St Pancras, died 1962 in Gravesend
Grant Hickson was born 1885, died 1986 in Virginia
Grant Hixson was born 1893, died 1966 in Michigan
Gualterus or Gualther
Gualterus Hickson married Eva Bittermye in 1593 in Westminster
Gualther Hickson married Emme Asburne 1614 in Croston, Lancashire
Harvey Higson was baptised 1623 in Blithfield
James Harvey Hickson was born 1822. Alabama
M Harvey Hickson was born 1843, died 1910 in Georgia
Harve Hickson was born late 1800s. Ontario, Canada
Harvey Hixson was born late 1800s. Pennsylvania
Harvey Hixson was born 1886, died 1974 in Nebraska
Harvey Hixson was born 1895 in Texas, died 1975 in Oklahoma
Harvey Hixson was born 1896 in Pennsylvania, died 1990
Harvey Hickson, Sr was born 1896 in New Brunswick, died 1957 in Boston
Harvey Hixson was born 1903, died 1981 in Michigan
Hattie Hickson was born 1877, died 1972 in North Carolina
Hattie Hixson was born 1880, died 1970 in Pennsylvania
Hattie Hixon was born 1887, died 1967 in South Carolina
Hattie Higson was born 1888, died 1971 in California
Hattie Hixon was born 1889, died 1975 in Pennsylvania
Hattie Evaline Hixon was born 1893. Indiana
Hattie Hickson was born 1894, died 1971 in Texas
Hattie Hixon was born 1894, died 1982 in Georgia
Hattie Jane Hickson was born 1895. Ontario, Canada
Hennery Hickson married Hannah Lees 1701 in Rushton Spencer, Staffordshire
Hennery Hickson was born ca 1702. He died in 1794 in Rushden Spencer
Herman Hixson was born 1847 in Missouri
Herman Hickson was born 1857 in Langton, Lincolnshire. He died in a forest in Canada
Herman Hickson was born ca 1875. Lincolnshire
Herman Hixson was born 1885 in Connecticut, died 1982 in Alabama
Herman Hickson was born 1887 in Grainthorpe, Lincolnshire
Herman Hixson was born 1889 in Oklahoma, died 1975 in Florida
Herman Hixson was born 1899, died 1981 in Maryland
Herman Hixson was born 1902, died 1976 in Oklahoma
Hubert Lee Hickson, Sr died 1997 in Atlanta, Georgia
Hubert Hixson was born mid 1800s. Hamilton County
Hubert Hixon was born 1894, died 1973 in Missouri
Hubert Hixson was born 1897, died 1976 in Tennessee
Charles Hubert Hixon was born 1899. Wales
Hubert Hickson was born 1901 in Texas, died 1962
Isaiah Hixon was born 1656 in Dumbarton, Scotland
Isaiah Hickson was born ca 1705. Hunterdon County, New Jersey
Isaiah Hickson was in Bedford County in 1810. Southampton Twp., Pennsylvania
Isaiah Hixson was born 1861. Bucks Co., Pennsylvania
Isidore Skerrett Hickson was born ca 1840-1850. Dublin, Ireland
Isidore Anthony Hickson was born ca 1873. Dublin. He was a Tea planter in India
Israel Hickson was born 1788, died 1955. Tickhill, Yorkshire
Isreal Hickson was born 1793. Tickhill, Yorkshire

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