Hickson Genealogy

Other towns and villages in Bedfordshire


Hickson families found in Ampthill, Bedfordshire:

Ampthill is near Millbrook and Maulden

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William Hickson married Mary Kingston 1819 in Ampthill


Frances Hickson married Thomas Axam 1844 in Ampthill

John Hickson, born 1829 in Ampthill, married Eliza Bass 1851 in Maulden

Sarah Ann
Agnes Martha

William Hickson, born 1832 in Ampthill married Elizabeth

Hannah Hickson married Francis Gower 1854 in Ampthill

Samuel Hickson married Frances Hart 1833 in Millbrook

children: (all baptised in Ampthill)
Mary Ann

William Hickson married Elizabeth Money 1875 in Ampthill

Elizabeth Hickson married George Knight 1880 in Maulden (reference: Index of births and marriages, Ampthill)

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Bedford, Bedfordshire

Hickson families found in the city of Bedford

Bedford is to the east of Wilden and Northill

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Bengeo, Hertfordshire

Bengeo is near Hertford

Caddington which crossed the borders of Bedfordshire and Hertfordshire

Caddington is between Markyate, Kensworth and Luton

Thomas Hickson was born about 1650 and married Marie Osborn 1673 in St Albans Abbey, St Albans. Tradition has it that he was born in Woodside, Staffordshire, but no records can be found to prove this. He died in 1728 and was buried in Caddington. He was a Blacksmith.

William Hickson married Elizabeth Kilby 1727 in Bengeo - see above

Mr Hickson of High St, Markyate, was found on the Caddington Enclosure Award Map of 1798. This is probably a great grandson of the above Thomas. There were also a "Mis Hickson" of the same address and a James Hickson "of Markyate" mentioned on the same map.

Elizabeth Hickson married John Davis 1827 in Caddington

Thomas Lightfoot Hickson married Mary Tomkins 1845 in Caddington

William Hickson, a landowner of Caddington, owned property in 1873 of 1a 3r 36p. His rental was £46/17/-