Hickson Genealogy


Below is a list of HICKSONs whose parents are unknown to me.

All of these people have some connection to Leicestershire.

The various locations in Leicestershire where Hicksons have been found

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NameApproximate year of birthReferenceComments

These people have been sorted by their year of birth.

John Hickson1529SW19-Isolatmarried Elizabeth Willson, 1550 in Melton Mowbray
Thomas Hecson1537FHC5of Melton Mowbray
Elizabeth Hickson1540SW19-Isolatmarried William Akers in 1560/1 in Melton Mowbray
Thomas Hicson1540FHC21married Alice Holwell in 1561 in Melton Mowbray
Edward Hickson1547FHC11son, John, baptised 1580 in Waltham on the Wolds
John Hickson1549FHC18son, Richard, baptised 1582 in Broughton Astley
Jane Hicksonca 1562SW19-Isolatmarried Richard Dixon in 1583 in Barkston
Helen Hickson1564SW19-Isolatmarried William Clifton in 1585 in Muston
Joan Hicksonneca 1569FHC11married John Allen in 1589/90 in Market Bosworth
James Hixon1570FHC10baptised 1570 in Frodsham
William Hickson1573FHC10daughter, Jane, baptised 1605/6 in Sibson
Margaret Hicson1576FHC14baptised in 1576 in Billingborough
Elizabeth Hicson1578FHC5married Nicholas Gills in 1599 in Branston
James Hicksone and Margaret Hicksone1578FHC10baptised 1578 in Waltham on the Wolds
William Hickson1579SW19-Isolatmarried Anna Ellwood in 1600 in Melton Mowbray
James Hicsone1582FHC10father of Wills & James both baptised in Melton Mowbray
Ryc Hixon1582FHC18baptised 1582 in Frodsham
Thomas Hixon1583FHC5son, Edward, baptised in 1616 in Waltham on the Wolds
William Hickson1583Marr11married Ruth Bruan in 1604 in Belgrave
Wyllm Hixon1584FHC18son, Ralphe, baptised 1617 in Waltham on the Wolds
Marye Hicksonn1586Marr7married Thomas Astill in 1607 in Dunton Bassett
Thomas Hicksonca 1587SW19-Isolatmarried Elizabeth Dixon in 1612 in Barkston
Richard Hicksonne1588Fhc1at least 5 children between 1613 and 1630 baptised in Dunton Bassett
Margaret Hicksonca 1589SW19-Isolatmarried Richard Langley in 1610 in Barkston
Gulielmus Hickson1589Marr11married Elisabetha Sneath in 1610 in Waltham on the Wolds
Walter Hickson1589SW19-Isolatmarried Anne Greene in 1610 in Stathern
Anne Hickson1593SW19-Isolatmarried Andrew Wormwell in 1614 in Melton Mowbray
Gulielmi Hicson1596FHC6had 4 children between 1621 & 1629, baptised in Rearsby
Thomae Hicson1596FHC8had 2 children baptised in 1621 & 1626 in Rearsby
William Hickson1596FHC6marrried Alice Bickerstafe in 1617 in Long Clawson
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Elizabeth Hicksonca 1600Marr3married Thomas Eaton in 1621 in Leicester
William Hickson1600StrayHusbandman of Redmill
Millicent Hickson1601FHC17married Thomas Smith in 1621/2 in Barkestone
Anne Hickson1603SW19-Isolatmarried Henry Trigge in 1624 in Melton Mowbray
Richard Hicksondied 1704StrayDunton Bassett
John Hickson1606FHC2daughter, Ann, baptised in 1639 in Witherley
William Hickson1607FHC11Loughborough; wife Margret
Anne Hikson1610Fhc1married Richard Askey in 1631 in Branston
Richard Hicksondied 1711StrayDunton Bassett
Bartholomew Hickson1614Marr2married Sisley Greene in 1635 in Barkestone
William Hickson1615SW19-Isolatmarried Joane Browne in 1636 in Barkby, moved to Rearsby
William Hickson1617SW19-Isolatmarried Ann Ravell in 1638 in Bottesford
Mary Hicksonn1618Marr7married William Ellice in 1639 in Dunton Bassett
Thomas Hickson1618Marr11married Mary Skeath in 1639 in Queniborough
Richard, Thomas & William Hicksonca 1620Straybrothers in Dunton Bassett; William was a Grocer
Ann Hickson1625SW19-Isolatmarried Thomas Leighton in 1646 in Bottesford
Cicely Hickson1625Marr2married Thomas Randolph in 1646 in Barkestone
Hugh Hicksonca 1627SW19-Isolatmarried Margaret Marshall in 1648 in Barkston or Barkestone
Thom Hicheson1629Fhc1daughter, Ales, baptised 1662 in Shenton
John Hicson1634FHC4wife Bridgett; daughter baptised 1667 in Stathern
Joane Hickson1638FHC11married Thomas Chamberlain in 1659 in Rearsby
Elizabeth Hickson1641Marr3married Richard Handley in 1662 in Loughborough
Thomas Hickson1653FHC2Dunton Bassett; married Amie Horsepool in 1677 in Horninghold
Thomas Hickson1656FHC21married Francis King in 1676/7 in Rotherby
Grace Hickson1663Marr4married John Holland in 1684 in Rearsby
John Hickson1663FHC13wife Mary; Wycomb and Chadwell
Richard Hekston1664FHC15wife Mary; Husbands Bosworth
Richard Hickson1670FHC2wife or wives both called Elizabeth; Dunton Bassett ; he died 1681
Richard Hickson1673Marr9amarried Hannah Hebb in 1694 in Long Clawson
Richard Hickson1678FHC2wife Joan; Dunton Bassett
John Hickson1681FHC6wife Mary; Harston
Richard Hekston or Hextall1682FHC15wife Elizabeth; Husbands Bosworth
Richard Hicksonca 1683FHC6wife Elizabeth; Dunton Bassett in 1707/8 in Dunton Bassett
Mary Hickson1683Marr8married Henry Burdet in 1704 in Bringhurst
John Hickson1684FHC2wife Mary; Bottesford
Richard Heckston1674FHC23wife Mary; Husbands Bosworth
John Hicksonca 1690SW19ancfamily moved from Derbyshire to Barkston
Thomas Hickson1693SW19-Isolatmarried Mary Roble in 1714 in Barkston
George Hickstall1694Marr12married Elizabeth Smith in 1715 in Fenny Drayton
Richard Hicksonca 1696SW19-Isolatmarried Elizabeth Awelue? in 1717 in Barkston
Mary Heckston1698Marr8married William White in 1718/9 in Husbands Bosworth
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Ann Hickson1702Marr1married Daniel Clay in 1722/3 in Dunton Bassett
Joseph Hicksonca 1704SW19-Isolatmarried Mary Heared in 1725 in Barkston
Tryphena Hickson1706FONSmarried John Geesing in 1727 in Barson or Barston or Saxby
Elizabeth Hickson1708Marr3married William Wright in 1728/9 in Saxby
Elizabeth Hicksonca 1709FHC6Saxby; married William Wright
Charles Hickston1711FHC4married Susanna Dexter in 1732 in Somerby
Margaret Hickson1711SW19-Isolatmarried William Wheelhouse in 1732 in Bottesford
Elizabeth Hicksonca 1715FHC6married John Walker in 1736 in Dunton Bassett
Thomas Hickson1725FHC18Barkestone; wife Sarah
John Hixon1727Marr6married Anne Line in 1748 in Buckminster
Thomas Hickson1732SW19-Isolatmarried Elizabeth Fisher in 1753 in Muston
Ann Hicksonca 1735SW19-Isolatmarried William Dring in 1756 in Barkston
William Hickson1739FHC12Harworth, Notts; wife Elizabeth; family moved to Freeby
John Hickson1740FHC23Dunton Bassett; wife Mary
John Hickson1745FHC2married Sarah Boddington in 1766 in Dunton Bassett
William Hixon1747FHC16daughter, Mary, baptised in 1780 in Thorpe Arnold
Mary Hickson1748SW19-Isolatmarried Edward Greenwood in 1769 in Barkston
are Mary Hickson & Thomas siblings?
Thomas Hickson1748SW19-Isolatmarried Mary Hayes in 1769 in Barkston
are Mary Hickson & Thomas siblings?
Anna Hickson1748Marr1married Francis Hickley in 1769 in Dunton Bassett
Elizabeth Hickson1749Marr3married Thos Dore in 1770 in Dunton Bassett
Richard Hickson1749SW19-Isolatmarried Elizabeth Searey in 1770 in Bottesford
John Hickson1750StaveleyOakham, Rutland; wife Catherine; family moved to Melton Mowbray
Thomas Hickson1753SW19-Isolatmarried Catherine Bateman in 1774 in Redmile
Sarah Hickson1755FHC20married Robert Johnson in 1776 in Wyfordby or Saxby
Richard Hixon1772Marr9amarried Elizabeth Sharp in 1793 in Lutterworth
Ann Hixon1777Marr2married Joseph Slater in 1798 in Leicester
William Hickson1778FHC3Melton Mowbray; wife Ann
Thomas Hickson1779SW19-Isolatmarried Mary Lamb in 1800 in Bottesford
Sarah Hickson1780Marr10married Joel Brutnell in 1801 in Goadby Marwood
Mary Hickson1781Fhc26baptised 1781 in Barkestone
William Hickson1781SW19-Isolatmarried Sarah Coy in 1802 in Saxby
John Hickson1783 FHC19Leicester; wife Catharine
William Hicksonca 1784 FHC14married Sarah Riley in 1809 in Leire
Mary Hickson1784SW19-Isolatmarried John Layfield in 1805 in Barkestone
Bets[e]y Hickson1787SW19-Isolatmarried John Doubleday in 1810 in Barkestone
John Hickson1787CensusBorn in Barkstone, moved to Redmile; wife Elizabeth
Richard Hickson1793SW19-Isolatmarried Elizabeth Lovitt in 1814 in Knipton
Robert Hi...n1794StrayMarston; wife Mary
Alice Hickson1796Marr1married Robert Pycraft in 1817 in Barkestone
John Hixon1797Marr6married Elizabeth May in 1818 in Cold Overton
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Thomas Hickson1800FHC7Melton Mowbray; wife Elizabeth
Andrew Hickson1810FHC9Bottesford; He married Ann Spreckley 1832 in Nottingham
Elizabeth Hickson1811FHC3married Thomas Blunt in 1831 in Appleby Magna
Jane Hickson1812Marr5married John Butler in 1833 in Owston and Newbold
William Hickson?1814StrayHarlaxton & Bottesford; wife Ann
John Hickson1815Censusmarried Elizabeth Robibson in 1835 in Bottesford
William Walter Hickson1816FHC9Appleby Magna; wife Harriet
Samuel Hickson1825FHC3Ashby de la Zouch; wife Elizabeth
Mary Ann Hickson1828Marr8married Joseph Anderson in 1849 in Melton Mowbray
Robert Hi?iter1829Strayborn in Muston, lived in Marston; wife Adeliza
Eliza Hickson1837Strayborn in Redmile, lived in Bottesford
Thomas Hickson1837Strayborn in Frisby, lived in Melton Mowbray
William Hickson1839Strayborn in Bottesford, lived in Denton, Grantham
Elizabeth Hickson1847Marr4married George Cave in 1868 in Melton Mowbray
Thomas Hickson1849Marr11married Frances Hutchinson in 1870 in Melton Mowbray
Elizabeth Jane Hickson1853Marr4married George Thomas Willan in 1874 in Melton Mowbray
Benjamin Hickson1853Rutlandmarried Mary Dodsworth; lived in Mabelthorpe, Horncastle & Ridlington
Benjamin Hickson1874Straymother: Maria Wommersley; Donungton & Hugglescote