Hickson Genealogy

The New Jersey branch of the Hixson/Hixon family

Family of William Hixson/Hixon born ca 1625 in Kent

Generation 23

I have not seen any proof that this is the same William. It needs checking again. It seems very unlikely that this William was really born in Frodsham. His father is said to have been born and died in Kent, why should their son have been born in Cheshire? There were lots of HICKSONs who came from Frodsham. Has there been some confusion?

William and Noah emigrated to the United States, but no-one has yet found the ship on which they travelled.

Generation 24

William left England in 1670 and settled at Crosswicks Creek, New Jersey. About 1700 he moved to Hunterdon County.

*another record states that William and Phebe had no children, but that Phebe brought Matthew & Mary from her previous marriage who are mentioned in William's Will.

Generation 25

Generation 26

Generation 27

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