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Co Kerry

Some of the Hickson homes in Co Kerry

Hillville = Villa on a hill

Associated families

Hickson, Paget, Le Marchant, Harrington, Crutch, McDonnell

Present condition

House: Standing, Now a hotel

Demesne: Large garden and woods


Originally the house was a two-storey, three-bay dwelling, with wide windows; it had a steep, slated roof with central well, two chimney stacks set centrally at the front and one at the rear. A glass verandah was erected later. Further wings have been added and the old stable barn is being renovated for further accommodation. The staircase is handsome and unusual. The complex is well-sheltered by many old trees.


O'Donovan states that Hillville was built as a lodge in 1833, by James Hickson for 300 pounds. It was a holiday and hunting lodge for himself and his family, who normally lived in Tralee. James Hickson had an old house demolished and Hillville built on the site. His daughter, Mary-Agnes, the historian, later lived alone here in depleted circumstances and wrote in order ot earn a living. In 1928, Captain Paget had a large, glass verandah erected across the front of the house, a boon for returning sportsmen. Mr. Le Marchant and Lord Harrington both used the house as a hunting lodge. In the 1960's, the Crutch family bought Hillville, began a hotel and called it Crutch's. It now belongs to the McDonnell family who have make it a popular country-house hotel, still under the name of Crutch's."

Stradbally Lodge

Strad-baile = street town (unfortified hamlet)

Associated families



Ballymagig (town of pleasantry)


A minor road leads from the centre of the village of Stradbally to the strand and close to the end of this, stood Stradbally Lodge

Present condition

House: No sign remains

Demesne: Foreshore


Stradbally Lodge stood on the edge of the strand (beach), with no protection from the winds and within constant sounds of the surf. It had fabulous views of the entire Brandon Bay, dominated by Brandon Point and looking towards the open Atlantic. There was a cluster of small buildings.


The Rev. Christopher Hickson, Treasurer of Ardfert and Rector of Stradbally and Kilgobbin before 1641, had a son, Robert, of Stradbally, whose descendants in 1710, were outlawed Tories. There must have been an early house on Stradbally, but in 1800, Richard Hickson seems to have built a hunting lodge, very close to the sea. In 1810, an office was built for a detachment of soldiers (perhaps because of fears of a French invasion). This gave the name of The Barrack to a townland. Richard's heir, George (Georgie Gay) was a famous character. Many were the riotous, bachelor parties, gargantuan meals with unlimited whiskey, port and rare claret, which he gave at the Lodge. His clothes remained the same as those of the eighteenth century "with enormous ruffles an shirt-frills of finest French cambric, at a guiney and a half a yard". Looking at the cold and wild view, one can imagine those Regency sportsmen and their dinner parties as part of the untamed landscape. The house was still standing in 1854"

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