Hickson Genealogy

HICKSON, HIXON & HIGSON in Frodsham, Cheshire

Frodsham is situated between Runcorn, Norton, Dutton near Runcorn, Acton Bridge, Oakmere, Ashton, Dunham on the Hill and Ince

Heads of families - can anyone help me link these together?

Contact me and I will give you more information about any of these people and their descendants. Note: Some of the birth dates given may be approximations.

  1. Alice Hixon married Robert Grice 1559/60 in Frodsham
  2. Elizabeth Hickson baptised 1569/70 in Frodsham
  3. Jo Hixon married Margaret Cowper 1576/77 in Frodsham
  4. Elizabeth Hixon married Georg Birch 1584 in Frodsham and had a son, Richard
  5. Ann and her sister Joane Hixon were baptised 1566 in Frodsham
  6. Margaret Hixon was baptised 1566 in Frodsham
  7. Richard Hickson or Hixon married Elizabeth Smith 1587 in Frodsham. They had (2) sons called Richard
  8. Mary Hixon married Rauph Whatton 1588 in Frodsham
  9. James Hixon was baptised 1570 in Frodsham
  10. Ales Hixon married Raff Chow 1593 in Frodsham
  11. Elizabeth Hixon married Jo Smith 1595/6 in Frodsham
  12. Randle Hixon married Margaret Hough 1594/5 in Frodsham
  13. Elizabeth Hixon married Ryc Dale 1598/9 in Frodsham
  14. Joane Hixon married Peter Cartwright 1600 in Frodsham
  15. Elizabeth Hixon married John Whytley 1601/2 in Frodsham
  16. Ryc Hixon was baptised 1582 in Frodsham
  17. Joane Hixon was baptised 1585 in Frodsham
  18. John Hixon or Smyth was baptised 1584/5 in Frodsham
  19. Margaret Hixon was baptised 1586 in Frodsham
  20. Ellen Hixon was baptised 1587 in Frodsham
  21. Katherine Hickson married Richard Hatton 1608 in Frodsham
  22. Elizabeth Hixon was baptised 1590 in Frodsham
  23. Ryc Hixon was baptised 1589/90 in Frodsham
  24. Anne or Anna Hixon married John Smith 1614 in Frodsham
  25. William Hixon married Margery Cooke 1613/4 in Frodsham. They had at least 2 children
  26. Alice Hixon married John Ainsworth (or Eansworth) 1619 in Frodsham
  27. Ales Hixon married William Ofley Ostley Clarke 1623 in Frodsham
  28. Ales Hixon 1615 and her brother John 1616 were baptised in Frodsham. Their father was William
  29. Elizabeth Hixon, daughter of Rici, was baptised 1624 in Frodsham
  30. Mary Hixon, daughter of Rowland, was baptised 1625 in Frodsham
  31. Marie Hixon, daughter of Robert, was baptised 1638/9 in Frodsham
  32. Martha Hixon, daughter of Robert, was baptised 1642 in Frodsham
  33. Elizabeth Hicson married John Jaxon 1667 in Frodsham
  34. William Hixon, son of Rad. was baptised 18th April 1647 in Frodsham
  35. Mary Hickson married Peter Hairefoot 1682/3 in Frodsham
  36. Lydia Hixon, daughter of Robert, was baptised 1670/1 in Frodsham
  37. Susanna Hixon, daughter of Robert, was baptised 1673 in Frodsham
  38. William Higson and Mary had 4 children, William, Mary, Ann & John. He then remarried? (Ann) and had a further three.
  39. William Hickson and Mary had a daughter, Mary, who was baptised 1747 in Frodsham
  40. Sarah Hickson who married John Walker 1793 in Frodsham
  41. James born 1846 in Bolton & Mary E. Higson born 1848 in Frodsham had a daughter, Elizabeth A Higson, who was born 1880 in Bolton

Nearby places to Frodsham are: Alvanley, Helsby, Kingsley, Manley, Newton & Norley (which did not become a parish in its own right until 1861)