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The Hixson Families in Loudoun County, VA

This analysis has been passed to me by Boyd Hixson to whom I am very grateful, and we would welcome any comments, additions or corrections. The original author's name is unknown.

There has been much guessing as to when our Hixson Ancestors went to Loudoun County, Virginia. The earliest record we have, is the inscription on the tombstone of Timothy Hixson Jr. in Ross County, Ohio. A tombstone is not always the best source of information. In this case the inscription is legible, and the information seems to be fairly correct. It reads as follows:

Timothy Hixson Born in Loudoun County Virginia
Died February. 9, 1850 aged 86 years. 8 months,
and 16 days.

We do not need to guess this time. On the 17th of March, 1764, three Mercer men by their attorney in fact, John Hough of Loudoun County, deeded to Matthew Hixon of Loudoun County. Virginia, 464 acres of land. (ii) This was part of a larger Tract of land which had been sold to John Mercer by the Proprietors of the Northern Neck of Virginia.

As you look on the map, you will see the Part of Loudoun Valley where Matthew's land was located. I am not sure who sent this map to me, but 1 like to think it was Mr. John Divine, now deceased. There was no return address on the envelope, but the postmark was Leesburg, Va. In May of 1964 Mr. Divine took us to see The Mansion as Timothy Hixson called his home. The places that are marked, on the map are the places we discussed. This map has been a pleasure to have, but now it is of real importance. We can see the details of Matthew Hixon's land and the details of his division of the land between William and Timothy. In 1774 the meander of the creek was used as the boundary between two Tracts of land. The part to the east went to Timothy Hixson, and that part to the west of the creek went to William Hixon. (iii) The transaction has all the aspects of a father dividing land between two sons. but there no indication of the relationship of these men, in this deed.

The Tithable (Tax) Lists leave us guessing more than 1 like, but they are the only records we have of these families during their early days in Loudoun County. Matthew Hickson, with a son, Daniel, and William Hickson appear for the first time as heads of households, in 1765. Timothy Hickson's name does not appear until 1769, but we know Timothy and his wife were dismissed from the Old School Baptist Church Of Hopewell, N. J. on October 27, 1765 to go to Ketoctin in Va. It is possible the list showing Timothy's name is from a different district, and has not yet been located. (iv)

Daniel Hixson is a newcomer to the Loudoun County scene so far as 1 am concerned. I have found no mention of him until very recently. If I have read the Tithable Lists correctly, Daniel must have been Matthew's youngest child, born about 1749 in New Jersey. He was listed in his father's household until 1769 when he is head of his own household. In 1775 it was noted on the list, that Daniel Hickson had removed to Shelborne Parish. No one else was listed in his household, but he paid tax for two. This could be an error in copying, but I believe it is significant that Matthew's name does not appear on the list in that year. The year before (1774) Matthew Hixon divided his 464 acres between William and Timothy Hixson. It may well be that Matthew removed to Shelborne Parish with Daniel. As late an, 1782-1784, Matthew is listed as a taxpayer in Loudoun County. (v) At this time I have no information as to when or where Matthew Hixson died, but I doubt he would have returned to Hunterdon County, New Jersey, and I do not think he would have removed to a new location. By 1784 Matthew Hickson was probably about 73/74 years old.

It is strange that Matthew Hixon has eluded us for so long with so many dilligent researchers looking for Loudoun County ancestors. It is even more strange that we have found no records of Daniel Hixson. He lived in Loudoun County for at least 20 years. He apparently married there. Did he have a family? Was he a soldier in the Militia, or in the Virginia line? And what of Matthew Hixon, was he the man who married Phebe Everett in Hunterdon County, New Jersey? Did he bring his wife to Loudoun County? When and where did Matthew Hixon die? We still have many unanswered questions about Loudoun County Hixson families.

Before we leave the general discussion of the Hixson families in Loudoun County, we should mention some who were there for a short time. and then traveled on, The Tithable Lists of Capt. John Moss, Jr. shows Nathan Hixon was there in 1771, and Isaiah Hixon was there in 1785. Each is only listed for the one year. 1 have an unidentified Nathan Hixson, Jr. in Mason County, Kentucky.

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Many thanks to Boyd Hixson for this text