The A'Bear Branch


May 5th, 1908

From JOHN B. A'BEAR Cowfields Farm,

To Mr.F.R.Bergh
33 Ellesmere Rd.
Chiswick. W.

Dear Sir,

               I thought it might interest you to know that
        Mr.F.Rose was here on Sunday, he is the present tenant of
        Gibstrode Farm, the Farm House is turned into a Cottage
        for one of the men, but if at any time you would like to
        look over the place you are very welcome todo so.
        Mr.Rose told me that there is a very old painting on one
        of the panels of the inner door of an old gentleman which
        he thought very curious. Should you be in this neighbourhood
        at any time I hope you will come and see us and bring
        Mrs.Bergh, but I expect our family of little ones would
        quite frighten her.
               With very kind regards,
                  Yours very truly,
                     JOHN B. A'BEAR

F.R.Bergh, Esq.,
17 Ellesmere Road,
Chiswick. W.