Hickson Genealogy

Searching for the Hicksons from South Africa

  • Robert Hickson, born 1829 is thought to have emigrated from Blennerville, Co Kerry to South Africa
  • Ralph Hickson, born 15 MAR 1860 in Highgate, killed 8 APR 1899 in Johannesburg, Transvaal
  • Frederick William Hickson, born 25 JUN 1867 in Barnton, Cheshire, married Katie Garbutt. He settled in South Africa
  • John Hickson, born 6 NOV 1871 in Middlewich, Cheshire, married Bailey 22 FEB 1890. He died 19 APR 1900 in South Africa
  • William Bertram Squire Hickson, born 6 MAR 1873 at 360, Camden Road, Islington, North London, He married Marie-Blanche Seillier 18 NOV 1926, in The Register Office, St Giles, London. Lieut. Colonel, he served in South Africa with the Northamptonshire Volunteers in the Boer War. He died 25 AUG 1927 in 39 Wymering Mansions, Paddington.
  • John Samuel Hickson, born 25 MAR 1878 in Wharton, Cheshire, married Frances Hitchen 1897, in Northwich Civil Marriage. He lived in South Africa in the Boer War, died 24 DEC 1957 in England in Wharton, Winsford, Cheshire, England
  • Thomas Hickson, born 31 JUL 1881 in Wych House Lane, Middlewich, Cheshire, married Elizabeth Ann Jenkinson Hollinshead 6 MAR 1911. He spent the first part of his military service in South Africa, then went to India. He died 3 SEP 1972 in The Grange Hospital, Weaverham