Granny Pullan's diary. 1914/1915.

map of journey

Friday, 4th December 1914

Left Aden aboard the S/S Salsette and arrived at Bombay where we were met at the Ballard Pier by Mr Vussonjee and several others and taken to the Taj Mahal hotel in Mr Vussonjee's carriage where we had lunch before going to the office. After dinner we went for a short walk by the sea and then to bed.

When the British established themselves in India in the late 18th century, it soon became clear that adaptation was needed. For a start, the rituals of eating were going to have to change to accommodate the hot, languid days and nights. In the heat of the day lunch became a much lighter meal – but what to call it? Somehow, the word that seemed to stick was "tiffin", taken from the slang words "tiff", a tot of diluted liquor, and "tiffing", to take a sip of this liquor (perhaps a hint that a sahib's lunch might quite often be of the liquid variety!). Tiffin took off and "a spot of tiffin" soon became a peg on which almost any culinary indulgence between breakfast and dinner could be hung.

Saturday, 5th December.

Wrote letters, had tiffin with Harry, went looking for watches as gifts, had dinner with Miss McClean and Mr Illingworth who had met as at the pier on Friday and played Bridge until midnight.

Sunday, 6th December.

Had chota hazri 6:30 a.m. Harry and Miss McClean went for a walk before breakfast. Hicks came during the morning, he is the only officer on the 'Investigator'. We all had lunch together again then took 2:35 train to Matunga Road, had a pleasant time and left on the 10:7 train. All very tired.

Chota hazri or Chhota Haazri was a meal served shortly after dawn, particularly in northern British India, now more usually, just a cup of tea with a biscuit.

The Investigator (RIM, Royal Indian Marine) was a survey vessel launched in 1907. It was sold in 1934.

Harry (William Henry) Pullan, a merchant in cloth, was born in Shipley, Yorkshire in 1878, the second son of Mr Edmund Pullan 'Manager of Manufactory', a well known Shipley resident and his wife, Sarah Eliza Garnett.

Harry married the author of this diary, Florence Amelia Thornton, my maternal grandmother, in 1901 who was 2 years younger than him.

Monday, 7th December.

Went driving with Miss McClean all morning, had tiffin with her and then, once again, took a gharri[*]. We came back and took a carriage to the office, chatted with dealers and then drove with Kothare and Illingworth. Came back to Taj Mahal where we had dinner with Miss McClean and then drove to the station and saw her off to Secunderabad (a journey of over 700 kilometres towards the eastern coast. This would take about 15 hours even today)

Harry seemed to have offices all over this part of the world, wherever he stops he visits 'the office'.

[*]A gharri is a horse-drawn cab.

Tuesday, 8th December.

Drove to the office after breakfast with Harry, went shopping till 12:30, came home and read till tiffin time, then drove to the office again and bought a ship for Kothare's grandson and frilling for dress. Drove to Kothare's house, saw all his relations and had a necklace presented to me. Had dinner and listened to band with Harry.

Wednesday, 9th December.

Wrote letters all the morning and drove to Colaba (on the southern tip of the Bombay peninula) with Hicks in the afternoon, had afternoon tea at the office went for a short walk with Hicks and Harry, wore my white satin dress for dinner and listened to band after.

Thursday, 10th December.

Had breakfast with Harry drove down to office with him, wrote to Molly and sat in hotel entrance watching newcomers, had lunch and drove out with Harry and Hicks, tea in the office and then went for a walk, had dinner wore my pink dress and listened to band.

December 11th.

Sewed all morning, went out with Hicks in afternoon and for a row with him first in the harbour at 6 p.m. which I enjoyed very much. Wrote to Mother in evening.

December 12th.

Went to office early for first mail since we left, came back to hotel and thoroughly enjoyed reading nice letters from home. Drove out with Hicks after lunch. Had tea in office waited for Harry till 8 p.m. Had a --- & took a little walk by the sea.

December 13th.

Went for a drive to the the zoo with Mr Kothare, came back in time for tiffin. Harry had a sleep and Hicks came in & Illingworth & Kothare and we all had afternoon tea and then for a drive to Malabar Hill, went for a short walk and Illingworth had dinner with us and has just gone 11 p.m.

December 14th

Drove to office and post office came back [to] hotel and wrote to to Rhoda and Miss McClean. Had lunch drove to native bazaar & bought bangle for Nancy went to office for afternoon tea. Drove to Calaba with Hicks, back to office for Harry, had dinner and am so sleepy am going to bed 10:30. Harry still busy.

December 15th.

Packing all morning drove out to Calaba with Hicks in afternoon and left for Delhi at 9 p.m. Kothare, Vussonjee etc saw us off & garlanded us also gave us baskets of fruit, played cards in train till very late.

December 16th

Got up at 9:15 am breakfast in train about 10 am. Read till afternoon tea and again till dinner time, arrived Delhi 11:45 p.m. Very nice hotel, rather cold weather.

December 17th.

Walked to office and back, wrote letters all afternoon & part of evening. Hicks gone to Rangoon.

Big time gap in diary until the New Year.

Friday, January 1st 1915.

Breakfast 9:15 am talked with Mrs Hughes till 11 a.m. Then wrote agreement for Harry and read until tiffin time. Packed till 5 pm and drove down to Bazaar with Harry to say goodbye to native friends. Returned with Illingworth and had tea together by cosy fire. Harry arrived about an hour afterwards & we packed and sent away our big trunks. Dressed for dinner and played Bridge with Mr and Mrs Sparks, chatted and said goodbye to all our friends at the Cecil Hotel. Harry nearly ready for bed so I must finish packing and then retire. Hope we shall all have a Happy New Year.

Saturday, 2nd January 1915.

Boy came with chota hazri 5:30 am. We got up and finished and left for station 7:30 a.m. Had late breakfast in train and arrived at Agra 2 o'clock. Drove down to native Bazaar and waited in carriage 2 hours for Harry and Mr Illingworth; returned to Cecil Hotel and had afternoon tea and sat by cosy fire until dinner time, had a chat with Mrs Hotz and a good dinner and left to have a look at the Taj Mahal by moonlight & drove to the station and went to bed as soon as we got settled.

After leaving bazaar in the afternoon we went to see the Taj, it is a wonderful place made of perfectly white marble, we thoroughly enjoyed seeing it.

Sunday, 3rd January 1915

Had a fairly good night in the train & boy brought chota hazri about 6:30 am at Cawnpore (Kanpur). Whilst we were dressing the train was shunted to a siding. We emerged from the train about 9 o'clock and took a little walk outside the station and left again 9:45. Had breakfast at Fatehpur, then read and arrived Mughalsarai 3:50 p.m.

Left part of the luggage and came by another train to Benares (Varanasi) routers and arrived at 5:15. Took a gharri for luggage and carriage for ourselves and drove to Clarkes Hotel had a cup of tea and good wash and lounged in the sitting until dinner was ready. It was a wretched dinner so we went for a short walk afterwards and came back to bed at 10 p.m.

Monday, 4th January.

Had chota hazri and arose about 6:45 a.m. At 7:45 the three of us drove in a Victoria with two horses to the River Ganges, argued about the price of boats and finally rowed down the river sitting on basket chairs, it was truly a wonderful sight to see the thousands of people bathing, praying, washing and burning their dead, I am so glad to have seen it. Drove back to hotel and had breakfast and a little talk with Miss Clarke and drove out again to brass bazaar and brought [bought] a large vase, came back and had tiffin and hurried to station.

In the train we played Bridge till bedtime with an interval for a very good dinner. Had a very poor night, could not sleep.

Tuesday, 5th January

Boy woke us with tea & toast at 5 a.m. Dressed first and we arrived at Calcutta punctually 6:05 a.m. Motored in a bus to Great Eastern Hotel and as soon as room was fixed up, Harry and I went round and the post office for letters, got quite a lot and came back and thoroughly enjoyed reading them, naughty Molly only wrote a few lines, am glad all are well. Harry had bath we had breakfast and then he and Illingworth went to bazaar and I had a lovely bath and changed everything and did a little mending till their return when we had tiffin. Took a gharri to Cook's and Reuter's and received wire from Bradford wishing us a happy and prosperous New Year. I then walked to Whiteaway Laidlaw and bought collar for tussore dress but it won't do. Sat on hotel veranda and had tea and read letters again and Harry came and had tea and we went for a walk. Wheldon called and made us late for dinner.

Harry & Illingworth busy with telegrams. I went to bed as soon as they had finished and was asleep when Harry came.

Wednesday, 6th January.

Breakfast 8:45 a.m. Wrote letter to Rhoda & broke off to go to Post Office for letters and returned to finish letters and wrote till tiffin time, also after tiffin till 4:45 p.m. When we had afternoon tea and walked to Eden Gardens and returned about 7 p.m. Had dinner at 8 prompt. Played Bridge with Harry and Illingworth & lost as usual. Wheldon rang up to invite us to dinner but Harry said “No”. Had letter from Mrs Sparke.

Thursday, 7th January.

Went for a walk before breakfast and wrote to Mother and Molly on verandah of hotel whilst Harry was busy with Illingworth. Had tiffin wrote to Nenny and walked round to post office, cut patterns for Harry, had cup of tea and read the “City of Beautiful Nonsense”, went round to PO again to post Harry's letters, dressed for dinner and played three handed Bridge and won for a change.

Friday, 8th January.

Arose 7:15 a.m. and went to PO before breakfast and for a change didn't have indigestion. After breakfast we went to Whiteaway Laidlaw's to get block for cleaning tussore, shoes, came back to hotel and finished book. Went round to Illingworth's room to fetch Harry for tiffin, wrote to Mrs Sparke, dealer came in and showed me embroideries and went with boy to market and bought handmade lace, 3 handkerchiefs and postcards. Harry was waiting when we got back & we had tea and went back to market to buy trunks for samples and it was time to dress for dinner when we returned, wore black dress and after dinner played Bridge and won. Now 11:30pm.

Saturday, 9th January.

Harry cross with me for being so slow in dressing and seeing I was only about an hour, I don't think I deserved it. Went to PO once again after breakfast washed, mended and ironed till lunchtime & we kissed & were friends and and read “Seats of the Mighty” and after dinner played 3 handed Bridge and I won.

Seats of the Mighty is a novel published in 1896 by Gilbert Parker. It was first published in serial form in The Atlantic starting in March 1895, and released in book form in 1896. It was the third highest best-selling book in the United States in 1896.

Sunday, 10th January.

Had breakfast 9 a.m. and went to PO after and wrote letters for Harry until lunchtime, indigestion was wretched for an hour or two after breakfast. Wrote again until tea time and read for awhile and we all three went for a walk to the River Hooghly and Harry continued writing whilst I read till it was time to dress for dinner. Wore my velvet dress and after dinner played Bridge again and actually won, my luck must have changed.

Monday, 11th January.

Went for walk round Eden Gardens and saw lotus flower and heard band playing 8:30 a.m. After breakfast washed some flannels and hung them on a cord in the bedroom to dry, then went round to Cook's with Harry to see about ticket for Singapore, wrote to Hicks, telephoned about luggage to shipping company and learnt boat was [not] sailing till 9 a.m. Wednesday but must be aboard to be examined by doctor 4:30 p.m. tomorrow. Sat in Illingworth's room watching them pack patterns, had tiffin and went out to buy shoes and also bought half elephant and muslim dress in market. Drove home for 4 and had tea with Harry and wrote to Molly, Nenny, Mother and several p.c.s. After dinner played Bridge won again, hurrah!!

Tuesday, 12th January.

Walked round to PO before breakfast and was packing, washing and ironing until about noon when I finished my book and locked all trunks and left them to the boy to take down to ghat and had tiffin. Drove round to market and bought club dress lengths, tablecloth and pillowcases also tobacco for Harry and called at Thacker Spink [& Co] to buy books, called back to hotel and had cup of tea and found our silly boy had left trunk so took it on the gharri to Eden Gardens ghat and were passed by doctor, left luggage for boy to see to, and came along and took a dinghy to the “Laisang”, had several rows with coolies and boy and finally got them all all cleared off and Illingworth stayed and had dinner with us which was fairly good. Harry & I beat Illingworth and Captain at Bridge and former took a dinghy to shore and we retired.

[ghat means Eden Garden railway station which is located on the banks of Hooghly River at Babughat]

Wednesday, 13th January.

Only two passengers besides ourselves & they are Swedes. Very tiny cabin and so Captain has given us another for our luggage. Illingworth came aboard to see us before we had arisen, we sailed at 9 a.m. and waved to Illingworth as long as we could see him. Anchored at 3 p.m. 40 miles down the River Hooghly, played Bridge after dinner with the Major and Pilot, also played quoits and skipping with the Captain and Pilot in the afternoon and beat them easily.

Thursday, 14th January.

Sailed at daybreak, read all morning “Marriage” by H G Wells, saw pilot off at 1:30 p.m. and played deck tennis with Captain and Major's wife, and Bridge for little while after dinner we felt seedy so went to bed early.

I should say I wrote letters all morning & Pilot took them to post.

Friday, 15th January.

Had a wakeful night and felt seedy all day, Harry too, so have not had much to eat and have slept and read nearly all day except for a game of tennis and of course Bridge after dinner. Have had all meals on deck, the boat rolls for nothing. Captain very kind and will get anything I want and now off to bed and hope to feel better tomorrow & poor Daddy too.

Saturday, 16th January.

Had breakfast in dining saloon and did fancy work all morning (oriental tablecloth) had tiffin and read awhile and sewed again & after tea had a game of deck tennis with the Captain and Major Lundberg and his wife and beat [them]. After dinner played Bridge and looked for RIM Mayo but couldn't see it, Major and I were partners and we lost. Very hot all day.

(RIM : Her Majesty's Royal Indian Marine)
1897 June 26th: The RIMS Mayo rescued the surviving passengers and crew of P&O’s SS Aden from certain death off Cape Redressa, Sumatra. Captain Thomas Arthur Leach de Berry (1880-81) was in command of Mayo and the rescue. The rowing boat he despatched to pick up the survivors was commanded by Lt Ernest Harold Dobbin (1882-83) (misnamed in another report as Henry Charles Edward) and he was supported by Sub Lt Oliver Goldsmith (1889-91). Another OC was an officer in Mayo during the rescue but his name is not known. The three men were awarded the thanks of the Governor General (equivalent to the thanks of Parliament) for their “able seamanship and personal gallantry”).

Sunday, 17th January.

All same as yesterday, felt sickly all day.

Monday, 18th January.

Felt good deal better all day, did without breakfast, had a little Bovril and bananas for tiffin, played deck tennis after tea and had too much dinner so felt rotten again but played Bridge with the Major and am now off to bed, hope to be able to see Penang tomorrow. Doctor says native has smallpox but hope he is mistaken don't want to be kept in quarantine.

Tuesday, 19th January.

Arrived in Penang about 9 a.m. and as soon as we had had breakfast went ashore in the doctor's launch. He pronounced the case smallpox and the boat had to be fumigated and all native passengers put on the isolation Island. We then called round to the bank and post office and Harry visited several firms and several shops. Bought small tray and vase made of silk wood in Penang and also pair of grey silk stockings for Dot's birthday. Took a rickshaw for two and drove to Runnymede Hotel and then back again to town and bought PCs and wrote some in the rickshaw whilst waiting for Harry and then back to hotel for tiffin and had Mr Peck's company and he allowed me the use of his room and I wrote to Mother and Dot and one dozen PCs, had a cup of tea and drove to gardens which were sweet. When we got back Mr Peck was there again and wanted us to have tea. We then all three walked to jetty and came aboard in th ... a sampan. After dinner we played Bridge till 9:45 and watched Chinese settling down for the night and came to retire about 11p.m. After a very happy day it was delightful to be on shore again and feel much better.

Wednesday, 20th January.

Been sailing through Malacca Straits all day, been very warm. Was working oriental cloth all morning and wrote to Rhoda and Molly and PC to Florence A. Played tennis with Harry and was beaten and after dinner played Bridge with the Captain and lost by 78. Very hot in cabin.

Thursday, 21st January.

Got up in good time and partly packed before breakfast expecting to arrive at Singapore at 10 a.m. but no such luck, didn't get alongside the wharf till 3 p.m. so sewed a little and wrote to Kothare and after tiffin finished packing and as soon as we got to Singapore took a gharri to post office where we got letters from Mother, May and Hicks also Tom, and drove around to Hotel de Europe but didn't like room so came to Raffles Hotel and fixed up, then drove back to ship to get part luggage and then took a little walk and had bath and dressed for dinner. Sat in a draught all time hope we haven't got cold. Walked about hotel and read a little in reading room and came & read letters in our own room which is not bad. Temperature 80 degrees. No boat for Java till Sunday.

Friday, 22nd January.

Arose about 7:30 a.m. after cup of tea and had breakfast 8:30. Drove or took rickshaw to PO and got letters from home and Molly's report which was splendid, bless her. Then went in rickshaw to Laisang and spent all the morning getting heavy luggage off, had pounding rain & sheltered at wharf. Called at Dutch office. Mr Burgess introduced himself to Harry because he knew Mr Bowen. Had tiffin and out again to bank and Telegraph office to send wire home and I looked round shops and called at Little's to get dresses on approval, but don't like any of them. Met Harry and both came back to hotel in rickshaw had tea and soon after bath and dressed for dinner. Captain and Major and Mrs Lundberg dined with us. Played Bridge till 12:00 and I won.

Saturday, 23rd January.

Breakfast 8:30 went in rickshaw to Little's shop and tried several dresses on and bought blue and white striped muslin, came back to hotel and washed a few flannels out. Harry came back tired out and both very hot. Had tiffin and wrote some PCs and part of letter to Molly. Manager of hotel said aeroplane had been flying over Cromer again and felt very worried. Had cup of tea at 4:30 and we both took rickshaws to Botanical Gardens and had a good walk round and drove back again after which had bath and put on red dress for dinner. Sat in entrance to watch dancing but only one couple danced, so went on short walk on sea front and came to bed. Have got heaps mosquito bites.

Sunday, 24th January.

Wrote letters to Molly, Mother and May. It poured with rain all the morning. Left hotel 3:45 & sailed in launch for van der Hagen. Had a cup of tea and unpacked necessaries, didn't dress for dinner, came to bed early and went straight to sleep.

Monday, 25th January.

Sailed 7 a.m. Breakfast 9 a.m. Talked to Dutch lady opposite. Read “The Way of an Eagle” all day and in the evening played bridge with Mrs Jessula and Mr Douglas. Boat very clean but food poor and attendance dreadful. Enjoyed the book immensely.

Tuesday, 26th January.

Breakfast 9:45 a.m. Harry didn't wake. Played Bridge and lost, after tiffin worked broderie table centre till 6p.m. when boat dropped anchor at Tanjung Pandan, Billiton island and new passengers wouldn't come aboard so we have to wait all night for them, it's disgusting. We walked a while, then changed for dinner and played bridge again and won.

Wednesday, 27th January.

The truants came aboard but not till after 7 a.m. One of them has a sweet baby. Did a little fancy work after breakfast and then played bridge till tiffin time and after wrote to Mother & Rhoda and PC to Nancy and a few lines to Molly. Did more sewing and played Chingman, changed for dinner and Madame treated us to champagne and we tried dancing to the the gramophone but it wasn't successful so we settled down to bridge and beat them. Tis now 12:30 a.m.

Thursday, 28th January.

Woke early as we were steaming in Tandjong Priok Harbour, th [...] [Jakarta,]th [...] had breakfast before we landed & got part baggage through customs, took train to Tangerang and two gentlemen motored us to hotel. Got settled in very nice room, but swarming with mosquitoes, unpacked but first rode in tram to two post offices, received letters at second Weltevreden and came to hotel and enjoyed reading them. Stayed in room reading, but the heat and mosquitoes nearly sent me crazy. After dinner talked in hotel entrance.

Friday, 29th January.

Had breakfast alone, Harry went down to Harbour to see more baggage through and soon after he came back we took taxi to business firm and had a nice ride to Japanese shop to buy lamp to scare mosquitoes. Had lamp burning all afternoon while cutting and making blouse and Harry had Mr Pring in. Didn't change for dinner played bridge after with Mr & Mrs Jessula, gentlemen won. Holland sent ultimatum to Germany.

Saturday, 30th January 1915.

Spent all morning in room with business gentlemen, did a little sewing but not much, it was stifling hot. After lunch packed and had cup of tea at 4 p.m. Then took taxi along with Mr and Mrs Jessula and friend to station & came by train to Buitenzorg. It was delightfully cool as we drove up to the hotel and I am charmed with the place, the view of mountain village and river from the hotel veranda is perfectly delightful. We had a nice little dinner and chatted and played Bridge afterwards with Mr and Mrs J. The lady J was not well so went to bed. This time the ladies won, hurrah!!

Mistake about ultimatum.

Sunday, 31st January

Mr Jessula woke us at 7:30 a.m. and we dressed and had breakfast and then drove to botanical gardens at Buitenzorg. They are very beautiful and we stayed until about 11 a.m., saw beautiful orchids growing and Victoria Regis Lotus and lots of other beautiful plants. Drove back to hotel and then took motor to Kota Batu through rice Fields etc, saw baths had ride on seesaw with Mrs J and drove back again and had tiffin. Tried the nice table for the first time and twas very good. Had a nap and rested then after tea and packed once more drove to station and back to Weltevreden, it is a little cooler have got another room. Had very nice dinner and band and liqueurs with Mrs J and party and chatted awhile.

Monday, 1st February 1915.

Got up late and stayed at hotel all day till 6 o'clock then went for a short walk and took films to develop. Played Patience but was tired and went to bed early.

Tuesday, 2nd February.

Went to PO and got letters from home and on to Passer Baroe [Pasar Baru] to look at native shops but nobody could speak English, disgusting, took carriage back and spent rest of morning reading letters from home. Went to bed after tiffin had headache, got up for afternoon tea and Harry came back whilst I was having it. Went for a short walk by myself but couldn't make myself understood. Wrote to Flo and changed for dinner and then played bridge with Mr and Mrs Jessula, ladies won once again.

Wednesday, 3rd February.

Went round to shop with Mr. Meifluick & looked at Java productions but didn't buy anything. Wrote to May & went for motor run with Harry & back for tiffin with Mr M. Wrote letters all afternoon & at 6:30 went for lovely motor run with Mr Hagnaur and to military Club Concordia and listened to band, saw Mrs Van Huyter's daughter. Mr H came back for dinner with us and recognised Mrs J. Played 3 handed Bridge and Harry & I lost.

Thursday, 4th February.

Mail day so was very busy writing letters all day till 6 p.m. when we went for a short walk & then dressed for dinner & Mr and Mrs de Freise dined with us & we had such a pleasant evening, she is English and comes from Manchester, didn't retire to nearly 1 am.

Friday, 5th February.

Were later than ever for breakfast & Mrs de Freise came round in her carriage and took me out, had ices and went to several shops and had a most enjoyable time. Bought a Javanese cloth. Wrote PCs after tiffin and drove to PO for letters, had afternoon tea and wrote to Hicks & went for a walk, dressed for dinner and enjoyed the meal then wrote to F. Allsop and sent her earrings and hdkf [handkerchief] for birthday present. Posted it, had lemon squash and am now going to bed. 10 p.m.

Saturday, 6th February.

Mended stockings and drove to PO but only samples and letter for Harry, called at Passer Baroe to buy smokes for Japanese lamp, came back and read till tiffin time. After tiffin Mr Meijliuck called and I read and nearly finished blouse then dressed in velvet gown and waited for Mr & Mrs Prinz who were late. Was surprised to see how much older she looked than him, after having dinner together we drove to Concordia and listened to band, they had whiskey and liqueur and I had neat whisky for a pain I had in my tummy. They drove back to hotel with us and we said “Goodnight”.

Sunday, 7th February.

Didn't wake till after 9 a.m. So did without breakfast and read in bed till 11:30 & at 12:45 had tiffin and a little talk to Mr and Mrs Jessula. Came back and wrote to Willie and Cissie then a rest, had a bad headache, after a cup of tea wrote to Mrs Stansfield & at 6:30 Mrs Brumhof & Mr Eberley came and brought me beautiful chrysanthemums and lilies. We all went for a motor run & then to café to listen to music and had ices, drinks etc. & back home to dress for dinner, chatted on verandah and retired about 11:30 p.m.

Monday, 8th February.

Did quite a lot of washing in the morning, was busy until after 12 o'clock, then rested till Harry came, after tiffin had another little rest on the verandah and when Harry came home had tea and helped with patterns, was raining too fast to go out. Changed for dinner and played bridge in Mr Jessula's room and beat the gentlemen, had my silly old pain again.

Tuesday, 9th February.

Drove to business and back & to PO, but no letters, returned 11:30 am and ironed till lunch time and also after for a while, then rested in bed and dreamt about Dewthurst and dear ones, had tea and read till time to dress for dinner. After played Patience and had indigestion. Harry was very naughty, walked round garden and retired 12:30 a.m.

Wednesday, 10th February.

Went round to PO and then did some more washing and went into lunch alone and after to PO again but no letters, wrote to Mother and a rest in bed then tea and wrote to Rhoda. Changed into pink dress and Mr de Freize sent carriage round, it was pouring with rain but got there alright after a good long drive. The house is exceedingly nice and Mr and Mrs were charming and gave us such a nice dinner and the baby is a little duck and so good. We played bridge on the verandah after dinner & Mr de Freize and I won. Their carriage brought us back again, it was thundering and lightning all the time. Had a drink of tausau[?] and went to bed.

Thursday, 11th February.

Wrote to Molly but very short, took carriage round to post office to post letters but none again from home. Drove to bazaar with Harry and back again, then read & slept till 5:30, had tea and went for a walk and bought a few things at chemists, also chocolates and ice at cafe, met Mr and Mrs J and walked back home, changed and had dinner and chatted and played Bridge with Mr & Mrs J on our verandah, gentlemen won for a change. Had indigestion all day, felt wretched.

Friday, 12th February.

Drove to Bazaar with Harry & did a little sewing & after tiffin drove down again & waited three quarters of an hour in carriage for him & then called in Meyluick's office & he gave me tablecloths, drove back to N.P.M. [National Port Masterplan] & learnt sailings from Surabaya & when I got back Harry had arrived & we had tea together & I went for good long walk. Found Mr Jessula in cafe & Harry and I had an ice. Mrs J. and friends came and we were introduced and soon said goodbye & changed for dinner, strolled round hotel grounds & played Patience and I watched. Indigestion much better. Chinese New Year holidays this weekend.

Saturday, 13th February.

Two business gentlemen called, one stayed a while and we all three drove down to office. Mr Meyliuck gave me little china models, after tiffin sewed and three gentlemen called to say Goodbye and stayed chatting and had cup of tea, we then walked to chemists to buy powder for prickly heat and came back and helped Harry with figures, didn't dress for dinner too busy we thought and Harry was busy till midnight. I helped a bit.

Sunday, 14th February.

Got up 8 a.m. & after breakfast took wire & letter to PO & to my delight there were letters from home, naughty Molly's, very short. Been busy packing since, it's grand to think we are going. Mr M came for lunch & he & Harry went straight back to the office, I read, slept and crocheted a bit. I'm completely tired of my own company and we are not leaving tomorrow after all. Had tea and went out but it was too hot to walk far, have packed all, so didn't dress for dinner, great swells in dining room tonight, have been crocheting shawl and it is now past 11 p.m.

Monday, 15th February.

Mr M and Mr P called for business and stayed till lunch time. I ironed and mended stockings and after lunch did a little broderie and crocheted shawl, had a cup of tea and drove with Harry to PO, but no letters, crocheted again and packed samples till dinner time. After dinner packed again & Harry rang Mr Jessula on the phone. Mr Meyluich brought me a lot of fruit and little teapot. Tis now 11:30 and must get up at 5 a.m.

Tuesday, 16th February.

Managed to arise soon after 5 a.m. and caught 7 o'clock train to Bandoeng [Bandung], arrived 11:30 after collecting baggage drove to Homann Hotel. Small rooms but good food. Slept all afternoon had tea and both went for a walk and had a good look at shops and bought some chocolates and back again to Hotel. Wrote to Mother and put on black dress for dinner & after dinner wrote to Mrs Blackburn and Rhoda. Bandoeng very nice and cool and now it is pouring with rain. Tis now 11:30 and am off to bed.

Wednesday, 17th February.

Breakfast at 8:15 a.m., nice cool morning, wrote to Molly and Nenny and went for a walk by myself. Had an ice but not very grand. After tiffin Harry & Mr Meijliuck went out and I went to bed and read till nearly 5 o'clock, when we all had tea together. Drove down to Chinese shop with Harry and Mr M. Chinaman gave us nice cup of tea without milk, out of a sweet little teapot. Changed for dinner and chatted till bedtime now 11 clock.

Thursday, 18th February.

Got up 4 am had tea and started at 5:30 for station, beautiful morning, travelling all day country very pretty and interesting arrived Soerabaia [Surabaya] 7:30 p.m. Drove in motor bus to Oranje Hotel [now the Hotel Majapahit] & took quite a lot of settling with rooms, finally chose number 4 upstairs. Soerabaia very hot and had indigestion as usual. Was very tired and went to bed early, was asleep when Harry came. Mr Meijiuck came along to Soerabaia with us.

Friday, 19th February.

Arose 7:30 and drove down town with Harry and Mr M called at post office and drove back to hotel and helped (?) with patterns till tiffin time after which we all drove to town again and I came back alone, had tea & gave clothes to to Dhobe and gentlemen returned with news from Singapore that Indian soldiers had revolted. Changed and went for a drive round Soerabaia and called and had ice at restaurant. Soerabaia not so pretty as Batavia. Had band during dinner and a little chat and bedtime again. Received wife from home, “very well” and I'm so glad. Have wired again telling plans.

Saturday, 20th February.

Drove down to office with Harry and walked round town in native shops & bought brass box & slendang [a long narrow scarf worn especially by Indonesian women] had the greatest difficulty in making myself understood, when I got back Harry had arrived and Mr Hymans had lent us his car so we drove back to his office and he drove us home again. Had bad headache so went to bed after tiffin and we had a thunderstorm. Mr H called and drove us to his home about 6pm, had a little chat with his wife and himself and came to hotel and had dinner with Mr Meyliuck. Dr Green came round afterwards and we showed our purchases and came to bed at midnight.

Sunday, 21st February.

Mr and Mrs Hymans came in their car and took us out for a drive went to a house where the man has a fancy for animals, monkeys, tiger, hyeana, well as snakes and birds and all sorts of things, I was quite startled when a monkey caught hold of my dress, from there we went to see a beautiful collection of china and then drove to the sea and all around Sourabaia and also to the cafe and I had drinks and then home for lunch, was very tired. Harry was busy with samples all the afternoon and I went to bed and sat about in dressing gown till 6:45 when I dressed for dinner and Mr and Mrs Hymans and Mr Meyluick dined with us. Tis now past midnight and I am in bed.

Monday, 22nd February.

Was washing nearly all morning and went to chemists and did a little sewing then had tiffin with Harry and Mr Meijlinch, drove down to post office and chatted with Mr Hymans then ironed till 7:30 when I changed for dinner and went to bed 10pm. Was very tired.

Tuesday, 23rd February.

Drove down town with Harry and wrote letters most of the day to Molly, Granny, Mrs Bertie, Rhoda & F. Allsop, also PCs. Had dinner with Mr Meyliuck & then chatted with Mr Davis, an Englishmen just come from Singapore & has taken part against the rioters. Says disturbance is quelled and told us lots of dreadful tales.

Wednesday, 24th February.

Mrs Hymans & Mrs Murray came round in the former's motor car and we had a lovely time going round the shops, bought some shoes, brass, books etc. socks and cushion cover for Flo's birthday, had ices and came back to hotel. After tiffin saw two Gentlemen we met on Van der Hagen and drove down with Mrs M to make enquiries about sailings and have got wire asking us to go to Shanghai, may sail tomorrow or March 4. PO have sent wire to Singapore. Came back & had tea & tried dresses on but sent them all back & changed to go to Mr Hymans on our way called for Mr & Mrs Murray & I played Bridge with Mr Hymans but we lost. Had dinner at hotel 9:30 & read and came to bed 11:30 p.m.

Thursday, 25th February.

Was mending all the morning & reading " Anna Karina" all the afternoon and after tea Mr Meyliuck and Harry and I went for a walk but it came on raining so we called at a cafe and I had an ice, the gentlemen beer, returned and dressed for dinner and went with Mrs Hymans and Mr and Mrs Murray to Beethoven concert which I enjoyed very much. Harry has been writing all the evening. Tis now after 12 o'clock.

Friday, 26th February.

Did a little washing, drove down town and read, also crocheted a little, went for a short walk with Harry in the evening and we were caught in the rain and had to take a carriage. Mrs Murray sent me tea. Mr Meylinch read newspaper to us after dinner.

Saturday, 27th February.

Drove down town and looked round shops and bought picture books for Meylinch children. Was very lazy and read most of the day. Went to Mr Hymans to dinner, played Bridge and lost, had a sweet little dinner and then sang very badly, had a very nice time and admired pretty things in house. Booked berth on 'Melchir Treub'.

Sunday, 28th February.

Haven't been out all day, wrote to Roy this morning and finished Anna Karenina in the afternoon and crocheted a shawl after dinner. Harry been busy writing and with Mr Meylinck all day.

Monday, 1st March.

Drove down to offices and back to Japanese shop to buy toys for Mr Meylinck's children, washed and ironed when I returned and after tiffin crocheted shawl and drove down town again with Harry after he had had a rest as he was very tired. Mr and Mrs Hymans and Mr & Mrs Murray had dinner with us and we had such a jolly evening, played “Coon Can” and bridge. They left about midnight.

Tuesday, 2 nd March.

Written to Molly, Mother and Rhoda and several PCs. Only been out once with Harry to buy notepaper. Read “Ships that pass in the night” and it made me very sad.

Wednesday, 3rd March.

Received wire whilst dressing saying “In liquidation”, [don't know to who this refers] couldn't realise it but after breakfast another wire game cheering us up and telling us all well, which is good news so we are not going to worry about business but do our best. Went shopping with Mr H. & Mrs M. & met Mr M and he took us to have ices which were very good. After lunch I washed a few things and tried corsets on, also read a little and had tea and at 7pm went with the two former ladies to a concert and had dinner with Harry and played Patience till bedtime.

Thursday, 4th March.

Ironed and packed till 1:30 p.m. Some clothes had gone mouldy and had such a business airing. Had tiffin and took sado and bought a pair of silk stockings for Cissie. Drove in Mr Hymans' motor to his office where he joined us and drove us to launch and came aboard with us and we sailed at 5pm. Have got two cabins and the food is splendid and the ship is very clean. Harry not well, has got headache and is feverish, feel very worried. We have just had a deck game and I'm going to bed.

Friday, 5th March.

Arrived at Semarang about 9 am. Harry staying in bed for the day but seems a little better. Mr M came on board at 1 o'clock and brought his little girl to see him off, also the people she is living with. Poor little soul cried when she left her father, she is very sorry. Had a long sleep after tiffin and dressed in black dress for dinner. Mr M chatted with us till nearly 10 o'clock and went on deck for a little while and now to bed.

Mr M gave me native batik for wall it is just what I wanted. Harry much better tonight I'm glad to say.

Saturday, 6th March.

Boat called at Bataira, but we didn't go ashore as Harry was up but not very grand. Mr M did our shopping for us and brought native dress for my girlies, he and Mr von Petersdorf had lunch with us and they then left and

I was very sorry to say goodbye.

Harry had a sleep in the cabin and I read on deck and talked to the doctor who brought me sweet flowers. Mrs Jessula and her friend came on board and are going to Medan. Had a long talk to a gentleman who came out on the “Maloja” though we didn't know it. Played bridge with Mrs J and her friend. Harry came to bed 10:30 and I 11:30 but the naughty boy is still reading.

Sunday, 7th March.

Slept till 8:20 and both dressed quickly and had breakfast. Then wrote letters to Molly, Cissie, Flo, Harry also wrote a few letters but looked poorly. After tiffin he had a rest and at 6pm I took his temperature and it was 101.4, so I called the doctor in and he prescribed quinine. Harry had a fair dinner and slept most of the evening, I played Bridge as my darling wanted me to, but felt very unhappy about him and do trust you will be well soon.

Monday, 8th March.

Got up at daybreak and packed up & we both went on deck to pass immigration officer. Harry still had fever but was obliged to be up. Had breakfast & at 8:30 after luggage had been collected went in launch to Johnson's pier. Took ricksha to P&O office but no one was there so came along to Raffles Hotel and booked room. Tried all lines for boat to Shanghai but are booked here till more sail, probably on Saturday. Slept most of the afternoon and since dinner have been talking to Mr Chalkley. Harry's temperature normal at 6 p.m., has taking more quinine tonight, so hope the fever won't return. Hotel looks filthy especially after Java hotels which are spotless.

Tuesday, 9th March.

Had breakfast 9:30 and looked at illustrated books in reading room till 12 o'clock, then took rickshaw to P&O Office and to Little's and met the captain of the “Laisang”. Chatted with him and had ice and came back to hotel for tiffin. Harry not at all well. After tiffin drove to health officer to report ourselves and read for the rest of the afternoon. Since dinner we have been chatting with Mr Burgess about the mutiny here at Singapore.

Wednesday, 10th March.

Late again for breakfast, Harry was writing all morning and I washing & after tiffin he had a high temperature again so I sent for doctor and he said it was malaria and I was so thankful to know it was nothing worse, he is to have more quinine and doctor expects him to be better in 2 days. Had dinner all alone and Harry had a little in the bedroom. We have both been playing patience this evening and I have had indigestion

Thursday, 11th March.

Harry stayed in room for breakfast, he had a good night, I went down by myself and ironed the clothes afterwards, whilst I was busy, the doctor came and said Harry was normal. Wrote to Tom and posted letters then had tiffin and we both had a nap afterwards then a cup of tea. Harry looks very heavy and poorly. Since dinner we have been playing bridge, I mean patience. Harry's temperature was normal at 4 o'clock, he is still taking quinine. (Tacka Diastes for indigestion)

Friday, 12th March.

After breakfast mended a little and went in rickshaw to P&O office and to Little's for Kodak films, saw Mr White and had lunch with him and Harry had a nap and I read. Harry had no temperature as far as we know but looks very tired tonight. Mr Burgess had been to a room for little chat.

Saturday, 13th March.

Packed in morning and Harry went down to lunch with me, we rested a while after and doctor called also sent his bill which was a whopper and I wrote to Mother and Mr Burgess drove us down to the the “n o r e” and had dinner with us and we played bridge with Mr Shaw and Mr Burgess and Mr S and I won. Harry looks very poorly but is much better. Have got a very nice cabin and the boat is quite nice too.

Sunday, 14th March.

I've had a very lazy day. Harry got up early to watch the boat leave the Harbour. It was frightfully hot in the night & also in the morning but beautiful all day. I've been reading “Where the strange roads go down” by Gertrude Page and have enjoyed it very much. We played two games of deck quoits and I won both. The people seem very nice on board but haven't spoken to many yet. Have got it rubber planter at our table and the chief officer. Nice dinner. Have played patients. Harry has looked wretched all day, poor boy, the fever has bowled him

Monday, 15th March.

Harry still poorly and looks dreadful. I played quoits with three other ladies and won. After lunch Harry went to bed and I read and at 4 o'clock took him a cup of tea when you got up and looked much better, I chatted with Mrs Templeton and another lady until dinner time after wait we played Bridge and as usual I lost.

Tuesday, 16th March.

Very hot.

Wednesday, 17th March.

There has been a swell on the sea all day but went into meals and play quoits and won. Also bridge in the evening.

Thursday, 18th March.

Been fairly rough all day and have rather a miserable time but been into every meal and slept this afternoon. Harry hasn't had fever for 4 days and and looks a little better, I am glad to say, have got pains in my tummy tonight poor me.

Friday, 19th March.

Had a lovely day in Hong Kong. Got alongside the wharfe soon after breakfast and went ashore in the launch with Mr and Mrs Ancotte and then to post office and got lots of letters and from there to get a pass to come back on the ship, then took rickshaw to bank and to Peak Railway and up to Peak Hotel where we had such a nice lunch, were very hungry and thoroughly enjoyed it. Had a good time after afterwards reading letters from home when that was finished had a ride in chairs round about, Harry didn't like it so we had a rest and a cup of tea in hotel after which we took tram to foot of hill & bought PCs and lovely roses and violets and returned to ship feeling quite tired, did a little crocheting after dinner and went to bed at 11pm.

Saturday, 20th March.

Had a nice morning tracing transfer designs and talking to Mrs Bryson, Mrs King and Mrs Clark. Mrs B had invited me to Pekin. Sailed at 7 am, not rough today, got winter clothes out of trunks after tiffin and rested. Played quoits and chatted again. Changed for dinner and played Bridge with Mrs Hogg, Mrs Clark[e] and Mrs Thing. Retired 10 p.m. Early to bed and early to rise.

Sunday, 21st March.

Had a very happy day, went to service this morning did a little sewing and played games and Bridge this evening and won. It's been beautifully calm and warm so different to what we expected. Harry quite merry tonight. It's so nice to have him so much better.

Monday 22nd March.

Another Happy Day playing games and and sewing also Bridge tonight when I won one shilling, it's somewhat colder this evening.

Tuesday, 23rd March.

Arrived in dock about 7:30 am much earlier than we expected, so there was no one to meet us and after breakfast came along with Mr Robinson to the Palace Hotel and after seeing several rooms finally chose one. Mr Bowen came along before we settled and we went round with him to the Astor House to see Mrs Bowen and I stayed and chatted with her and the men went round to the office to fetch letters. It is very cold but we enjoyed it for a change. Read letters until tiffin time, such a lot about 25 for me and the excitement was nearly too much for me. Promised to go with Mrs Bowen to an afternoon party but felt too poorly so excused myself and went round to office with Harry. Went to Aston House to have dinner with Mr and Mrs Bowen came back 11:30 p.m.

Wednesday, 24th March.

Breakfast 9:15 a.m. Mr & Mrs Bowen came round we went round the shops looking for birthday present for my little Nancy but weren't successful. Came in tired and rested till Harry came for tiffin when we both went round to look at rooms in Astor House but didn't like any that were vacant. Stayed and had tea with Mrs Bowen and Mrs Dawes and came back to Palace and had a wash and went with afternoon ladies to the Shanghai Club for unveiling of Iltis monument. Such a lot of very smart people were there and they gave us a lovely afternoon tea. Saw Mr and Mrs Parkin who sent us the invitation & was introduced to lots of other people. Had dinner as soon as we returned and have been partly unpacking since. Room not so comfy, cannot settle down.

Thursday, 25th March.

Went out with Mrs Bowen and bought various birthday presents and engaged room in Astor House, went to confectioners shops and back to Palace Hotel for tiffin, after which we packed up and I came along in rickshaw to the Astor House and the room looked sweet with lovely with a lovely fire and pretty flowers Mrs Bowen had brought. Unpacked and changed into cream costume and Mrs Dawes came round and took me to Mrs Bowen's room where there were several ladies and gentlemen we had a nice afternoon tea, also Harry had tea there and we all had dinner together and we played three handed Bridge till 11:15.

Friday, 26th March.

Mrs Bowen came round after breakfast and put shades on electric lights and brought me Marguerite plant, I wrote a long letter to Molly and only just finished as Harry came into tiffin. Pressed some blouses and unpacked more things, then changed and went calling with Mrs Bowen to see Mrs Dutton and two other ladies, Harry was having tea in Mr Bowen's room when we got back at 7pm. Mrs B gave me lovely violets and we all had dinner together and played 3 handed Bridge and I won. Hope we have a better night, Chinese kept us awake last night.

Saturday, 27th March.

Wrote to Mother after breakfast then went for a walk with Mrs Bowen and wrote again till lunchtime. Sat a while after and Harry, Mrs B and I went in car to rifle range and Harry and I both shot with a rifle, Harry got a 3 and I missed. Was very nice and enjoyed outing but I was nervous and daren't shoot twice. Walked round Kongkew Park and rode home in rickshaws. Changed and all went to Mr Brooke's for dinner. Had a sweet dinner and very nice evening dancing and singing, didn't get home till after 1 am. Mr and Mrs Scotson were there.

Sunday, 28th March.

Arrived in dining room 9:50 a.m., had good breakfast and went to church with Mrs Bowen, had lunch as soon as we returned and changed into golf attire, took car and rickshaw to race course and Mr B and I played Harry and Mr Dutton, the first 9 holes we were all square and they were two up in the 2nd, enjoyed it very much and went round to Mr Dutton's for afternoon tea. Mr B called at the office on the way home and brought letter from Nenny, little Poll has had one or two colds but seemed better from the latest news. Had good dinner and walked round to Mr B's room and chatted for a few minutes. Both very sleepy.

Monday, 29th March.

Washerman and tailor called and spent the rest of the morning writing to Rhoda. After tiffin chatted with Mrs Bowen and went for a motor drive with Mrs Rosenfeld and Mrs B, called at house to see furniture before auction but didn't see very much I would like. Enjoyed drive very much and had tea in Mrs R's room. Harry was very late home and it was 9:30 before we finished dinner. Played 3 handed Bridge and and I won as usual.

Tuesday, 30th March.

Had breakfast at 8 o'clock sharp, did a little washing and went out shopping and when we got back the gentlemen were waiting for us, had only a quarter of an hour for tiffin and were off in a motor for Kiangwan golf links. [presumably at Happy Valley] Mr Brooke was my partner and we beat Harry and Mr Bowen 5 up and 2 on the bye, pip pip for Florence all had tea in Mrs Bowen's room and Harry and Mr Bowen went to the office and I stayed chatting till 7:30, gentlemen didn't arrive till 8 o'clock. Played bridge after dinner and lost, no luck at all, nearly 11:30pm.How much wold

Wednesday, 31st March.

Was tired so didn't go down with Harry for breakfast. Washed and ironed and wrote to Flo. After tiffin tailor came and fitted pink dress, I then tidied room and changed. Mrs Scotson and Mrs Bryson called and Mrs B and we had afternoon tea. After they had gone wrote to Gertie and Roy. Harry came home about 6:45 p.m., he has bad cold so I telephoned to Mr Brooke to excuse us and we had dinner with the Bowen's and played Bridge and I won. Pip, pip, hurray! Had a letter each from Molly this noon.

Thursday, 1st April.

Didn't feel very grand but went down to breakfast with Harry and mended a few things. Mrs Scotson called and I had a round of golf with her and Mrs Dutton and Mrs Hindle. Mrs Bowen walked round with us. Came home after playing 9 holes very badly and mended again till Harry came for lunch. Rested till 3:15 p.m. And dressed and wrote to Alice McCaslin. Shopped and called on Mrs Brooke. And didn't get home till 7:30. Had dinner and played Bridge and lost alas!! Harry fooled me this morning. His cold a little better.

Friday, 2nd April. Good Friday.

Hot cross buns didn't arrive. Harry went to business as usual and Mrs B and I went round Japanese shops and eventually bought kimono and came home and wrote to my little darling and got her little presents ready for post. After lunch we had a rest and a read and wrote to Molly. When Harry came went to Mr B's room and had tea and played Bridge with Mrs Moser and Mrs Yates. After dinner played Bridge with Mrs Rosenfelt and Mr Bowen in the former's room and won about 1500. Harry not at all well, have dosed him with whiskey and lemon.

Saturday, 3rd April.

Harry has had a day in bed & his cold seems a little better. I had breakfast alone and went out shopping at 11:30 a.m. after interviewing washerwoman and tailor. Bought satin ribbon for pink dress and golf ball for Harry and satsuma teapot for Mrs Bowen, also Irish crochet hat for Nancy. Had tiffin with the Bowens and Harry had a nap and I wrote to May. Mr & Mrs B came in for tea & I crocheted shawl till it was time to dress for dinner. Had a dance after dinner and played Bridge till midnight then had a few more dances and Harry is still awake, the scamp, 2:30 a.m.

Sunday, 4th April – Easter Sunday.

Haven't been to church I'm sorry to say as Harry has been in again all day. I wrote a long letter to F. Allsop and read until tiffin time. Had lunch with Mrs Bowen and read again until 4:30, when I got Harry's tea ready and went in a rickshaw with Mrs B to have afternoon tea with Mr and Mrs Heath. Came back in the car about 7 p.m. Changed and went down for dinner and played Bridge since and Harry won.

Monday, 5th April. - Easter Monday.

Went to sleep again after chota hazri and didn't go down to breakfast till 10:15, Harry had his in bed. Had letters from Nenny, Mother, Rhoda, Flo and Gertie. Flo says Tom has joined Priestmans and is leaving business to Harry. Went to Kiang Wang motoring with Mr & Mrs Rosenfelt, was very hot and we left about 4pm and went for a nice drive and back home and had tea with Mr and Mrs Bowen. Tried to book for the Quaints but all good seats taken so after dinner went to see Mrs Dawes. Harry and Mr Bowen were busy writing when we got back 10:45 p.m. Just going to have a rum and honey for our colds. Harry has been to the office this afternoon.

Tuesday, 6th April.

Wrote to Nenny and Mother directly after breakfast and at 11 am walked on to the office with them and then called at silk shop to look round when I got back the gentlemen were waiting for tiffin, after which I wrote to Rhoda and went calling with Mrs B. to Mrs Parkin's and Mrs John's but both were out. Called in office again and came back and had tea in the hotel lounge. Tailor was waiting when we came up to room, gave him my tussore dress to alter. Have played Bridge since dinner and have lost. Harry seems much better.

Wednesday, 7th April.

Walked to the office with Harry and back again to hotel then went out with Mrs B and bought Japanese socks and shoes for Nancy and satsuma buttons for Mary Sugden, also called at tailor's and at fur shop and so lovely furs. Came home and wrote to Molly Blackburn and Harry came for tiffin and brought a sweet letter from Molly, also Harry had one from Tom. Was busy doing odd jobs after & at 4:30 p.m. went up to Mrs Bowen's room and had tea in the hall with Mrs B and Mrs Dawes. Went down Nanking Road shopping and walked back as far as hotel and took rickshaws to wharfe for Mrs Dawes gramophone. Returned 7:30 and gentlemen had come, got dressed and had dinner and lost that bridge again. Played in Mr B's room and had gramophone also.

Thursday, 8th April.

Wrote to Hicks and did quite a lot of mending in Mrs B's room. Tailor came with dresses he had been altering. After lunch did more sewing and walked down Nanking Road and brought Irish crochet bag for Doris and inquired about piano, cheapest is £10 a month. Had tea in Mrs B's room and chatted to Mrs Dawes Mrs B till gentlemen came home. Mrs Dawes gave me China Jars for bulbs. played Bridge and lost again.

Friday, 9th April.

Mrs B was not well so went up to see her for a minute and then washed a few flannels and hung them up to dry on the verandah. Mrs Scotson called and we went to golf in the car and I beat her two up on the first nine holes, came home and bought a lovely armful of flowers and gave half to Mrs Bowen, had tiffin, arranged my flowers and read reclining on the couch till 3:45 when I changed and Mrs B. and I went down Nanking Road and bought records and the song “Your King and Country want you” and hired piano. Had tea in hotel lounge and Mrs Dawes joined us and we chatted in Mrs B's room. Gentlemen arrived at 7 p.m. and had tea and we danced the one step. Changed and had dinner and gents played billiards and Harry won 100 to 99, a near shave.

Saturday, 10th April.

After breakfast at 8:30 had a tune on the piano and wrote to Molly. At 11 am Harry popped in and we went for a game of golf. Had rickshaws both ways. He won 4 up, I played wretchedly. Had lunch at 2pm and Harry went to the office and I had another song and a read on the couch. Mrs Bowen called in and invited me to tea, kippers etc and I sat with Mrs Dawes and former till gentlemen came and the Bowen's went to Mr Heath's to dinner. I put on my pink gown. The Chinese tailor has altered it very nicely. Had a letter from Mrs McCaslin asking us to go and see her. Tis now 10:45 and we are going to bed to read awhile. No band and no dance tonight.

Sunday, 11th April.

We didn't arise till 9:45 a.m.. After breakfast I had a turn on the piano and Harry went for a game of golf to Honkew Park with Mr Bowen. Mrs B. came down and chatted with me till 11 a.m. when we went out, first to a flat to view goods for sale and then to Honkew Park for the gentlemen and back home in the car. Gents went to office but there were not any letters. I had a read and a nap after tiffin & Harry was busy with the books till 8 p.m. when we went for a walk to the office and back again, but still no letters. When we returned had tea and Harry went to sleep and wishes he hadn't as he has felt rotten since. Had dinner with the Bowens and the gentlemen have played billiards since.

Monday, 12th April.

Did some ironing after breakfast and then letters came from Mother, Mrs Pullan and Rhoda with news of dear Mr Blackburn's death. Wrote to Mrs Blackburn and Mother & did some darning when Harry came and we had tiffin. Went out to to Nanking Road with Mrs Bowen and Mrs Johns and got some embroideries on approval. Had tea in Mrs Bowen's room and crocheted till dinner time. Gentlemen also had tea and Mrs B's room. After dinner played Bridge and Mr Bowen won.

Tuesday, 13th April.

Wrote a long letter to Rhoda after breakfast and went out to post it and down the Pekin Road all in the rain and bought two Chinese cup and chow bowls, also sweet little blue vase on stand. Was tiffin time when we got back and had a read after Mrs Bowen, Mrs Dutton and I had tea in the hall and then called on Mrs Parkin and had a very nice time, stayed chatting till nearly 7pm. Gentlemen got home before us and were sitting over a cosy fire having a cup of tea when we returned. We went down to dinner without dressing and I won at Bridge this evening.

Wednesday, 14th April.

Mrs Bowen sent me lovely flowers and I arranged them and had a tune on the piano and we went out together. Down the Nanking road into several shops and chatted with several friends of Mrs Bowen's and walked as far as the racecourse to a carpet shop but didn't see one that would suit me exactly, so think I shan't have one. Called for snapshots which were very good and when I got into the hotel Harry was waiting for tiffin. Got a letter from Nenny and Mr Kothare before I went out. Had a rest and dressed to go out but Mrs B. and Mrs Dawes came along and we decided to stay in and have tea in Mrs B's room. Has rained all the afternoon and evening. Didn't dress for dinner again but won at Bridge.

Thursday, 15th April.

Wrote to Flo directly after breakfast Mrs B. came in at 10:30 and stayed talking till 12:45 p.m. when I wrote to Alice McCaslin. After tiffin read newspapers from home and changed into cream costume and went with Mrs B to call and Mrs Scotson who had several other ladies there, just talked & left about 6:15 and called on Mrs Leslie at Kalee, a pretty bride. Gentlemen were in the hall when we returned and we all went to Mrs B's room and they had tea and I crocheted until dinner time. Several gentlemen called in we had liqueurs and didn't dress for dinner. Mr Seal dined with us & we played bridge in our room and Mr Seal accompanied us with his chatter.

Friday, 16th April.

Washed a blouse and had a tune on the piano and went down the Broadway to a little Chinese shop and bought two vases made of mud inlaid with pearl. Walked with Mrs Jones nearly home and came back to hotel and had sherry and cakes, Mrs Heath also came in and had refreshments. Had tiffin with my laddie and traced trussore dress for Nancy and changed. Mrs Bowen and Mrs Dawes called in the Mrs B and I went in car to Mrs Gouring's, had afternoon tea and stayed till 6:30 p.m.. Walked home and called at little shop but didn't buy anything. Gentlemen were having tea when we arrived and pretended to be angry with us. Wore my black dress for dinner and Harry won again tonight.

Saturday, 17th April.

Wrote to Molly and sang a few songs and spent the rest of the morning embroidering a dress for Nancy. After tiffin read till 4:15 Mrs Bowen sent a chit for me to go to tea. We had herrings which were very very good. Gentlemen went to the office & we telephoned for them at 6:15. Mrs Heath came for dinner with us and we all dressed, Harry in his tail coat and fancy waistcoat, white tie etc and looked so nice. I wore my white satin and split it. We played Bridge and Coon Can till midnight and danced till 2:45 am. Had sandwiches and drinks also more dancing in Mrs Brown's room. It is now 3:15 a.m.

Sunday, 18th April.

Arose at 9 a.m. and after breakfast visited the Bowen's who were in bed. Walked round to the office for letters but they hadn't arrived so called at British Post Office and got one from Mother and Rhoda and one each, sweet ones from Molly also one from Nenny and little Pauce. Called back to hotel with letters and hurried off to Church in rickshaws and read our letters before tiffin. Slept and read till 4:45 when we dressed and the Bowens visited us for tea and we chatted till 6:30. Changed & went in rickshaws to Mrs Heath's and had such a nice little dinner and the gentlemen played billiards and I served and chatted with Mrs Bowen and Mrs Heath. Took rickshaws home, is raining and has been since noon.

Monday, 19th April.

Wrote letters all the morning to Rhoda, Mother and Roy. Mrs B. sent me beautiful tulips. Had a rest and a read after tiffin and went in a rickshaw to Mrs Heath's for afternoon tea along with Mrs Dawes and Mrs Bowen. Several other ladies were there and I was busy buttonholing a dress for Nancy. Left about 6 p.m. and walked nearly all the way home. Gentlemen arrived soon after, had tea and then dressed for dinner. I wore my velvet dress and we all went to the theatre to see “The Cabinet Minister” and came back in rickshaws. Coolie has let the fire out and we are waiting for it to be made to warm ourselves.

Definition of tussore:

  1. a strong coarse brownish Indian silk obtained from the cocoons of an Asian saturniid silkworm, Antheraea paphia
  2. a fabric woven from this silk
  3. the silkworm producing this silk

Definition of thibet:

  1. a fine woolen fabric formerly used for dresses
  2. a suiting and coating fabric usually of wool and finished with a soft smooth heavily-felted face

Tuesday, 20th April.

Breakfast 8:40, both felt tired. Wrote to “Ahr Bill” for his birthday and sang a few songs and then went for a walk and bought 4 pieces raw Chinese silk for tablecentres and tussore for children's dresses. Also got Thibet fur on approval for coats. Began to rain so we rode home in the tram. After tiffin got dresses traced and went on embroidering until 3:45 when I changed into my lace dress and big hat and went with Mrs Bowen to visit Mrs Gray. Several other ladies were there and we had beautiful chocolates. Gentlemen didn't arrive till after 7 p.m. when they had tea and immediately dressed for dinner. Chatted till nearly 10 p.m. then played bridge and I lost. Cable from Bradford saying “Call Saigon”.

Wednesday, 21st April.

After breakfast I washed a few flannels and hung them out on the veranda then arranged flowers Mrs B. sent me and we both went out and looked around for material for dresses and around all the shops. After tiffin had a rest for an hour as I was very tired and put on black dress and went into Mrs B's room and helped to make sandwiches for our visitors. Viz:- Mrs Dawes, Mrs Johns, Mrs Parkin, Mrs Dutton and Marjorie, also Mr Lawson called. Mrs Parkin has invited us to dinner on the 29th. Mr Seal, Mr Lawson and Mr Thompson chatted with us at dinner & we had our usual game of Bridge and I am the winner.

Thursday, 22nd April.

Ironed a few things & called for Mrs Johns and we all went to look at carpets but didn't care for any and also went to china shop and bought a few things and called at European shops. Came back and after tiffin went up to Mrs Gray's room and saw muslin for dresses and Manila hats came which I had sent on approval. Changed and went in car and rickshaws to Mrs Dawes and had tea with her and Mrs Waite & didn't get home till 6:50 and gentlemen had arrived. Had dinner early and didn't dress, played Bridge and won but I had a bad headache so didn't enjoy it much. Went to bed before 11 p.m.

Friday, 23rd April.

Breakfast 8:30 after which wrote my diary for yesterday and went up to Mrs Bowen's room and paid King Fi, the tailor, Mrs B. gave me pretty bag for Nancy and hand-painted table centre. We then went out and bought voile and cotton for Sydney and hunted for roses but all were too expensive. 1:15 when we returned and gentlemen had arrived. All had tiffin and Harry had a little rest and I had a long one till 3:45. Put on my blue costume and had afternoon tea with Mrs Dawes and Mrs B. Took the car to Yangtze Poo [Yangtze?] to to see Mrs Bloom at 5:15, returned 7:15 p.m. and again the gents had arrived before us. Didn't dress again for dinner and Mr B. won tonight. Mrs B writing letters.

Saturday, 24th April.

Wrote to Molly directly after breakfast & at 10:30 went in a rickshaw to Harry's office and we had a game of golf on the racecourse. Harry won. After tiffin had a rest and and finished Molly's letter went to office with Mrs B. and Marjorie and took Harry to Racecourse again and saw the volunteers, British German, Austrians Chinese, Japanese, Italians all working together. Didn't get home till nearly 7 o'clock, then had tea and kippers. Wore my pink dress for dinner and played bridge and lost badly.

Sunday, 25th April.

Had breakfast 9 a.m. and Harry went to Hongkew Park to play golf with Mr Bowen. I walked to the post office but there were not any letters for us so I walked around and called back again but was again disappointed, so came back to hotel and called to see Mrs Bowen and we had lunch together and went to meet the gentlemen. After tiffin we walked or rode in a rickshaw as it began to rain to the office and brought shoes home on approval. Had a read and a nap and tea at 5:45 p.m. Visited Mr B and all went into billiard room but it was too hot to stay there so played Bridge till dinner time. Changed and after dinner played bridge again in Mr Rosenfelt's room till 11:15 p.m. Mrs B got a headache.

Monday, 26th April.

After breakfast tidied up our room and visited Mrs Bowen who was in bed with a headache. Wrote letters from 10 a.m. to 1 p.m. to Nenny, Mother and Rhoda, had tiffin and mended stocking stockings. Mrs Brankston called on me and Mrs Bowen sent a chit for me to go to tea. Mrs Dawes was there and we had tea and kippers together and I went on with my mending. Had dinner by ourselves tonight after the gentlemen had had a good tea in Mr B's room. Played bridge also in Mr B's and I won.

Tuesday, 27th April.

Got parcels and letters ready for Harry to post and sang a few songs and mended and embroidered the rest of the morning as it was pouring with rain. After tiffin did more sewing and Mrs Dawes came and we chatted and had a cup of tea together and I changed and we called for Mrs Bowen and she and I went to visit Mrs Brankston and didn't get home till 7 p.m. and gentlemen had arrived. They had tea & we then dressed and played Bridge and I lost again. Mrs B. was not at all well. Gentlemen have brought tussore silk and skins for me to see.

Wednesday, 28th April.

Went out soon after breakfast with Mrs Bowen who was not at all well, bought trimming for voile dress and black wood stand for bowl also roses for hat. After tiffin interviewed King Fi the tailor, rested awhile and went across the river to visit Mrs Currie. Called for gentlemen at the office and after dinner played Bridge and I won. Had letters from Molly, Nancy and Nenny.

Thursday, 29th April.

Had a song or two and did a little sewing and went out with Mrs Bowen after mixing her egg and milk, bought ribbon for Panama hat. Had tiffin early and took carriage to station and met Mr Dutton and Mr Brooke and played golf at Kiangwan with them. I've played atrociously. Had a cup of tea and back again by train and dressed went to Mr Parkin's for dinner. Enjoyed dinner immensely, was very hungry. Returned about 12:45 a.m., had a few sandwiches and a drink of soda and to bed.

Friday, 30th April.

Went to see Mrs Bowen after breakfast and played on the piano awhile and went out down Nanking Road visiting various shops, bought Irish crochet collar and cuffs for Molly. Went to the office after tiffin and round to the fur warehouse with Mr Bowen then to Mrs John's for afternoon tea and had a nice afternoon. Gentlemen also came up for tea. Played Bridge again after dinner and lost. Harry won. Felt very well today am delighted to say.

Saturday, 1st May.

I wrote to Molly and Doris. After breakfast I cut out a little frock for one of the twins & got it ready for embroidering. Went up to Mrs Bowen's room and King Fi, the tailor came and tried on my white voile dress and we went down the Broadway looking for embroidery for Mrs Bowen. Took rickshaws to Szechuen Road and I bought embroidered Manila blouse piece. Harry and Mr B had tiffin at the Palace Hotel and stayed at the office till 6:30 p.m., when they had tea and a rest and we didn't go down for dinner till 9pm. There was a fancy dress ball it was very interesting seeing the different dresses, some of them very nice. Came to bed about 1 a.m. I danced with Harry several times and enjoyed it. Mrs B. trimmed my panama hat in the afternoon.

Sunday, 2nd May.

Had breakfast about 9:30 a.m. And went to the post office for letters but all was closed, so came back and called on Mrs B. Mrs Dawes also called and we all went by car to Honkew & went round with gentlemen who were playing golf. Had a little refreshment at the clubhouse and came back by car and went straight up to tiffin. Harry went to the office and brought 3 letters back, not very cheery ones. After reading them we changed had a cup of tea in the hall and went to Mr Samson's. Played Bridge & I lost. Had a good long walk to the car, had dinner as soon as we arrived and played bridge again and again I lost. Mrs B. took photographs on wheelbarrow on the way to Mr Samson's.

Monday, 3rd May.

Arranged flowers after breakfast which we had at 8:05 am, wonderful!! ironed blouse and took twimmies dress to sew in Mrs Bowen's room waiting for King Fi who didn't come till 11 a.m. Tried dress on and came back to my own room & washed various flannels. Mrs B. came in with [...] silk she had brought me. Went to races after tiffin, beautiful day, had afternoon tea and left about 5pm. Walked from Palace Hotel to Japanese shop in Boone Road and bought Molly shoes and socks. Called in fur shop & ordered some on approval and also at King Fi's to ask him to come this morning to fit dress. Waited for gents in Mrs B's room and didn't dress for dinner. Mr and Mrs Grey kept us talking till 10 o'clock so didn't have any Bridge.

Tuesday, 4th May.

Breakfast 8:30, tidied room and King Fi came to fit dress and blouse. Wrote to Mother and Rhoda and sent Dad tie and table centre. Ironed a few things and changed for golf. Took tram and train to Kiang Wang and played with Mr Scotson. Again I played atrociously but beautiful day, had a cup of tea at the clubhouse. And returned by 6:25 train. Harry rode out on wheelbarrow part of the way.

Played bridge after dinner and I lost. Mr B. won.

Wednesday, 5th May.

King Fi came after breakfast & I then went to Mrs B's room and interviewed brass man and bought two pieces, a temple bell and brass bowl and stand. Went out and paid some bills and bought raw silk for table. When to races after tiffin, but didn't draw a ticket in the champions. Had tea and came back and met Mrs Meyluck in hotel and after a little chat in Mr Bowen's room dressed and took Mr M along with us to Mr Scotson's. Had a very nice dinner and sang and talked after with Mr and Mrs Brooke and Mr and Mrs Harling. Had sandwiches and drinks on our return and Mr M and Harry talk to till 1:30 a.m. Fur man came with fox furs on approval at tiffin time.

Thursday, 6th May.

Calls for Mr Meyluick and he showed me photographs and gave me a bunch of beautiful roses, all had breakfast together and after breakfast arranged flowers and went to the racecourse to play golf with Mrs Johns. Mrs Scotson and Sadie walked round with us. I still play very badly. After tiffin Mrs Brooke rang me up to excuse herself for tonight as baby is not well. Called on Mrs Samson and had a very nice tea. Got home about 6:30, gentlemen came about 7:15. Fur man came with more furs but wouldn't take our price so returned with his furs. Wore my pink dress for dinner and drank Mr and Mrs mother's health health in Champagne. Played card Domino's after.

Friday, 7th May.

Sat mending for little while after breakfast and fur man brought Furs and sold them at our price, also King Fie came with Manilla blouse after which I went out alone and bought Irish crochet shoes for Mrs Bertie's baby and a vase at the China shop, also Listerine. After tiffin went to see Mr Meylink off with Harry at the jetty and had a rest after I returned. Took sewing to Mrs B's room and had tea with her and went with Mrs Dawes in rickshaws to Tsingtan boat. The gentlemen were there to greet us on our return, they had tea and we changed and had dinner and a game of Bridge after. This time I won.

[News: German U-boat torpedoed and sank the RMS Lusitania] - 7th May

Saturday, 8th May.

Mended a few things and wrote to Molly and A Fasnacht. Went for a walk nearly as far as the office with Harry and bought raisins, puff box and doll's tea set. Went to Mrs Bowen's room for tea and kippers sewed awhile and went out with Mrs Dawes and Mrs B and bought a piece of brass. Harry not veery taken with it so feel rather unhappy about it. Wore velvet dress for dinner and Mr Gordon came and sang for us, I played and sang too and enjoyed it very much. Gentlemen played patience. Got news of Lusitania being torpedoed and sunk by the Germans, such horrible conduct, it's too awful to think of.

Sunday, 9th May.

Went to the post office directly after breakfast but found no letters. Bought a lovely bunch of flowers and arranged them and played a few of Mr Gordon's songs. Called for Mrs Bowen and went to Hongkew Park to meet our hubbies who were playing golf, had drinks and biscuit and cheese and came home rickshaws and car.

After tiffin Harry went again to the post office but came back empty-handed. We both had a rest and a cup of tea and went to Mr Brooke's. Walked home and bought a lovely bunch of roses. Came in feeling very hot, changed and had dinner and played Bridge. Mr B. won by 6 points, I came second.

Monday, 10th May.

Been raining all day so haven't been out. Spent until 11 am playing the piano. Went into Mrs Greys room but she wasn't in so came back and mended. After tiffin did more sewing and wrote to Mother and Mrs Bertie. Mrs B. invited me to her room for tea and Mr Seal joined us. He showed us Chinese coats he had been buying. Mrs B. gave me lace collar and cuffs and net for camisole. Also [something else : cuib?] for camisole. Gentlemen didn't arrive until 7:30 p.m. Were very late for dinner but had our game of Bridge after and Mrs B. won. Tis now nearly midnight.

Tuesday, 11th May.

Wrote to Mrs Scotson and Rhoda. King Fei came and tried on violet dress. Went out with Mrs Bowen, beautiful morning. Had a rest after tiffin and a cup of tea in the hall then Mr Seal took us in carriage to Thieves' market to look for coats for Molly (Chinese) but couldn't find one, bought some Pekin embroidery. Sewed until gentlemen came. Mr Yates called in and chatted in Mrs B.'s room. Played bridge after dinner with Harry against Mrs Grey and Mr Bowen and we won by a great deal.

Wednesday, 12th May.

Walked to the post office with Harry and got some letters, then took rickshaws to office and back to hotel and read letters, new business not fixed up yet. Went down town with Mrs Bowen and saw a little boy knocked down by motor. He was bruised but no bones broken. Mrs B. took him to the doctor and I walked home. Harry was waiting with more letters. Had tiffin and washed and ironed blouse, got white costume ready for wearing and washed flannel and stockings. Mrs Dawes and Mrs B called and Mrs B and I went to Mrs Disseldorf's for afternoon tea. Met two other ladies and came back by car. Didn't change for dinner, played bridge and won.

Thursday, 13th May.

Walked to to Hankow Road with Harry, bought some films and flowers & when I got back King Fei was waiting for me. He fitted violet dress and took white blouse and cream shirt to alter. Went to Boone Road with Mrs B and called to see little boy who was run over and he is getting better. Met gentlemen as we were coming home. Had a rest after tiffin and sewed in Mrs B's room. Mrs Dawes, Mrs Moses and Mrs Yates called and had tea with us. Mrs Grey came in about 7pm. Was nearly 9 o'clock when we went into dinner. I won at bridge again tonight.

Friday, 14th May.

My little darling's birthday [Nancy], may she have very many happy returns. Went down to breakfast with Harry and played the piano till 10:30 a.m. Went out with Mrs Dawes and Mrs Bowen and came home alone, missed them. After tiffin I [emb?] Phyllis's dress till nearly 4 p.m. And went to Mrs B's room and had a cup of tea. We then went down the Broadway and I bought little Chinese models in wood, Satsuma buttons and wooden vase for flowers. Mrs Heath had dinner with us and we have played card dominos since.

Saturday, 15th May.

Went to play golf with Mrs Scotson who beat me three up, I played a little better towards the end. Went there and back in rickshaws. Harry was waiting and we went into tiffin. Harry not feeling very grand so he stayed and read awhile. We had a thunderstorm and went to sit with Mrs Bowen until it was over. I came back and wrote to Molly and Mrs Pullan and Harry went to the office. At 5:45 we went to Mrs B's room again and had kippers for tea and enjoyed them very much. Cleared away way in my own room and dressed in pink dress for dinner. The Brookes came at 8:30 and we had cocktails and then dinner. A little music in our own room afterwards and Bridge. Mrs Brooke and I lost by over 200.

Sunday, 16th May.

Breakfast 9:45. Talked awhile in the the reading room with Mrs Marsh, took rickshaws to post office, but letters had been delivered so went to Racecourse and played golf. Finished up all square with Harry. Called at office for letters and got one from Cissie, Dot and Mrs Pullan, also business letter for Harry. Had tiffin and read the “The Upas Tree” in the afternoon. Harry read and slept & then went to Mrs Bowen's room and had a cup of tea. Took Harry down the Broadway to look at Jade jewellery for Molly but didn't buy any. Dressed and went to Mr Frankston's for dinner and had a very nice evening. Returned about midnight and had sandwiches and Ginger Ale.

Monday, 17th May.

Walked as far as Szechuen Road with Harry and called at lace shop and got several collars on approval. Bought a few flowers and King Fei came and fitted cotton frock. Went out with Mrs B. & chose 2 collars & bought cotton crepe Japanese. Harry was waiting when we returned. Hada rest after tiffin and dressed and went to Mrs B's room. Mrs Lawson, Mrs Holmes, Mrs Leslie, Mrs Disseldorf and Mr Lawson came for tea. Gents didn't arrive till 7:30 p.m. so we were late to dinner. Mr and Mrs Grey came up and played Bridge with us. Mr & Mrs B wrote letters. Mr & I won. Harry has got letter from Saigon asking him to delay visit, he is going to

Tuesday, 18th May.

Mrs B gave me beautiful roses and I spent quite a little time arranging them and other flowers then wrote the Mother and a few PCs and after posting them gave the washerman the laundry and took my sewing into Mrs B's room and also had some lunch there and stayed until Mr B. came. Had a rest after tiffin and put on cream costume and went to Mrs Yates. She has a dear little baby but the house is very depressing. Called at the office on the way home and brought the gentlemen with us. Mrs Dawes called in and we changed and had dinner and played 3-handed Bridge and I won, Hurrah!!!

Wednesday. 19th May.

Washed my hair and a few clothes when Harry came back with letters from Molly, Emma, Nenny and Tom which were very welcome but new business not fixed up yet. After reading spent the rest of the morning washing and ironing. Rested for 5 minutes after tiffin and continued ironing till Mrs Dawes called in and I dressed and Mrs B. and I went and had a cup of tea in the hall and drove out with Mrs Rosenfelt in her car to the Monastery and Convent at Siccawei. Both very interesting but didn't buy anything. Grove round by Jessfield and came back again and had tea and Mrs R's room. Have felt rotten all day. Didn't dress for dinner. Played Bridge till 10:30. Mr B. won.

[Xujiahui alternatively Zikawei, Ziccawei or Siccawei from Shanghainese, is a locality in Shanghai.]

Thursday, 20th May.

Dear old Roy's and Jimmy's birthdays, may theu live to have many more happy ones. Finished my ironing and mended awhile while Mrs Scotson came and stayed till nearly 10 o'clock, also Mrs B. came down. Rested a few minutes after tiffin and King Fei came and brought violet dress and fitted others. Then dressed to go out and went with Mrs B across to Pooting [Pudong] to Mrs Currie's & had afternoon tea. Gentlemen had arrived when we got back. Had dinner with Mr Seal & Mr Tseng, an intellectual Chinaman, Private Secretary for minister for foreign affairs. Gentlemen played billiards and ladies watched and chatted.

Friday, 21st May.

Very wet morning. Did a little ironing and then went down the Broadway looking for bags for Mother but didn't buy any. Took car to the Burlington to see Mrs Dawes and the tailor and fitted underskirt on. Called at Whiteaways and the lace shop for long cloth and lace and didn't get home till 1:30 when our dear ones were waiting for us. Directly after tiffin went down the Broadway to the Japanese shops and bought dolls for the the twinnies, emb blanc for Emma, dressing jacket, table centres, note paper etc. Came home and changed and had tea with Mrs Bowen and sewed until gents arrived. Played bridge after dinner and I won. Our Bill's birthday, may many happy days be his.

Saturday, 22nd May.

Sewed awhile and arranged roses Mrs B gave me then took car to Golf Links and had a game with Mrs Scotson who gave me a good beating. On our way back we called at Japanese shops to enquire for bags for Mother but didn't find any, also at Chinese shop for coat for Molly and they are trying to get one.

Harry was having his tiffin when I arrived at 1:45 p.m. King Fei came along after tiffin and I wrote to Molly and then went down the Broadway with Mrs B and bought bag for Mother and table centres, also paid a few bills. Soon after we returned the boys came home and we had tea and again went down the Broadway and Harry bought [candle?] shades. After dinner we tried dancing in Mr B's room but Harry was not well so we had game of Bridge and retired.

Sunday, 23rd May.

Had breakfast 9:15 a.m. and took rickshaws to post office and got letters from Molly, Nenny, Mother and Rhoda, then called the office on our way the rickshaws collided and smashed the mudguard of the one I was in, so after reaching the office took car to Golf Links and had a good game, I won by one, of course, with a stroke a hole. Had tiffin as soon as we returned and interviewed Chinaman about Chinese coats that didn't buy any, spent the rest of the afternoon reading our letters, had a cup of tea and called on the Bowens. Returned and I put on my white voile dress for dinner. Mr Gordon came up with us afterwards and we had music all the evening. Harry and Mr B. played Patience.

Monday, 24th May.

Empire Day & this morning we went to the British Consulate grounds and saw the volunteers and Indian policeman I met such a crowd. British flags for flying all over Shanghai. Bought two crochet bags before going. Captain and Mrs Gowan came back with us and had drinks and Mrs Bowen's room. Wrote to Rhoda after tiffin and took earrings back also bought brass bowl and Bell. Had tea and Mrs B's room, mended stockings and finishing Nancy's tussore frock. After the gentlemen had had tea we dressed for dinner and went to Mrs Rosenfelt's room and Mr Gray played and I sang, but very badly. Has been a beautiful day.

Tuesday, 25th May.

Washed brass bowl and interviewed man about trunks mending. Wrote to Mother and read awhile in the reading room. Met Captain and Mrs Gowan and Mrs Bowen in the hall and went in rickshaws to wharf and aboard the Captain's ship, had a look around and champagne and biscuits. Felt someone rocky after. Harry was waiting when I returned, his liver was worrying him, poor boy. After tiffin read awhile and had a little nap and sewed camisole till King Fei came about 4:30. Mrs B. came for a few minutes in the meantime. Had a cup of tea in room 75 and walked as far as Szechuen Road with Mrs Dawes and met Harry in Hankow Road and walked home through the gardens with him. After dinner played Bridge and lost. Harry won.

Wednesday, 26th May.

Washed a few clothes and had a game of golf with Mrs Dutton. She is only a beginner and I actually won. Called at lace shop in Szechuen Road on my way back and bought a few lilies for Mrs Bowen. Had a rest after tiffin and dressed and went to see Mr Seal about coats. Mrs Dawes was clearing box and gave me several things. Had tea in Mrs Bowen's room and several ladies called. The sahibs didn't arrive till 7:30 p.m., when they had tea and Mr and Mrs Hall came for dinner. Mrs H and the three of us played Bridge. Mr B and I lost.

Thursday, 27th May.

Packed a little and took mending to Mrs B's room and sewed until tiffin time. Traced dress for Nancy and ironed a few things. Went down Pekin Road in rickshaws and bought stands for China. Had tea with Mrs Dawes and Mrs Bowen and at 7 o'clock had haircut and singed. Wore red dress for dinner and beat the gentlemen at Bridge.

Friday, 28th May.

Went down Pekin Road and changed two stands and went shopping with Mrs Bowen. Spent the rest of the day sewing. Jack called to give estimate for packing brass and pots. Gentlemen very late, had no time for Bridge after dinner. Dear Nenny's birthday, do hope she will have many many happy returns. Poor Mrs Bryson has passed away, poor little soul the shock of her little boy's death must have been too much for her.

Saturday, 29th May.

Directly after breakfast went round to Japanese shop to ask him to come and pack brass and china. Spent morning in the room getting all things together for him and interviewing tailor. After tiffin fur man called with white furs, but price is too high. Wrote a long letter to Molly and stayed and had tea alone in my own room. Harry arrived 7 p.m. and went back to room 75 for tea. I changed into pink frock and we went to meet the Scotson's who came for dinner. The men played billiards and we sang a few songs and they sat arguing about socialism till nearly 3 a.m.

Sunday, 30th May.

Jap came and packed case. Breakfast 9:30 a.m. After which we walked to the post office and office and got lots of letters from home, Nenny, Tom, Gertie and Charles, Molly Blackburn and Emma. Spent rest of morning reading letters. After tiffin packed big trunk & at 5 p.m. after a cup of tea had a game of golf and enjoyed it. Had dinner with the Bowens, Mr & Mrs Johns and Mr & Mrs Heath. Spent the evening in the hall and Mr Seal treated us to sparkling hock. Retired at 11 pm.

Monday, 31st May.

Have lost my Irish crochet bags and spent nearly all the morning and part of the afternoon looking for them. Packed a little more & wrote to Mother. Mrs Dawes called in and I went and had tea with Mrs Bowen and Mr Heath. Presents have been arriving for Mrs Bowen all day. Went to the office in rickshaw & walked home with Harry. Wore my velvet dress and had dinner with the Bowens, Mrs Dawes, Mrs Rosenfelt and Mrs Grey. Saw Mrs Dawes off and chatted in Mrs Rosenfelt's room for awhile and then called to see Mr Grey who is in bed with a bad leg. Had drinks and came to bed.

Tuesday, 1st June.

Wrote to Rhoda and Emma and took them to post office. Walked round the town looking for flowers for Mrs Bowen finally bought some lilies and Iris. Went to her room and she gave me a sweet Irish crochet bag like the one I lost. Had tiffin and changed and went with Mrs B to launch, in rickshaws, laden with flowers after sweeping her out. Lots of friends came to see her off and many of us went down to the launch and into her cabin. We were very sorry we weren't going too. Went to Mrs Dutton's for tea and called at office for Harry and we walked home together. Fur man called but wouldn't take our price and took his goods away. Had dinner alone, chatted with Mr Seal and Mrs Rosenfelt and Mrs Grey. Sat in reading room and hall and then retired.

Wednesday, 2nd June.

Had a nasty pain all the morning, so had to telephone Mrs Dawes to excuse myself. Rested again after tiffin and went for a drive with Mrs Rosenfelt and Mrs Grey to Jessfield and the French park, the latter is very pretty. Mrs Yates rang up to ask me to visit her on Monday. Dined with Mr Seal and called to see Mr Grey for a minute or two, then sat in the hall till 10pm.

Thursday, 3rd June.

Sewed awhile & went out and bought silver rickshaw & cufflinks & called at office for more money to pay bills, also called on Mrs Johns. Bought more Jap. Notepaper & slippers for Molly. Was late the tiffin, Harry was waiting. Arranged flowers and changed and Mrs Johns called & chatted & I sat sewing in the hall waiting for Mrs Dutton and Marjorie. We had tea in the hall and came up into our room & Mrs Dawes called and stayed till 8 p.m. Have had dinner and am now going to bed 10 p.m. Harry is already in bed.

Friday, 4th June.

Washed quite a lot of clothes and wrote to Dolly Blackburn and Flo. Had tiffin & a rest and read and embroidered tussore dress. Had tea at 5 o'clock and took car to Palace Hotel for prize which Harry won with a lottery ticket, but Mrs Newsome had a cold and didn't appear so I walked to the office and waited for Harry and we walked home together. He had a cup of tea & we changed for dinner and stayed reading in the reading room till bedtime. Been pouring with rain most of the day. Dear old Dad's birthday. I only hope it may be well and enjoy many more. [If only she knew that her grandson would be born the same day!]

Saturday, 5th June.

Wrote to Mrs Spock and ironed till 11:30 a.m. when I went out to meet Mrs Yates but didn't see her. Harry sent[?] letters from Molly and Mother before I went out. Called at photographers and was taken again, called at Yue Dah's and bought raisins and Lux. Had a rest and read after tiffin and wore white crepe dress and met Mrs Scotson and Sadie & went to Racecourse and watched people playing polo, baseball, bowls, cricket, tennis, golf etc. Called at office on our way back for Harry but he had gone so took car to hotel and met the dear laddie in the grounds. Talked a long time about when we were going home and it seems as if we must stay over a fortnight longer, it's most annoying. Changed for dinner, played patience after.

Sunday, 6th June.

Sang a few songs and Harry called for letters and brought one from Sallie. Went to Racecourse and walked round links with Harry and Mr Dutton. Had a rest after tiffin and put on cream costume and went to Mr Brooke's and had afternoon tea and walked round gardens and played with baby. Took car home and after dinner Mr Seal came to our room and helped us to fill in the passports. Played Patience till bedtime. Miss Banham was at Mr Brooke's and told us about poor Mrs Bryson.

Monday, 7th June.

Wrote to Molly, Mother, Mr Kothare & Cissie which took nearly all morning. Called to see Mrs Rosenfelt for a few minutes and then to tiffin. Had a read and put on lace frock and Mrs Yates in Nanking Road and walked to her house. Other ladies came & we had tea and had a guessing word game. Needless to say I didn't win.

Walked part way with Mrs Colaghu and called at office for Harry and we walked home together. Had dinner and went to Mr Grey's room and stayed chatting awhile. Tis now 18:30 and we are off to bed.

Tuesday, 8th June.

Wrote to Rhoda and Nenny and mended till tiffin time after which I had a rest and played the piano till nearly 5 p.m. when I had a cup of tea and walked to Boone road and to the office to meet Harry, but the gentlemen had already gone so I walked back alone and Harry was having tea when I returned. We tried to work a typewriter he brought home but couldn't so changed and went down to dinner, had a chat with Mr Seal and the Greys also a Captain, then came to bed.

Wednesday, 9th June.

Piano was taken away today.

Turn on the piano and read a few letters and walked to the office and nearly to the racecourse, bought an Irish crochet bag for Molly & also some Japanese notepaper and inquired about sunshades. Took rickshaw to the Burlington to see Mrs Dawes and took white skirt back for tailor to alter. Met Mrs Parkin and Mrs Dutton.

Had a rest and sleep and change to a golf, had a cup of tea in the hall and went in rickshaw to golf course where Harry was waiting for me and we played three rounds on the baby links and finished up all square. Dressed and had dinner as soon as we returned and Mrs Grey invited us to sit with them. Sat in the hall and had drinks with Mr Thurston, Mr Gordon, Mr Grey and Harry. Got a letter from Hicks which I was delighted to have.

Thursday, 10th June.

Mended velvet dress & wrote to Sallie and Hicks. Mrs Grey called during in during the morning and brought me book to read and Mr Seal came up with two pieces of cake he had sent from home. After tiffin manicured nails and read and rested and took embroidery up to Mrs Grey's room and had tea with her. Discussed various people and at 5:15 went to the office for Harry and we walked home through the gardens where the band was playing. Met Mr Seel and chatted with him. Harry had tea and I enjoyed some beboes the Compradore sent. Put on pink dress and had dinner with Mr Seel. Mr and Mrs Grey also chatted with us. Sat in the hall till 10 p.m. when we retired after killing many mosquitoes.

Friday, 11th June.

Walked to the office with Harry and to the tailor's and bought a collar at the lace shop, also work bag in the Szechuen Road. Went down the Broadway and bought a little bag for Nancy and a bangle for Molly, also a lace collar for Gertie. Was walking about till 12 o'clock, then came in and enjoyed beboes for lunch. Rested till 4 p.m. and had a cup of tea and went to the racecourse and had a game of golf with Harry and beat him. Chatted with Mr and Mrs Harling and Mr Dutton and came home and changed for dinner. Read awhile in the reading room and it's now 9:30 and we are off to bed. Tailor came to measure Harry this tiffin time.

Saturday, 12th June.

Was washing and ironing all the morning & Mrs Scotson & Sadie called for me at 4 o'clock and we went to the racecourse & when Harry came at 5 p.m. had a game of golf. Saw Mrs Disseldorf and came home by car. Changed quickly and Mr and Mrs Parkin came and after having cocktails had dinner and sat in the Palm Court till 10 a.m. Mrs Parkin danced but we didn't. Harry very much off colour, do wish he wouldn't smoke so much.

Sunday, 13th June.

The tailor came to fit Harris flannel suit and he then went to the post office but came back without any letters. I sewed awhile and we then went and had a game of golf. Had a rest after tiffin and another game of golf and I lost badly. Changed for dinner and looked at books in reading room. Band is playing in the palm garden and it is lighted up again as it was yesterday.

Monday, 14th June.

Wrote letters all the morning to my little Molly* for her birthday, Mother and Mrs Bowen. Rested after tiffin and went down Broadway and took cameo to mend and also bought lace collar and cuffs for Nancy. Mrs Parkin was waiting when I returned and we went in a carriage to tennis lawn, Harry came later with Mrs Parkin and we watched until dark when we came home, changed for dinner and sat in the palm court listening to the band. Wrote to Gertie before going to bed. Sent Molly pearl and turquoise pendant, silver bangle and Irish crochet bag.

[*My mother, Molly's, birthday is JULY 14th, (qv) not June]

Tuesday, 15th June.

Arose 6:15 a.m. and had a game of golf before breakfast. Wrote to Rhoda and F Allsop and sent lace collar to Gertie also sent several PCs. Went out and bought tiny purses for my bairnies and Jap, slippers for Harry. Did a little mending until tiffin time. Rested for quarter of an hour and changed and went in carriage with Mrs Parkin to visit Mrs Holmes. Had a game of tennis and a cup of tea and went in rickshaw and had a game of golf with Harry. He beat me one up. Had dinner in red frock and sat in the garden with Mr Thurston, Mr Gordon, Captain Budgeon and Mr Seel and listened to The Band.

Wednesday, 16th June.

Again arose at 6:15 a.m. and had a game of golf and finished up all square. Had a good breakfast and did a little washing and Mrs Parkin came and told my fortune with cards and it was all very good. Changed and mended till Harry came for tiffin. Sewed again and rested and Mrs Dawes called & we chatted awhile and I went to Mrs Johns in a rickshaw as it was raining. Called to see Harry on the way up and had a very happy time. Mrs Scotson and another lady were there. Didn't get home till 8:15 so didn't change for dinner. Captain Budgeon entertained us during dinner and afterwards in the hall all also Mr Phenal. Had a letter from Tom. New business not fixed up yet.

Thursday, 17th June.

Has been raining most of the day, walked to the office with Harry and met Mrs Scotson and Sadie in town afterwards. Bought mats for dressing table and Irish crochet lace for Nancy's dress, called at fur shop and bought Thibet skins for coats for my little ones. Met Mrs Dawes. Called at Whiteway's for shoes and Rrbbon and at Mrs Scotson's and chatted awhile. Took car home and rested after tiffin and changed & met Mrs Johns, Mrs Scotson, Sadie and Marjorie in the hall and we all went to Mrs Heath and had tea along with other ladies. Came home in rickshaws. Didn't arrive until 7:46 and was very worried. Had dinner with Mr Seel and Harry and he played billiards till 10:30 p.m. Am very tired.

Friday, 18th June.

Arose at 6:15 a.m. to go to golf, but when we were dressed it began to rain so we had breakfast early and I walked to the office with Harry and bought tussore silk for Molly a dress. Went down the Broadway to Jap boot shop and came back to hotel and ironed and mended till tiffin time. Had a rest and changed and sat in the hall talking to Mrs Grey and waiting for Mrs Parkin. Took rickshaws to Rue de Consulat and had a quarrel with the coolies. The rode in car to Mrs Stewart's, had tea and chatted with other ladies and gentlemen, met Harry in Hankow Road and walked home. Had dinner as soon as Harry had changed and Mrs Grey chatted with us also Mr Seel and we then came to bed 10 p.m.

Saturday. 19th June.

Went to golf before breakfast and out again soon after. Met Mrs Dutton and went shopping with her and had Ices.

Wrote to Molly Blackburn after tiffin and had a rest went to Racecourse and met Mr and Mrs Scotson and had a game of golf with them. Came home & had a bath and Harry arrived from the office, had tea, we changed and met Mr Thurston and had a cocktail with him. Mr and Mrs Grey joined us and we had tiffin with them, I mean dinner, and played bridge in their room afterwards. Have got my nasty pain tonight.

Sunday, 20th June.

Didn't have breakfast till 9:45 a.m. after which I went to the office with Harry & wrote to Mr Mrs James in Newquay and our little Molly. Still had my nasty pain so didn't feel very bright. At 11:45 a.m. came back to hotel and put on striped silk dress and we went together to Mr Dutton's. Marjorie met us on the way. Had such a nice tiffin and a pleasant visit. Harry left soon after & I stayed & had a cup of tea and went in rickshaw to see Mrs Brooke who was out, so went to Harry in the office and stayed with him till 7:30 p.m. when we walked home together. Had dinner with Mr Seel and sat in the hall chatting till 10 p.m.. Said goodbye to Mr and Mrs Brankston.

Monday, 21st June.

Was too wet to go to golf so had breakfast early and Harry went to the office in good time. Washed and helped coolie to pack brass plant pot & have been busy packing and doing odd jobs all day. Mrs Yates came to see me this morning and Mrs Dawes is afternoon. Harry has had the sale of office furniture this afternoon. Mr Seel had dinner with us and we have been sitting in the hall with the Rosenfelts, Greys, Mr Thurston & Mr Gordon and have had various drinks. Mr Fenal also chatted with us. Harry is now busy writing letters.

Tuesday, 22nd June.

Morning tea arrived 5:30 am arose soon after & had a game of golf before breakfast. Directly after wrote to Rhoda her and sent Will cufflinks for his birthday. Posted letters to Mother, Molly, Mr Blackburn & several PCs. Went out & bought various things at chemists and lace collars and insertion also crepe, brass pot and plate stand. Mrs Scotson and Mrs Johns called when I was out and brought lovely carnations from Sadie. Packed till tiffin time also after tiffin, mended stockings, had tea and went to meet Mrs Brooke and Mr and Mrs Yates and Mr and Mrs Parkin at the French band. [bund?] Mrs B. gave me chocolates and Mrs Y. books. Walked back to the gardens and went to see Mrs Scotson who was out and Mrs Johns, Mrs Dutton and Marjorie and Sadie were there. Walked back to hotel and Mr and Mrs Brooke called and had cocktails with us and we then had dinner with Mr and Mrs Grey who helped us to finish packing and after saying goodbye to Mr Thurston and others they came along and saw us off at 11 p.m. along with Mr Parkin. The compradore was also there. It felt like leaving an old friend. We have had a very happy time in Shanghai. Got aboard the S/S Chili, which seems a very nice boat, retired 1:30 a.m.

Wednesday, 23rd June.

Sailed at 5 am had a good night and arose about 7:30 am after having a cup of tea. Had a little breakfast at 8:45 and tiffin at 11 a.m. French style. Played bull board and sat about. Went to bed at noon and stayed for two-and-a-half hours. Harry was busy with his books till 4pm. I went on deck and sat about and was so liverish I could scarcely keep awake, so walked round alone for awhile. Felt wretched and so had a little soup and fruit for dinner and came to bed at 8 p.m.. Read for a short time and soon went to sleep. We have four or five English passengers, 2 Americans and, of course, a few French. It has been quite cool today.

Thursday, 24th June.

Had a good night and stewardess brought tea at 6:30. Arose about 7:45 had bath and a little breakfast at 9 a.m.. Played bull board and beat Harry, read and served till déjeuner at 11 a.m.. Had a talk with a dear old French authoress and sewed, read and walked still afternoon tea at 4 p.m. Harry busy in the cabin nearly all day. Chatted to lady and gentleman and their daughter and played bull board again. Dinner at 6:30 p.m., was very nice tonight. Played Bridge with our friends after walking around and had a little supper, tea and biscuits and came to bed.

Friday, 25th June.

Got up as usual and played bull board with Mr and Mrs Moon. Sat about till 11 am when we had a meal and I wrote to Mother, Rhoda and Molly & again sat about and felt wretched. Tea at 4 o'clock and examination officer came on board and examined passports. We then went forward into Hong Kong and arrived there 5:30 p.m. too late to go ashore, so we had dinner and sat on deck admiring the scene till nearly 11pm. It's very hot, the cabins are closed for cooling.

[This reminds me of the time during one of our visits when we were travelling by air from Perth, via Sydney, to Shanghai. It was February. The temperature in Sydney was 31°C. We arrived at Shanghai at 10pm (where the temperature was 3°C.) and were asked for our passports, but we had no visa to enter China, (they weren't necessary for our next visit to Japan), so we were told that we must go back to Sydney, Australia. We discussed this with the officials and they let us travel across Shanghai, that night, to the hotel we had booked, provided that we return early next morning to leave Shanghai. They had agreed on a compromise – we could fly to Hong Kong (where no visa was required) and obtain one for China. The next morning we left all our luggage in the hotel – hoping that we would be able to get a visa, - and travelled across Shanghai in a taxi at 5:30am, it was freezing. In Hong Kong it was 20°C – a nice compromise. We immediately booked a standby flight back to Shanghai, and waited for visas, ... all day … but we were lucky. We had nowhere to stay in Hong Kong and late in the afternoon we were granted visas. And, there were 2 places left on the last flight that night, so we returned (to our luggage!) that same day.]

Saturday, 26th June.

Arose about 6:45 am very hot. Hurried up and had breakfast. Harry was late so we missed the launch and went in a sampan. Took us about 20 minutes to reach the shore. Went first to the post office and were very disappointed to find only one letter from Mr Bowen, none from the children. Took rickshaws the Telegraph office and a wire was there saying “all well, good voyage”. We were thankful to have it. Went to Provost Marshal's office and got our passports initialed and back to Queen Street. I went shopping and Harry to Humphries. Bought one deck chair, two baskets, also china models and kingfisher brooch. Met Harry and had drinks and sandwiches at Hong Kong Hotel. Thoroughly enjoyed the morning. Waited a long time for launch but eventually got on board about 1pm. Had lunch and served no sewed and read all the afternoon and the same in the evening. Retired about 9:30pm to a very hot cabin and didn't settle for a long time.

Sunday, 27th June.

Arose as usual. Had a hot night. Breakfast 8:40 a.m. Played bull board with Harry, then with Mr & Mrs Moon, Ladies beat the gentlemen. Sat chatting and learning French with the chief officer till second déjeuner, then had a very good meal. Read and slept and sewed a little, & before dinner walked a mile. Bridge after dinner, Mr Moon and I won.

Monday, 28th June.

Much cooler this morning. Had a nice bath, wrapped my head up as it was very windy. Eggs for déjeuner and played “Bull” and talked to a Frenchman who was or is going to the front, till second déjeuner. Completed shawl and wrote PCs. Had tea and played bull and chatted with gentlemen. A gale began to blow and all had to be shut up, but it only lasted a short time. Partook of dinner at 6:30pm and played Bridge. Mr Moon and I lost by 98. The French soldier played and Harry and I danced. Had a bottle of soda and came to bed. It's still raining so we must have the porthole closed but it's not so hot as it has been.

Tuesday, 29th June.

Arrived in Saigon at 8 a.m.. Got all the luggage together 30 packages in all and came in a motor car to the hotel. Chose a room, not at all nice but one of the best. Chatted to our friends the Moons and walked to the post office but didn't find any letters. Took a rickshaw to Bourchier's office, the gentleman not at home. Went forward to M.M. Office, also not at home. Called at Chartered Bank and I chatted to young clerk whilst Harry talked to sub manager. Rickshawed to Mr Read's house and had drinks. Back to hotel for tiffin, had a sleep and as it was raining and thundering sat on veranda talking to the Moon's for a while. Harry went to business and I for a drive with the Moon's. We were sitting chatting and Mr Jessula came and took us with a friend round to his rooms, then for dinner at his brother's. He is a soldier now and leaves tomorrow. Saigon very quiet owing to war.

Wednesday, 30th June.

Scarcely slept at all in the night and got up 5:45 a.m. and after having a cup of tea went in rickshaws to wharfe to see Mr Jessula off on the Chili. Heaps of people were there. Came back and had breakfast; sent clothes to washerman and spent most of the morning looking round the shops, but didn't see anything I wanted, just bought 2 novels. Harry came back early and we had second déjeuner and I slept till 4pm. Harry went to Bourchier's but was back at 4:15 and we had tea on the veranda. Went to bank and Jessula's in rickshaws and also to gardens and saw various birds. It came on raining so we soon returned and I changed and cleaned shoes etc & we had dinner. Looked at various jewels and walked to cake shop and bought chocolates. Sat awhile and came to room and bed.

Thursday, 1st July.

Harry got up early I stayed in bed awhile and read. Had a warm bath, washed my hair and some flannels and sat about reading. At 12:30 went down to Harry and Mr Waespé in pattern room and we had déjeuner. I slept and read again till tea time when Harry came and we had tea on the veranda of hotel. He went on working with his samples and I walked out and bought Thonan water. Mr Reade called to see us & Mr Tanfield had dinner with us and we sat chatting till 1am. Harry was very tired.

Friday, 2nd July.

Had some breakfast this morning and I wrote to Mrs Dawes and Mrs Grey. Had a rest as usual after déjeuner and finished “The Princess passes”, a nice little tale. Had tea with Harry on veranda and we went for a short stroll and sat watching passers-by till Mr Reade came when the gentlemen had cocktails and then we had dinner. Chatted and played Bridge till midnight.

Saturday, 3rd July.

Felt rotten so stayed in bed awhile. Played round till 11 a.m. bathing, washing and manicuring then Harry came and we had déjeuner. A sleep after and couldn't wake up, too much sleep is worse than too little. Mended stockings etc, Harry came in from Boucherie's for a minute but went out again. It's hotter today. Harry came back in car with Mr Martini and Mr Wespé and they had drinks. We then went to blouse shop but the goods were very expensive so didn't buy anything. Had dinner and a rickshaw ride, also a little walk and to bed.

Sunday, 4th July.

Harry went to see Bouchiere with Mr Tanfield. I sat on verandah & watched church parade, then wrote letters to Mrs Scotson, Mrs John's, Mrs Brooke and Mrs Yates. Sat and chatted and had drinks with Mr Tanfield, tiffin and a rest. Harry wrote to our wee ones and to his Mother. At 5 o'clock Mr Wespé called with his car and took us a 60 mile ride. The county is quite pretty. It lightened and thundered on the way home. I changed and we went and had dinner with Mr Wespé at his own home and Mr Martini. Had a beautiful dinner and all sorts of drinks including champagne. Had some music on the gramophone and came back to hotel at 10:50. pm.

Monday, 5th July.

As soon as I was dressed, sorted clothes and sent them to wash. Went out and bought two books, sat on the veranda and Harry came along with Mr Wespé in his Car. They had drinks and talked and we then went in for déjeuner. Harry had a sleep and I a read and I rickshawed to M.M. office and learnt the Guadiana sails at 11 a.m. Wednesday, also went to the post office but no letters for us. Came back and wrote to Mrs Parkin, Mrs Dutton, and Mrs Heath also to Mother and several PCs. Harry came along whilst I was writing and we had tea & went for a stroll but it rained so we returned. Read awhile and had dinner after which coffee and another stroll and a sit and now to bed. Daddy very tired.

Tuesday, 6th July.

Wrote to Rhoda and Nenny and lots of PCs. Mr Reade and Mr Wespé called and after tiffin we had a rest. I read all the afternoon on the hotel veranda. When Harry came he had tea and we packed the samples which was hard work, Harry was wet through and he has had a pain in his little Mary all day poor boy. After packing he had a hot bath and we changed and Mr Wespé and Mr Martini came to dinner with us. We played Bridge after and Mr Wespé won, we lost 4 piastre 20 cents. Hard luck.

Wednesday, 7th July.

I am delighted to be off.

Packed most things before I had my bath after having a cup of tea. Dressed and had coffee and fruit with Harry on the veranda. After he came back from iBoucherie, Mr Wespé came round with his car after getting all the luggage off and settling accounts we came to wharfe, called to see Mr Jessula at the Chartered Bank. Mr Boucherie came to see us off. Boat started punctually, it is called the Guadiona and the cabin is very roomy but we have straw pillows. Had déjeuner as soon as we started, not very good. We walked, read and I slept awhile till tea time. Tea tasted very good. Dinner 7pm also not very good. We walked for an hour after dinner and came to bed at 9pm. Harry still gets the pain in his body. Mr W brought him some medicine for it.

Thursday, 8th July.

We arrived at the island of Poulo Condor early this morning and we had to have the port hole closed we got up at 6 am. It is a very pretty Island. Left at 8 a.m. and we had a little breakfast & I crocheted till time for déjeuner, poor Harry's liver has been wretched today. Read most of the afternoon, it was fairly warm but on the whole has been a glorious day and smooth sea. Dinner 7 p.m. and at 8:30pm I came to bed as I was sleepy. Harry has just come

Friday, 9th July.

Has seemed a long day. Crocheted awhile and read and slept and after dinner played Bridge with the purser and the chief engineer and the purser and I won. Tis now about 10:45 pm.

Saturday, 10th July.

We arrived in Singapore Harbour about 9:30 a.m. Just missed Karmala, so telephoned P&O and arranged to go by mail train through the Malay Peninsula. P&O sent for luggage to their office and kept samples for next mail. We had tiffin and [at?] Hotel Europe and read all our letters, such a batch of them, it was lovely. It rained all the afternoon so we only walked to Raffle's Square and bought some tobacco for Harry. Had a cup of tea at 6pm Rickshawed to station. Got all our baggage through but $3.50. Left Singapore at 7pm. Mr Robins came by same train. We had a nice dinner and soon retired to our bunks which remind me of a ship's cabins. Were glad to leave the French mail. [ship]

Sunday, 11th July.

Did not sleep much in the night got up 6:30 a.m. And as soon as we were dressed went for a walk in Kuala Lumpur. It is such a pretty place and has gorgeous buildings, we were charmed with it. Left by train again at 8 a.m. and had a nice breakfast as soon as we started. The day passed very pleasantly, I didn't find it much too warm. Harry slept and woke up hot. We passed miles and miles of rubber plantations and the country is so pretty. Crossed in the steamer to Penang and had no end of trouble getting our luggage on to the ship. A gentleman took pity on us & brought us in his launch. We had dinner as soon as we arrived and Harry went very dizzy after, can't tell what is the matter with him, poor boy gets so down. The ship is so comfy and good food once again. It is nearly 12:30 and I am not ready for bed yet. It is asleep.

Monday, 12th July.

It is a great improvement being on a P&O boat and the day has passed very quickly. Harry is still not well I can't make out what is the matter with him. It has made me unhappy all day. We have played qouits once or twice and since dinner patience. I have had indigestion all day and swallowed a a mangestine stone this noon which hasn't improved matters. I'm glad to say the sea has been beautifully calm and it has also been nice and cool.

I am getting on with my crocheting beautifully.

Tuesday, 13th July.

Had a game of quoits directly after breakfast and beat my hubby, then crocheted until tiffin after which we read and slept till tea time. Had a good tea and played quoits and buckets till dinner time and won with my partner Mr Prophet. After dinner played bridge and won again. Harry a little better today.

Wednesday, 14th July.

My darling Molly's birthday, may she have many many happy returns and I do hope she will keep well. It has been fairly rough all day. We have been having a tournament but have both lost. Not done any sewing at all all and our partners were not well enough to play bridge tonight. Poor Harry is still liverish.

Thursday, 15th July.

Pretty much the same as yesterday, been lazy all day and had indigestion. See pretty rough. Hope to reach Colombo tomorrow.

Friday, 16th July.

Was very rough this morning so didn't go down to breakfast and sat in the deck chair all the morning. We arrived in Columbo about 1pm and we went ashore directly after tiffin. It was pouring with rain so took rickshaws to post office and were very disappointed there were no letters for us. Harry sent a cable home saying we were sailing today. We then went shopping and bought 3 catamanrango muslin dress, elephants and cigars. Had a walk round and thtea in the the G.6.H. Hotel which cost us two rupees and just caught launch for Medina. She is very similar to Malaya. Unpacked our clothes and had a very nice dinner. Sat on deck till 10pm but all lights were darkened which is very foolish in the Indian Ocean. Columbo looked very dismal today, one didn't feel at all tempted to stay. I'm so glad to be really on our way home.

Saturday, 17th July.

Had my bath about 8 a.m. and went down for breakfast. Had a few games of quoits and sat and crocheted which made me feel sick, consequently I didn't go down for lunch. Had a chop and an apple on deck, after which we both lay, reading and sleeping on deck till tea time. Played quoits before dressing for dinner and just sat and walked awhile and came to bed. Was quite chilly this afternoon and we wore our raincoats.

Sunday, 18th July.

Went to service this morning and have read almost all the day besides except played 3 handed Bridge with Mr Prophet this evening. See much the same.

Monday, 19th July.

Still pretty rough but have been down to all meals. Nothing special happened except that I was quite hungry at tiffin time and enjoyed it. Harry won the sweep £1. Hurrah!!!!!!

Tuesday, 20th July.

Nothing new to report.

Wednesday, 21st July.

Very rough today, felt very poorly in the morning. Didn't go down to breakfast tiffin and tea.

Thursday, 22nd July.

Beautifully calm today but very hot. Have played Bridge this evening with Mr Law and Mr Prophet. Also talked to George Mozart, an actor or comedian or something. Paid two visits to second class today to see a tug-of-war and listen to singing.

Friday, 23rd July.

Arrived at Aden at 7 a.m., we got up about 8 am as usual both felt pretty seedy. Sat about drinking lemon squash and talking all the morning to Mr Law and Mr Prophet, the former was telling us tales. Had a rest and read after tipping and after a cup of tea went ashore and walked about for one-and-a-half hours. Saw some wounded soldiers in the military hospital & bargained for feathers but didn't buy any. Harry bought some tobacco. We none of us would care to live there. It is a beautiful evening but very hot in the cabin. There were lots of battleships in the harbour. We sailed again at 9:15pm

Saturday, 24th July.

Been on Captain's bridge with Mrs Cunningham and Miss Ellery and had tea and saw Marconi room. Have played many games of quoits. It's very very hot, unbearably so.

Sunday, 25th July.

It was quite rough again this morning and I felt wretched so didn't go to Church. We read and talked all the afternoon and played bridge in the evening.

Monday, 26th July.

It has been a good deal cooler today, but we have both felt liverish I think. Played quoits pretty often and this evening have been to the fancy dress ball in the second class and I have danced with Mr Robinson, Mr Prophet and Mr Law. 'Our Amy' didn't dance. The costumes were very good. The life belts have been put within easy reach today and all the port holes are being darkened.

Tuesday, 27th July.

Arrived at Suez about 10 a.m. And left 2:30 p.m. Since then have been slowly coming up the canal and cheering the soldiers on the banks. A party of us had liqueurs with Mrs Cunningham and have spent the evening cheering the dear old soldiers, throwing them tobacco and singing. It is not so hot as we expected. Have felt dull today but better this evening.

Wednesday, 28th July.

We arose this morning about 5 a.m. when boat arrived at Port Said. Had a cup of tea on deck with Mrs Cunningham and then went ashore and got letters from Mother, Tom, Flo, and Rhoda but none from Nenny or Molly. Walked round and came back to ship for breakfast. Went ashore again after and had drinks with our party and bought beads. Said goodbye to Mrs Cunningham and came on board. Crocheted and played quoits all the afternoon. Played bridge after dinner. All lights out and port holes and Windows papered up. Got a wire from Tom.

Thursday, 29th July.

The sea was choppy and I felt poorly and Harry did too. I lay about all the morning. Played a few games of quoits this afternoon and three handed Bridge this evening.

Friday, 30th July.

Had big trunk up and rearranged luggage. Played poker and whisky poker. At dinner all the lights went out and gave us such a shock. Felt rotten again worst luck.

Saturday, 31st July.

Felt wretched nearly all day, was lying down all the morning, played a few games of quoits in the afternoon and Bridge this evening. Passed Malta about 9 a.m.

Sunday, 1st August, 1915.

Felt better this morning and both went to church and packed till tiffin time, after which we packed again read awhile and took a photograph. Had tea and played cards. Wore white voile dress for dinner. Came to bed about 10:30 and found more packing to do.

The diary stops here. They somehow returned to England but no details of how they did it. Battles were taking place in Turkey at that time.

Dance Card Dance



15 Ervny Terrace; Morecambe. W.E

Augt 20, 1916

My dear Harry,

Very many thanks for your letter of good wishes brought to me last evening - of course you will know by this that I am back here again and as you know what "Homes" are like at the best, I am only too glad to be here - altho I firmly believe Harry I would'nt have been here at all but for the treeatment I had there - It's been nothing to do with the old trouble - & [...] I [both] thought it malignant but neither of us told tehe other until the crisis passed - I am feeling very weak still & looking ages older but it can't be helped - I must make the best of it - the marvellous improvement in [da...] would be worth the work giving up one's life for, but perhaps all will come right, I hope so I'm sure. Am very sorry to hear of the Children's spats - I hope they will soon be all right - I long so much for my home - but what is the good - {...} pleased to hear of your mother, I thought she was home long ago. Please give her my love & much sympathy. [...] her - & accept same yourself - from your [...]

She [Sarah Eliza Garnett] lived until 12th April 1917


Drawings by Molly and/or Georgie sketch of Daddy sketch of Mother
My Grandmother was a keen gardener article by Charles Darby
Molly Hickson, right, National President of the Inner Wheel My mother, President of the Inner Wheel


Marriage of Alex Paton and Jill Hickson Jill's wedding Jill's wedding
Shipley Guides reform Guide group re-forms
My mother in her garden at Fairseat Cottage Molly Hickson


Michael Zedalis was a cousin on my mother's side, related through the Holroyd side Zedalis photo Zedalis text


Georgie wrote this, unfortunately I haven't got a picture just a note!
Box Lid - don't know who it is!


from son, Hal Hicks - (see - officer on the 'Investigator') he had 2 brothers and a sister (married) Page 1 Page 2 Page 3 Page 4
23rd October 1915 Envelope from india


From 20, Elmers Drive, Teddington to my Grandparents Letter from Daisy Letter from Daisy
Happy Anniversary from Fletcher & Peg
Rhoda Sugden Rhoda
Granny lived here in 1926 Envelope - 81 Moorfield


Molly's School report My Mother's School report


T G Pullan (Uncle Tom) Uncle Tom
Lovelace Road ? ?
17th July 1963 Molly to her Mother Mummy to Granny Mummy to Granny
18th July 1962 1962-1 1962-2 1962-3
18th July 1963 envelope


Holiday in Devonshire
24th February 1916 - Letter from Hicks Hicks part1 Hicks part2 Hicks page5 Hicks page6


Georgie's Birth Birth






1926 1926
Birthday Card card
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Marriage Marriage Marriage
Georgie Card
Dance Dance