Ernest Hickson, his 1875 diary, aged 18.

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George III (1760-1820)

was the Monarch of Great Britain and the United Kingdom and King of Hanover

George III, like his predecessors, George I and George II, was 'Elector of Hanover' until 1814, when Hanover became a kingdom and George III also became the King of Hanover.

The kingdom of Hanover was a male dominated kingdom, so Victoria was not the monarch of Hanover, but the title passed to her uncle, the Duke of Cumberland

George IV (1820-1830)

William IV (1830-1837)

Victoria (1837-1901), Queen of the United Kingdom

Ernest Augustus I (1837-1851), King of Hanover

George V (1851-1866), was the last King of Hanover

In 1866 he fled to Austria but never renounced his rights to the throne.

He died in Paris in 1878 and is buried at Windsor Castle

Province of Hanover (1866-1946)

Hanover was a Province of the Kingdom of Prussia and the Free State of Prussia from 1868 to 1946.

The Prussian government formally annexed Hanover on 20th September 1866. At this time the King of Prussia was William I, German Emperor, a first cousin to George V of Hanover. He was born on 22nd March 1797.

The Hickson family

The family lived in Highgate

James' family moved from their 'old' house (Hertford House) on 20th June 1875.

In Ernest's 1876 diary he lists his address as - "of Cholmeley Park, Highgate, London, N, Middlesex"

(Papa) James Hickson, born 1811

married (1) Sophia Hill (1815-1850)

married (2) Wilhelmine Thusnelda von Einem (Mama), born 1829

James' children (Ernest's siblings):
  1. by Sophia Hill
    • 1837 Sophia Matilda, aged 38 in 1875
    • 1838 James William, died 1872
    • 1842 Charles, aged 31 in 1875 - Charles married married Louisa Stedall
    • 1844 Jessie, married Daniel Jones, she died 1874
    • 1846 Henry, aged 29 in 1875 - Harry married Fanny Stedall in 1872
      • Evelyn Frances, born 1873
    • 1849 Clara, aged 26 in 1875 - Clara married John William Jeakes on 20th April 1876
    • 1850 John Horace, aged 25 in 1875
  2. by Wilhelmina
    • 1853 Samuel Arthur Einem (Arthur), aged 22 in 1875, born 6th September 1853
    • 1854 John Godfrey (Godfrey), aged 21 in 1875
    • 1856 Margaret, aged 19 in 1875
    • 1857 Ernest, aged 18 in 1875
    • 1860 Ralph, aged 15 in 1875
    • 1863 Dorothea (Dora), aged 12 in 1875

(Grandfather) William Hickson (1781-1857)

son of William Hickson and Ruth Clayton

married (1) Matilda Underhill (1783-1847)

married (2) Elizabeth Grant (1807-1877)

William's children: (Ernest's Aunts and Uncles)

(Uncle) Samuel Hickson

son of William Hickson and Matilda Underhill

married Ida Klothilde Agnes von Einem

Samuel's children:

(Uncle) George Hickson, born 1819

son of William Hickson and Matilda Underhill

married Ellen Celia Waterlow

George's children: (Ernest's first cousins)

Samuel Hickson (1811-1854)

son of Samuel Hickson (1784-1871) and Isabella Kelly

married Jane Grant (1812-1903)

Samuel's children: (Ernest's first cousins)

The von Einem family

Ernest Hickson's mother was Wilhelmine Thusnelda Adelheid von Einem, the seventh child of Gottfried Johann von Einem.

Wilhelmine (Mama) was born in Hanover, one of eight children.

In this diary mention is made of aunts (tante) and uncles (oncle) called von Alten and von Hammerstein.

Gottfried Johann von Einem (1783-1850)

married (1) Wilhelmine Henriette Luise Elisabeth v.Alten (1792-1824)

married (2) Irmengard Karoline Charlotte Julie Freiin v.Hammerstein-Equord *1807-1868)

Gottfried's children: (Ernest's Aunts and Uncles)

The Waterlow family

James Waterlow, born 1790

son of Josiah Waterlow (1762-1817) and Sarah Robinson (1769-1835)

married Mary Crakell (1792-1872)

James' children:

of the above:

Note that all these children had their mother's maiden name as their middle name, their surname was, of course, Waterlow

Alfred James, born 1815

son of James Waterlow (born 1815) and Mary Crakell (born 1792)

married Isabella Jameson, born 1815 ()

Alfred's children:

(Uncle) Sidney Hedley Waterlow, born 1822

son of James Waterlow (1790-1876) and Mary Crakell (1792-1872)

married (1) Anna Maria Hickson

Sidney's children: (Ernest's first cousins)

January 1875

[1 to 3] January

1 Friday

Highgate. Skated nearly all day
George Waterlow lent me a dress coat to go to Nettlefolds party in, we stayed there till about 10 o'clock, it thaws now.
Mama gave me 18s 8½d from what I had over from journey money. I enjoyed myself at Nettlefolds very much indeed.
Fanny Jones came up here. I could not dance with her a bit. Clara has bruised herself badly on the ice.

2 Saturday

Highgate. It thawed all day nobody skated from our house. I was rather ceady [seedy?] in the morning and had a head-ache in the evening and went to bed early. I took George's dress coat back which I had worn at Nettlefolds party.
Papa bought me my visiting cards back from the stores. Clara is a little better, she is making a scrap book for Hans v. Einem.

3 Sunday

High. Was going to Charleys but met him on way & came back.
2/6 from Godfrey for birds. Tommy tried to make Telegraphic affair.

[4 to 6] January

4 Monday

Highgate. Went over to Aunt Ida's with Horace to ask about his going to the theatre with me. Telegraphed with Ralph. In the afternoon went to Granny's with Ralph and from there to Fanny's whilst we were there Harry came and said he was going with us to Theatre. We stayed there and had dinner with them. And went to theatre to see Lord Dundreary & The loan of a lover. Got home at about half past 12.

5 Tuesday

Helped Clara with her scrap book. Clara gave me some studs. I bought some too for 1s. I gave Tommy 5/6. He gave me a walking stick. Packed my things and started at about 5 o'clock, Mama gave me a purse and 2lbs 10s we arrived half an hour to[o] late at Harwich got a good birth on bord had some tea before I went to bed on bord.

6 Wednesday

Was not at all sick on bord. Paid 8s for tea & ticket on bord. We landed about 2 hours to[o] late. I walked about to town with a Frenchman met on bord and had dinner at the Bath Hotel, 2 mutton chops (2/-). started from R at about 3:05. A lot of girls were in the same carriage with me, I changed at Arnhem & was examined at Benthem and on bord before reaching Rotterdam.

[7 to 10] January

7 Thursday

Hannover. I reached here at about 2:20 in the morning. Mrs Reinicke had stayed up. I slept till about half past eleven and went to Kraut's vortrag [lecture], Dienstan 345 brought my box I gave him, Mrs R gave me 2£ of pocketmoney, she charged 1 lbs for 20fl 2sgr 10₰ and gave dutch money for 1fl 2½ about. I went to Hahns. Wrote to Mamma.

All Reinicke gave me a present.

8 Friday

Hanover. Went to Polytechnic in an awful hurry and when I got there I found I was very early being the first there. Had number 8 to analyse. Had a lesson by Miss Appuhn, Bought some pens and photographs of Kaulbacks & Shakespeare's gallerie. Met Potanizec in the shop and gave him my visiting card it being the first one I ever gave away. Cuno lent me his notes in Reine Chemie (pure chemistry). I wrote a good lot of them out.

9 Saturday

Han. Bought some stamps for 1fl

Mrs Reinicke gave me the other 3fl to my pocketmoney. Went so late to polytechnic that I did not like to go in. Cut my cake today gave Mandekur some.

Wrote to Granny for her birthday. Went to Herr Gunther to ask about drawing, he is coming tomorrow.

Went to Krauts to ask about packet to Meran

Bought some wachstuch [oilcloth] 9sgr paid for saucepan I gave Aunt Ida. Wrote out analytical chemistry up to both days

10 Sunday

Wrote to Papa. Herr Gunther here. Went to Hahns, slow.

S Westermacher & E Selech, Miss Appuhn were here. Pity I did not stay here.

[11 to 13] January

11 Monday

Hannover. I gave Cuno his notes back about Reine Chemie [Pure Chemistry] & borrowed his of analytical chemistry. I took the parcel for Tante Marie to the post office after Anna Hahn had written two declarations. I forgot to ask her if she had found the gold stud I had lost yesterday. I skated in the afternoon. met Vandeleur, Emily Tynlyn and some other English fellows there. [Note: Emily is male] Santon introduced me to Miss Adams & Parker (?). Henderson asked me if I would play at football if they got it up again as they are trying. Wrote the notes to Krauts lectures up to Thursday out.

12 Tuesday

Hannover. Posted a letter to Uncle Arnold saying I would come on Saturday. Had another lesson by Miss Appuhn. Wrote to Tante Marie and posted it too. took the parcel to Meyers our servants parents but found noone there and had to bring it back again. Gave Miss Strifler my stamps for 10fl which she has not given me yet. Had some cake for tea. Today old Miss Hahn (50 years about) married to Mr v. Hartunch wine merchant. Heard form Mrs Reinicke how he made love to her but cannot believe it.

13 Wednesday

Hannover. Had a lecture by Quintus Icilius. I had a post card from Uncle Arnold to say I was to come on Saturday and that Tante Nandine would be there. Heard from Miss Panthon that she was coming through here today. Read a good deal out of talisman, got to where Kenneth after leaving the lanner goes to King Richard the Queen just coming he was sent away. Went to laboratory this afternoon. Miss Panthon told me we were going to see the Leine schloss on Friday. Prof Kraut made no Lecture in analytical Chemie.

[14 to 17] January

14 Thursday

Hannover. Had a good deal of Talisman. Bought 2 stamps old ones. Hamilton asked me if I would go to a party they are getting up for today week in Fischers Garten, it would be awfully jolly I would like it awfully he said 3fl entrance. I said I would meet him at Café Tobée tomorrow at 3 and tell him. I will ask Vandeleur and Miss Panthon first if they are going. It is so dear I don't see the fun of paying 3fl. I have no dress clothes and boots ties & studs.

15 Friday

Hanover. Vandeleur was not there this morning to Reine Chemie but came afterwards, he is not going to the ball. Went to Hahns and from there with Anna H and Miss Panthon to the palace but the Kastellan said we could not go over it today because there had been a ball and there was such a mess. Went from there to polytechnic. Got No 20 metall to analyse. Went to meet Hamilton at Café Kobé at 9 to tell him I was not going to ball but did not see him. Finish Talisman. Had a letter from Mamma.

16 Saturday

Nordheim. Went to Physiks did not come too late as usual. Went at 12:10 to Northeim, reading on the way The two drovers and the beginning of My aunt Margaret's Mirror. My return ticket cost 2fl 12½sgr Uncle Arnold met me at the station. I bought Hans his scrap book from Clara with which they were all very much pleased particularly locotorum. I slept in the same room with oncle Arnold. Tante Pauline had Margendricken in the night.

17 Sunday

Hanover. Came back at 11:45. It was on the whole rather slow. Trinkgeld [tip] 20sgr. Finished "My aunt M. Mirror".

[18 to 20] January

18 Monday

Hannover. Paid Vandeleur a stamp back which he had lent me for a letter to Papa. Bought a book for writing my lecture notes in Saw Anna Hahn and Miss Panthon who told me that Adolph Braun has the scarlet fever, Went in the afternoon after three to write myself down for drawing but it was too late. Mrs R gave me 20ℳ for it. Bought 6 pens could not get any of Beinhauers. Went to the Theatre to see Shakespeare's King John (Kunig Johann) I went in the farquet Bay at inpart of me. [1] Well given I thought.

19 Tuesday

Came too late to Reine Chemie. Finished number 20 and got number 11 to analyse now. Had another lesson by Miss Appuhn, have not inlisted for drawing yet, I could not go before 3 o'clock. I bought 5 10 pfennig stamps. Vandeleur showed me a wonderful trick with 3 peices of paper to blow so that one piece stays on your hand. Have still got some Reine Chemie to write out. I am rather tired today and want to go to bed it is now 5 minutes to 11 o'clock.

20 Wednesday

Hanover. Went to the Gewerbe Auseteillung and wrote myself down for figure and ornamental drawing did not go there because I had a bad headache and sore throat I did not go to the polytecknic in the afternoon either, except to fetch my books. Wrote a letter to Mama's birthday and posted it too. I did not write much of my lectures out because of my headache. Am going to the drawing lesson tomorrow for the first time most likely. Went to bed early did not feel well.

[21 to 24] January

21 Thursday

Hanover. I went to the Leine-Schloss with Anna Hahn & Miss Panthon. It was rather joly, there are some very nice pictures there and tapestry, we could not see the part where the prince lives. I missed Krauts lecture in analytical chemistry through going to the palace. I have had a little headache today, and a very bad cough indeed. I did not go to the drawing lessons because of that shall go on Staurday for the first time most likely.

22 Friday

Hanover. Mama's birthday. I got up with a much worse sore throat than yesterday. Went to the laboratory all the same. It had snowed in the night and was very dirty. Went to Miss Appuhn, but my throat hurt me so that I could not speak. It cannot be the dyptheria as I can see no spots and my glands are not much swollen. I shall go to bed directly after tea. Intend to write to Herr Gunther, did not go to the drawing.

23 Saturday

Hanover (Written on Tuesday) I stayed in bed all day because of a very bad cold. Mrs Reinicke thought it was the scarlet fever and got in an awful funk. I had to miss Quintus Icilius lecture. The doctor came and ordered me some lrissiness. I did not do anything ate nothing and drank but little in bed chiefly tea. The medecine was very nasty.

24 Sunday

Han. Got up at 3 o'clock, better felt rather weak at first. Went to bed early.

[25 to 27] January

25 Monday

Hannover. Got up at about 10, went down and had some coffee, Mrs Reinicke wanted me to take some more medecine but I did not see the good and the doctor said it was unnecessary, but ordered me some rubard tincture. I read a great deal of old Mortality and like it very much, am going back to College tomorrow. did not go today because I was not quite alright, though, much better.

26 Tuesday

Hanover. Went back to the Polytechnic again to old Heeren's lecture, came a litle too late. Vandeleur wrote me down his notes of Monday's lectures which were only a few. Did not go to the drawing lessons because I did not want to go out in the evening air as it was cold, it is freezing. Kraut made no lecture. I had my 24th lesson by Miss Appuhn today, she came to Old Mrs Reinicke in the evening with her brother.

27 Wednesday

Hanover. Kraut made no lecture again nor did v. Quintus Icilius who is ill poor bird. I took my skates to be ground at Brande's on the Market place. Anna Hahn had recommended him to me. Miss Panthon said there were only a few gentlemen and ladies at the ball so it seems to have been a failure. I lent Berg 10sgr.. I went to the drawing this evening, and then went and bought a drawing board, some pins, piece of paper, card board, 2 pencils, indiarubber for 1fl 11sgr. When I went back it was locked! Tramway

[28 to 31] January

28 Thursday

Hanover. Kraut did not make a lecture again. I heard he was not going to the whole week, what fun. I skated in the afternoon after fetching my skates from Brandes who had sharpened them. Miss Panthon, Vandeleur, Emily, Howard & Anna Hahn were there, it was not very strong. Went to ornamental drawing in the evening began one copy. Paid Mrs Reinicke back the money from 20ℳ. Had a letter from Mamma. I bought some India Rubber ring for 7sgr.

29 Friday

Han. Kraut did not make a lecture today either. I forgot to ask Cuno for his notes over analytische Chemie of Thursday and Monday last. [matches 3sgr]. I had a lesson by Miss Appuhn and had forgotten to take my pocket handkerchief there, bought 6 copy books; could not get the glue for Uncle Arnold. I heard from Anna Hahn that Tante Pauline was coming through today. Architekt Simon gave a lecture on ornamental drawing.

30 Saturday

Hanover. Professor v. Quintus Icilius did not give a lecture. I had a post card from Tante Pauline. I fetched her from the station and walked about in the town with her till nearly One when I came home by tramway. I finish my reine Chemie and reading Old Mortality. Had my hair cut, was going to bathe but its freezing stopped me; I was afraid of catching cold again

31 Sunday

Han. Went to church. Skated in the afternoon. wrote to Mamma and Clara. Stayed here nobody particular here

February 1875

[1 to 3] February

1 Monday

Hannover. Kraut made a lecture, I have got No 22 to analyse. I had rather a headache from about one o'clock, most likely from the fall I had on the ice yesterday (I cut myself above the eye on the ice). Mrs Reinicke gave me my 5fl pocket money. I went to the Laboratory in the afternoon. Did not write any of my lectures out. Went and fetched Vandeleur and went to the theatre, we could not get a ticket under 25Ggl for the parquet[2] so went to the olymp. met Handcock. It was slow. Miss Panthon & A. Hahn were there.

2 Tuesday

Hanover. Kraut made a lecture again. I paid 1fl 6sgr for my washing. Kraut began hollowing at me today because I had used the Na2O H2O on the table and I began to make some for myself, broke 2 large filters trying to filter it. I had another lesson by Miss Appuhn. Went to the figure drawing for the first time, bought 2 pieces of paper. They gave Lohengrin in the theatre which I wanted to see but could not go two days running.

3 Wednesday

Hanover. Made some Schwefelammonium. [Ammonium Sulphate] Went in the Tramway to the Polytecknic in the afternoon. Paid Anna for the ink she bought me. It was very bad weather all day. I did not go to the drawing lesson to day because I wanted to write out some of my analytic Chemistry but only just began. Professor Kraut showed me a piece of bunkupferer that is No 22 and a piece of 23 the number I have now, and I saw that it is Linkspath. I heard from Mr Berg the other day that it contained 9 different elements, but I can hardly believe it.

[4 to 7] February

4 Thursday

Hanover. Had number 23 to analyse. I have not finished it yet, it being a Li02 salt makes it take a long time. In the afternoon I went and bought some stamps, postcards and Packetaddresse for 7sgr. from the 10 gr. Frl. Strifler paid me for stamps I gave her. I walked down the Georgstrasse, as I was going home I saw Anna Hahn & Miss Panthon and walked down the Pferdethurmer Schaussee with them. Went to the ormamental drawing in the evening. It is freezing. Adressed the gloves from Aunt Ida to Clamor Schwacke.

5 Friday

Hanover. Kraut gave me No 24 to analyse too as there being no "Schwefelige Saure" [Sulphurous Acid, H2SO3]. I could not get on with 23. Miss Appuhn had put my french lesson out today. Architect Simon put his lecture out to hand [?] I was told, we might draw but there would not be any master there so I did not go. Sent Aunt Ida the letter also. I was not able to write out much of my analytical Chemistry. But as Quintus Icilius is not going to lecture tomorrow, I hope to do some more.

6 Saturday

Hanover. Got up at about ¼ past 7 and went to the station with Herr Amtsrichter Reinicke from there I went to Polytechnic. Quintus is still ill, [...] from there I went to Vandeleurs who was just getting up, came with him here to fetch my skates and went and looked at the maseh [?ice] it was not thick enough to skate on. I saw Sophiechen Westermacher as I was going to the ice. I worked from there to dinner, at analytik chemistry. Walked on the George Street after dinner till nearly 4. Worked at analytical chemistry not quite finished; Made a penwrper [?]. S. Westerm. has gone to a maskerade.

7 Sunday

Hanover. I went to Hilderheim. Had dinner at Tante Sophie's. Went to Aldens. PourLigurte [?] Ham. Tante Gechla Grote; Tante Nandine was dreadful.

[8 to 10] February

8 Monday

Hanover. Kraut was not in the laboratory the whole day. It snowed a great deal so I did not go to skate. I stayed at home in the evening in order to finish writing out my analytische Chemie but could not quite finish it, had about 2 pages more to write out. I have finished writing out my Reine Chemistry. I played at Bezique with Anna Reinicke before I went to the laboratory in the afternoon. I got my paper early enough today without waiting like last Monday.

9 Shrove Tuesday

Hanover. Professor Dr Heeren made some liquid Schwefelige Saure [Sulphurous Acid]. Professor Dr Kraut was very early today in the laboratory. 2 Tramways. My wash came back today I had to pay 18sgr for it. Have not quite finished writing out my analytic chemistry. I skated this afternoon. There were a tremendous lot of English people there. I went to draw this evening. I am afraid I have spoilt my old women's head having shaded the nose too badly. Sweeps on the ice.

10 Ash Wednesday

Hanover. Quintus Iciius did not give a lecture today at least I do not think so. I did not go to see. Old Dr Heeren poured some liquid schwefelige saure into the fellows hand and mine it was dreadfully cold as it cooks at -10°. Skated all the afternoon. Miss Panthon was there. I skated with her nearly all the time she was there. I gave 6₰ to the sweeps on the ice. It was dreadfully full there, and splendid ice behind the railway. Went to the polytechnik in the tram in the morning. I went to drawing this evening and finished my head of Venus. Had a letter from Mamma.

[11 to 14] February

11 Thursday

Hanover. All went on as usual in the laboratory. Kraut made a lecture. I skated in the afternoon till about 5½ o'clock with Emily, Vandeleur who was always after his girls, Finlyne, and a lot of other acquaintances. Miss Panthon said she was going to skate but did not come most likely because it snowed so dreadfully the ice was not very good. Sweeps. I posted a letter to Tante Nadine telling her that Adolph was rather better. Went to draw. Finished 1st drawing.

12 Friday

Hanover. Professor Kraut told us that he was only going to give us 3 lectures a week from now. I bought a valentine and sent it to Dora a tremendous big one but not very pretty. I did not skate today because I went to the laboratory. I went to drawing lecture but when I got there I found out there was none so I came back. I bought a sketch book for the lectures and a ruler (tea square) for 9sgr and some drawing pins. I have got to write out some of my analytical chemistry.

13 Saturday

Hanover. Quintus is still ill so we did not have any lecture. I skated from about 10 to 1. Had my strap mended. I also skated from about ½ past 2 till nearly 6. One stupid cookoo was always after Miss Adams. I skated a good deal with Miss Panthon. I gave the sweepers on the ice. — I have written out a good deal of my analytical chemistry, I must only write out the end of silver and beginning of lead.

14 Sunday

Went to church. wrote to Mamma and Maggie's birthday, skated in the afternoon. stayed here. In the evening Hesternackers and Capt Keck were here.

[15 to 17] February

15 Monday

Hanover. Posted letter to Maggie this afternoon, It thawed all day. Kraut did not make any lecture. He never is going to on Mondays and Fridays; I skated from about 2 till ¼ past four. Sweeps. I skated once up and down with Miss Adams, it was very wet. I did not go to the laboratory nor to the drawing as I went with Messerschmitt to see Konig Richard der Zweite. It was very good we went on a polytechniker ticket in 2 rang. Vandeleur would not go. It was not very full.

[1fl 12.- for ticket to Hildersheim, Tea Square, Sketchbook] (boot repaid in)

16 Tuesday

He gave me some phosphorauze with which I am to make a "quantitative Bestimmung" of ⅔ orthophosphsaures Kali. [ortho phospates potash]. Had a private lesson by Miss Appuhn in French. I showed her my Shakespeare's Album which she did not know. There was not anybody (except I think 1 person) on the ice skating it rained nearly all day. I bought 6 copybooks. I went to drawing altered the nose and a few other things; coming home I went into the theatre to see if anybody was there, and just in front of me stood Prof. Kraut.

17 Wednesday

Hanover. All went on as usual here. I have neutralized the P2O5 [phosphorus pentoxide] with K2OCO4 and put some more P2O5 in it. [Have I got the chemical formula correct, difficult to read the subscripts]. Dampft il ein [evaporated] and have left it to crystalize. It is Maggie's birthday today. I wonder whether she has got my letter in right time. I went to drawing this evening. did not get on very much with my head because the two Masters contradict each other so, one tells me to shade it more, the other less. Coming back I went into the theatre to see if anybody was there but although I had to wait about ½ an hour I could not find anybody. I thought Hahns would be there because there was no light there when I went but afterwards there was.

[18 to 21] February

18 Thursday

Hanover. Did not get any crystals so I concentrated it a little more and it began to crystallize almost directly. Professor Kraut showed us a teespoon that melted in hotwater. I went to Vandeleur's & went to the ice in the afternoon and found Handcock there but did not skate as we had not taken our skates, it was not very good. I went to see the woman in white with Georg Reinicke it was rather joly on the whole. It froze hard all day. I bought a book of words to the woman in white.

19 Friday

Hanover. I got a good many nice little crystals and put some in to grow, but I am afraid I have not concentrated it enough. We had no lecture in analytical Chemistry it being Friday. It is very cold, there is a very strong wind indeed. When I went to Miss Appuhn's I [met her?] & Miss Westermacher and went in with the latter, who was going to fetch her aunt. I bought 1 copybook. I went to drawing lecture and when we had sat there ½ an hour, as Mr Simon did not come we went.

20 Saturday

Hanover. We had no lecture in Pysiks by Quintus Icilius, I went to the ice and skated from about 10 till nearly 1. There were a lot of English fellows there I knew. Miss Panthon and Anna Hahn were not there although they said they were coming most likely because of the sharp wind. I skated in the afternoon to from nearly 3 till about 10 minutes to 6, I have not been able to finish my Reine Chemie from this week, I shall have to stay away from drawing one day I expect most likely Tuesday.

21 Sunday

Hanover. Went to church. land. Stallman preached [or l and Stallman]. Wrote to Mamma, My wash came. Skated in the afternoon. Stayed here to tea. nobody particular here.

[22 to 24] February

22 Monday

Hanover. I did a good deal to my quantative Bestimmung. I did not get many crystals but some good ones. I concentrated it a good deal more and got some crystals almost directly. I worked in the laboratory in the afternoon. Vandeleur was not there he skated. I did not go to drawing because I went to the Theatre with Vandeleur to see Iphigenie auf Tauris; Fraulein Hildebrandt played very well so did Liebe but it is a pity he is so loose in his movements. Went to parquet. Hahns were there. Bought a dozen pens.

23 Tuesday

Hanover. Everything went on as usual in the morning. In the afternoon I went and had a private french lesson by Miss Appuhn and went and skated after that till about ½ past 5; worked a little then at my reine Chemie and then went to drawing directly after tea. I have now got a little girl's head half face. I got on pretty well with it as yet. Berg asked me to lend him 10sgr because he must go to the dentist, so I did. I got a good many crystals but only very little ones indeed and the ones I put in had not grown very much.

24 Wednesday

Hanover. Professor Kraut told me such a lot what I was to do that when he got to the end I was not much wiser than I was at the beginning. I did not go to the laboratory in the afternoon nor to drawing in the evening, but wrote out a good deal of my reine chemie and reckoned out how much Water there is in my salt. I went to Herrenhäuser to skate in the afternoon with Anna Hahn and Miss Panthon and Matilde Hahn. 3sgr for Tramsways there and back. It was very good ice and was sheltered a good deal from the wind but I do not think it worth while to go there when the march is so near. There was a strong wind yesterday.

[25 to 28] February

25 Thursday

Hanover. Got on pretty well with my quantative Bestimmung [the determination of presence or amount of a chemical] When I came home I found my chemistry book come from England. It is an earlier edition of Wills translated into English. I skated from a little past 2 till about ½ past 5. Vandeleur & Emily were there. Emily found a very good piece of ice behind his bridge, we skated there all the latter part. Miss Panthon was there for about 12 minutes. I skated a little with Miss Clerk. I went to drawing in the evening with the tramway.

26 Friday

Hanover. Got up rather late, 5 minutes to 8 by my watch and had to hurry a good deal but did not come so very late. I have not finished my quantitative Bestimmung yet. I have put my name down for a ticket to the picture gallery for the whole season for 1,5ℳ. Had another lesson by Miss Appuhn, went to the laboratory in the afternoon, did not get away until about ½ past 5. Went to the lecture of anamental drawing by Architeck Simon, he is going to give another lecture tomorrow. Did not skate.

27 Saturday

Hanover. I got up at the usual time and worked from about ½ past 8 till 11 at my Reine Chemie which I finished. I then went to skate and was nearly the only person on because of the wind. I skated till about ½ past 12 then went to Hahn's had a cup of tee there and asked if they were going to skate but they are not going to. I skated again in the afternoon till nearly 5 but there were only a very few people there. I worked a little at my analytical chemistry, and then went to drawing. Mr Simon made a lecture. [Bankgeld 1₰]. Had a letter from Mama.

28 Sunday

Hanover. Wrote to Mama. Went to English Church. Mrs R gave me 5fl. Skated in the evening. Had my skates put on

March 1875

[1 to 3] March

1 Monday

Hanover. Went to the laboratory in the morning, got there in time. Prof Kraut was rather cross on the whole. I did not go in the afternoon and Kruse told me Kraut had scolded that I was not there. I skated with Miss Adams and Sophie Westermacher, there was not much wind today, behind the bridge there was some very nice ice. I wrote to Clara her birthday being on Wednesday. Went to drawing in the evening, bought some paper and 2 pencils for 5½sgr. Gave 6₰ on the ice. Could not do much of my work.

2 Tuesday

Hanover. Prof Kraut did not come to the laboratory all the morning, that was all humbug what Kruse told me yesterday that Kraut had scolded that I had not been there. I skated in the afternoon a little while with S. Westermacher. [Bankgeld 3₰]. After I had skated till about 5 I took my skates to be ground and then came home, could not do my work. Miss Appuhn wants me to learn 10 words. I went to drawing got on pretty well; on my way home went into theatre and walked home with Anna Hahn & Miss Panthon.

3 Wednesday

Hanover. Prof Dr Heeren told us a lot of invisible inks which get visible by warming. Prof Kraut told me to work out all I have been doing with K2OP2O5. I got a letter from Herbert who wants to have some German stamps. It was written up in the polytecknic that we can get our tickets to the picture exhibition in the museum. I did not go today. I did not skate but heard from S Westermacher that the ice was very bad, she was here. I went to fetch my skates which were not finished being sharpened. Berg gave me my 10Ggl back. Did not go to drawing. Worked up to where we began today in analytical chemistry.

[4 to 7] March

4 Thursday

Hanover. Prof Dr Heeren told us to take our coats into the room as there was plenty of room and otherwise they stand the chance of being stolen. I have got to do my quantative analysis of the phosphoirc acid all over again because Kraut said I must have made a mistake. I fetched my skates at 1 o'clock they were ground very well except the toes and heals. They cost 5Ggl. I skated in the afternoon, a little with Miss Clerk. I went on the river a little while; worked out a good deal of my practical chemistry. I did not draw.

5 Friday

Hanover. I took my great coat downstairs today and always shall now, in order that it does not get stolen. In the afternoon when I came from Miss Appuhn I found my filtrat[e] had got "twribo" [?] and so I had to begin my analysis of phosphoric acid all over again. Kraut made a lecture today instead of last Tuesday. Fetched my season ticket to the picture gallery. I bought a copybook. Went to the drawing lecture in the evening. Found the piece of metal from Mama in the cover of the book she sent to me.

6 Saturday

Hanover. I worked at my laboratory chemistry and analytical which I did not quite finish. I took my trousers to the tailors and ordered another pair of new ones. I skated in the morning for about an hour with Miss Panthon on the garten masch and behind the Eisenbahndamm was pretty good ice. In the afternoon I worked a little and skated till nearly six first with Miss Adams, and afterwards humbuged about with Sam Vandeleur. Went to the Theatre to see King Henry the Fourth 1st part. 2 rang left. Mr Muller [Falstaff] played very well indeed.

7 Sunday

Han. It rained when I got up. I went to Ernst after English church. And went to Herr Gunther and Hahns in the evening.

[8 to 10] March

8 Monday

Hanover. I have not got any crystals yet and I do not believe I ever shall have any. I have finish writing out my analytical chemistry up to today but have still got a good deal of Reine chemie. I got the rest of my wash today and had to pay 15Ggl for it. I have not got my paper today no more. I did get yesterdays so Mrs Reinicke wrote to the Expedition and told them to send me them. I cleaned out my drawer in my work table and put it a little to rights.

9 Tuesday

Hanover. I made a bet with Vandeleur for a parquet ticket that Cambridge would win the boat race, we went into Robée's to see the times had a cup of Bouillon there. I had another lesson by Fraulein Appuhn and afterwards went to the Aegidienplatz to waite for Vandeleur & Emily who never came. I met them afterwards in the town. I did not go to drawing but wrote out some of my reine Chemie. Washed out my NH3MgOP2O5. finished it and put it in the drying cupboard.

10 Wednesday

Hanover. Prof. Kraut came up to me and said I seemed to find it diffcult (the work in the lab,) he supposed I did not write my work down again at home, he made a mistake there at any rate he said and he had noticed that I found it difficult to take notes in Analytical chem. and asked me whether I wrote down anything that would be of any good to me etc etc. Prof Quintus Icilius began his lectures again to day he looks very ill and sits down nearly all the time. He is going to put in an extra lecture after Easter. I bought two little boxes for my filters. Ernst Alten sent me his little platin tiegel. I went to a lecture of Dr Dur about the human eye.

[11 to 14] March

11 Thursday

Hanover. I came in right time to chemistry today as I usually have been lately. I finished my quantitative analysis now, it is pretty nearly right. Prof Kraut gave a tremendously slow lecture today about Hiob[?] Tantalum & Titanium. I went to the picture gallery and met Emily there with his sister. There are some good pictures there but a lot of middling one too some with very queer subjects. I worked out my quantitative analyis and some of my reine chemie but have still got a lot left. And all this weeks analytical.

12 Friday

Hanover. Got up a little late at 5 minutes to eight and we have to be there at ¼ past. I came about 10 minutes too late and was not the last, Had a lesson by Miss Appuhn, went to the laboratory in the afternoon. Went with Vandeleur to the cardbord shop and ordered two boxes for our filters. I ... [?] a lot for Vandeleur. Went to the drawing lecture and drew a lot of sketches. Went in Tramway Wrote to Ralph's birthday and put 9 3₰ stamps on the envelope. Bought 10 stamps at 3₰.

13 Saturday

Got up at about ½ past seven and worked till I went to Quintus's lecture which was rather slow today; After that I went with Vandeleur to the Knockenhouer Strasse and had a warm bath, came back in the tramway. Went to the picture gallery after dinner till 4 o'clock worked from 5 till tea and after tea till about a quarter to eleven, have nearly finish my reine chemie. Had a letter from Mama who says the business has gone very wrong and we should most likely have to leave Highgate.

14 Sunday

Hanover. Wrote a long letter to Mama went to Church, fetched our boxes for filters. Went with Adolph & Ulricht to Hemmingen. Tram.

[15 to 17] March

15 Monday

Hanover. I took two cardbord boxes to the lab. They were too small so I sold mine to Cune for 2½ sgr and ordered one this afternoon. Written out all my reine Chemie except one short sentence. I went to drawing this evening and shall most likely go every evening this week as it is the last week which there is any. I finished analyse No 30 and have now got No 13. I have not begun it yet. Today is Ralph's birthday, I wonder if he has got my letter today in time.

16 Tuesday

Hanover. Got[?] to the polytechnik just in right time. I had a lesson with Miss Appuhn and after it I went down the Georgestrasse and back, coming back I met Handcock and went with him to his house and from there we were going to Vandeleur's but met him when we got nearly there; we then went to Vinief's (bookseller). I asked about a bazar, but could not get one. I came home and wrote out my reine Chemie, could not write out any more because I had a headache. I went to drawing today. The lessons last till today week.

17 Wednesday

Hanover. Everything went on as usual in the lab in the morning. Vandeleur brought our boxes for our filters in the afternoon. I went to the Kunst Ausstellung in the afternoon for about an hour, there were not many new pictures there. A v. Marenholz was there. I did not speak to her, there was nobody else particular there. Next I went to laboratory, I met Tante Ida & her sister from Ladrtze, I only spoke to them a few minutes. I bought 2 numbers of the bazar and sent them to the post paid 11 for them and 2.5₰ for the stamps. I went to drawing in the evening, have not finished my girl's head yet.

[18 to 21] March

18 Thursday

Hanover. Professor Heeren began Quicksilver today, I was a little late. Prof Kraut made his last lecture before the holiday which begins on Saturday. I went to Hahn's after dinner and from there with Anna Hahn & Miss Panthon to the Künst Ausstellung, the new picture of Kaulbach is there. I kept on hinting to them to ask me to go with them to Hildesheim on Sunday but they would not. Vandeleur came just before they went. I went to drawing. There are not to be any more ornamental drawing, only a lecture on Friday, Saturday & Monday.

19 Friday

Hanover. We have got as far as the Quicksilver oxyd salts by Prof Heeren. I got some things ready for making Antimonchloricr; There were not very many in the laboratory. I paid Grube for all the things I have had by him this quarter it was [50?] 78nf or about 1fl 2sbr 9½₰. I had a lesson by Miss Appuhn, she told me that I was not to have any lessons next week. I went to drawing today to hear a lecture by Achiteck Simon. I had not much time to do my work.

20 Saturday

Hanover. I worked a little before I went to Quintus Icilius. On the way there I took my scales and my platin crucible to a mechanikers to be made to rights. There were only 3 other fellows at Physiks and Prof Quintus said it was put out on account of the King's birthday. I walked about and tried to find something for Mrs Reinicke but could not. I fell down on the Schmide strasse. I bought two split rings at Köhsels. Went to the lecture by Mr Simon again. I had a letter from Mama.

21 Palm Sunday

Han. I went to Hildesheim with Anna Hahn & Miss Printhaus to the Dom there. Went to Bedehardi Kirche too. I stayed in Hildesheim till about 9.21. [Khigebentelgeld (5/6)]

[22 to 24] March

22 Monday

Hanover. My wash came. I bought a plant for Mrs Reinicke. I bought an instrument for cutting out counters for 15 sbr I finished my reine Chemie, but did not begin to do my analytical Chemistry as it is Mrs Reinicke's birthday. I made a lot of counters out of cardbord with the instrument I bought at Köhsel. I went to the picture gallerie in the afternoon. And went to meet Vandeleur, but did not see him but saw Emily who told me that Oxford had won the boat race. Went downstairs to tea.

23 Tuesday

Han. We all got up rather late today. I worked at my analytical chemistry but did not finish quite as much as I wanted to. Went to the picture gallery, saw Handcock there. Vandeleur fetched me just whilst I was drinking koffee. I went with him to Kraut but we did not go in as he walked out in front of our face. We went to the iron casting place in the Fabrikstrasse but Mr Turner was not there so we went away again. I went to drawing and finished my girl's head and went away again directly.

24 Wednesday

Hanover. We got up at about 8 o'clock, I wrote out some of my analytical chemistry, we played at poker for a little while two or three times. I went with Vandeleur to the cast iron factory but as Mr Turner had left Germany we went away. Vandeleur went to Kraut who was very kind. I went and fetched my platin Crucible and scales from Wolpess & - - -. They have not done my scales very well. I met Handcock when I was going home who had been trying his new pistol on the march. I am going with Reinicke to Shousbery in Linden one day next week.

[25 to 28] March

25 Thursday

Hanover. I got up rather late today, I wrote some of my analytical chemistry in the morning and the rest in the evening. I went to church in the morning. Met Willy Marenholz and his elder sister who did not recognize me as he told me afterwards. [Klingebentelgeld 6₰. (Collection)] I bought a plant for Miss Koch downstairs for 10 sgr. A very nice one for the money with a good many flowers already. We cut about 38 doz counters out of book covers, I poured some lead to cut them on. We made a form to pour the lead in in the evening.

26 Good Friday

Hanover. We got up rather late this morning. I had no time to write a letter. We were very quick here. I went to church where it was dreadfully full I do not think I ever saw it so full before. I went to Hahn's in the afternoon and evening. I went with Ernst Hahn to Ober-Consistorial-Rath [upper consistorial councillor] Uhlhorn to tell him I wanted to go the the Holy communion tomorow. Ernst Hahn will be exactly like Dr H. he talks away like anything. Anna Hahn said Tante Marie was very bad now, the Dr said there was no hope more.

27 Saturday

Hanover. Went with Anna Hahn and Ernst Hahn to the holy communion at 10 o'clock in the Schloss Kirche. Uhlhorn made a very nice beicht recle[?] [confession (recle?)]. I gave the Choirboys 5 sbr & Reuter 5 which Mrs Reinicke gave me back again. I paid 14 sbr for my wash and 1½ for pens and for some lead which I bought. I wrote a letter to Mamma and bought a new 25₰ stamp; I went to the picture gallery for a little while but there was nobody particular there and so I did not stay long.

28 Easter Sunday

Han. Posted my letter. Went to church collection for Henrithergh. It was rather slow today. G A E Reinicke gone out. played Rabuge won 2,2sbr[?]

[29 to 31] March

29 Easter Monday

Hanover. I went at 7.55 to Hildesheim alone and went direct to Altens where I found Oncle Gustav, Mariechen v. A. and Tante Marie v. A. up. Hederich v. A was in Church & Ernst v. A was not down when I arrived. In the morning I went with E.v.Alten to Elslart and from there to a "Landurrthsehaftlihes Jera th haus" [check with original text] which we went over then went to Dinner. After which Heino v. Hammerstein came and we went with him to fetch      v. Grote from the station and then went to Grote's. I had tea at Altens, And came back here with Herr v. Kheden. Heino Ham. and Ernst Pelten with the 9.21 train we had to ... Nordstemmen.

30 Easter Tuesday

Hannover. Mrs Reinicke paid me back the 24sgr & gave me a ?[a large coin] which I took to Uhlhorn. I bought ½ doz pens. I read 2 books of my reine Chemie. I went to the Picture Gallery and met Tekla geb. Schwacke [Tekla born Schwacke], Egon Schwacke, Tante Ida Schwacke, Chlothilde v. Hammerstein there. I saw oncle Wilhelm Schwacke afterwards. Egon S. wanted me to play billiards with him but I did not. I went to Klagesmarkt could not find Vandeleur. Met Willy & Albrecht Marenholz, the latter is going to Dresden on Saturday. I met Scott ?ox afterwards, and then came home, did not work any more in the evening.

31 Wednesday

Hanover. I got my bill for the Intelligenz blatt which I paid directly. I got up rather late today and only had time to read 1 book of my reine Chemie. In the afternoon I went first to the Kunstausstellung for the last time and then to Vandeleurs; met Albrecht Marenholz on the way went with him as far as their house; I did not find him at home, so left a card for him. I bought 8 stamps. Coming home I met Willy Marenholz. I made up a pretty lot of pieces of paper and wrote in the middle oh you april fool and sent it so Handcock. Went to the Theatre to Alte Schweden. It was very good. Liebe & Ullmenreich played very well. I came home with A.Hahn & Miss Panthon who also liked it very much.

April 1875

[1 to 4] April

1 Thursday

Hanover. I got up and went to the Polytechnik but Prof. Heeren has put out his lecture because he has a sore throat. But it cannot be very bad as I saw him in the street. Mrs Reinicke paid me my pocket money, and took off the 10 sgr which she lent me yesterday. I did not go to the lab. I went to the Schloss Kirche to the Pricfung der Confirmanden. It lasted from 10 till about 1 o'clock. I went to the laboratory but Grube said it was just the same as before Easter. I walked about with Willy Marenholz, Carl v.d. Wenfe, Becker & another fellow. I bought a pair of gloves with two holes in one of them.

2 Friday

Hanover. Prof. Heeren had put his lecture out so I went at 9 to the laboratory where I began making my Chlorantimon, it would not go alright so I had to heat it; Then it went alright. I went again to the laboratory in the afternoon and went on with my Chlorantimon, which I did not finish it keeps on evaporating H2S. Herr Amtsrichter Reinicke came from Hoya and says Aunt Meyer in Hoya is very bad.

3 Saturday

Hanover. I got up at ¼ past 8 and had to make a dreadful noise in order to get G Reinicke out of bed. I went to Physiks, Quintus began talking about the eye. After Physiks I went with Vandeleur to his tailors then to Lustz Hahns, then to Hubotter where I took my gloves to be sown up; and then to bookseller Hahns. Fetched my chemistry book and found out that I ought to have had Valentin's Chemical analysis it cost 8 sgr. I fetched my drawings. Went to the theatre; very good.

4 Low Sunday

Han. Went to the Confirmation , the Schlosskirch was there from about ¼ past 10 till 10 min past 2. Went to Hahn after dinner. Did not write.

[5 to 7] April

5 Monday

Hanover. I went at 8 o'clock to Prof Heeren's lecture, he is still rather hoarse I am sorry to say. I went on making my Chloroantimon but have not nearly finished yet.. I went to the laboratory in the afternoon too but as it happended to take rather a long nap I was only there a short time. I went with Georg Reinicke to the Weltumfegler wider Willen which was rather a stupid but funny and amusing piece; The litle girls went with the servant in the 3rd rang. Book for writing my Wasch in 6₰.

6 Tuesday

Hanover, Herr Amtsrichter Reinicke went back to Hoya this morning. I have finish cooking my chloroantimon and am to pour the liquid carefully off tomorrow. Clamor Schwacke sent me 9 fl for the gloves I sent him from Aunt Ida. I had a lesson by Miss Appuhn today I finished writing out all my reine & analytical chemistry that I have had yet. Tomorrow they are going to give As you like it for the first time. We made some more counters.

7 Wednesday

Hanover. Professor Heeren began Silver today but that not said much about it yet. I had 2 hours by Quintus Icilius from 9-11 and again a lecture by Kraut from 12-1. I bought some stamps for 3½ sgr. I went to the laboratory in the afternoon, after having received Irma's letter about our play. I wrote to Clamor to acknowledge the money but forgot to post it. It rained a good deal today, the spring seems to have come at last. I went to the Theatre to see "As you like it". I could not get a ticket to Parterre so I went 2 rang. Vandeleur & Messerschmitt did not go. Handcock & Emily were there. Fraulein Ellmenreich played very well, particularly when dressed as a boy.

[8 to 11] April

8 Thursday

Hanover. I came a little too late to Professor Heeren's lecture today and dropped my umbrella going to the Polytecknic in the morning I bought a hat at Wortling for 11.50 fl which Mrs Reinicke had given me. I payed Vandeleur for the bet I lost about the Oxford & Cambridge boat race. I learnt my part for tomorrow's rehearsal. And I learnt some french words for Miss Appuhn I wrote out my reine Chemie, finished the 8th book. Did not quite finish my analytical Chemie, but finished my 6th book. Paid Van. for the book.

9 Friday

Hanover. Professor Heeren lectured a lot about Knallsilber [silver fulminate]. I filtered a lot of my sbCl3 and then put it all to rights so as to be able to begin to deistill it on Monday. I had a lesson by Miss Appuhn. At 5 o'clock I went to Krauts where we were to have a rehearsal but Ernst Hahn did not come so we went to Hahns where we had a sort of rehearsal and now we are going to learn it all and going to have a rehearsal tomorrow at 6 o'clock. I bought two copy books for my chemistry.

10 Saturday

Hannover. I learnt a good deal of my part and came too late to Physiks, Quintus Icilius showed us a lot of instruments. I had my hair cut. I wrote out my reine Chemie and nearly all my analytical chemistry, I finished learning my part, but when I came to Hahns they told me Irma Braun & Sophie Hormann were gone to Hildesheim, it is a great bother I am afraid we shall not be able to act it on Monday. Mrs Reinicke gave me an orange.

11 Sunday

Han. Wrote to Mamma & Tante Marie Alten's birthday. Went to Hahns. Had rather a lark. Was greatly [..] a thought Western actress wasn't coming here and she did. [Klingelbeutel 1₰].

[12 to 14] April

12 Monday

Hanover. I distilled my chloroantimon the whole time, that is to say it was mostly HCl that has distilled yet a while I hope to finish it tomorrow, but I hardly believe I shall be able to. It has been very nice weather today. Professor Kraut has begun lecturing Organic Chemistry to the fellows who have been here for a year. We had a rehearsal at Hahns today. Ernst did not know his part half well enough. Irma brought[1] met her oncle Virauts student lap & band. I left my books at Hahns and had to fetch them in the evening.

13 Tuesday

Hanover. When I went to the Polytechnik this morning I met Messerschmitt who told me a lot about Bismark's kicking up a row with Belgium, and Vandeleur told me a lot about it too, he had read it in the Times. I went on distilling my Chloroantimon, which began to kick at last so I left off in order that the Chloroblei could crystallize out. I went to Hahns at five to have the last rehearsal, but it is of no good they do not know what a rehearsal is, and the whole affair will be a dreadful breakdown I am afraid.

14 Wednesday

Hanover. I came quite in good time to Chemistry this morning. I had two hours Physiks from 9-11. by Quintus Icilius made a little pause in the middle. I went to chemistry in the afternoon and went on distilling my Antimonchloride and it began to jump. When I came home, Adolph had been here and said I was to go to Hahns to put the things to right for the theatricals so I dressed and went directly. Of course I had to put nearly every thing to rights. Besides Hahns & Krauts were two Pagenstecher & Batens there. We did not know our parts properly and Mrs Kraut could not prompt properly it was on the whole rather a failure, but better than I thought.

[15 to 18] April

15 Thursday

Hanover. I am a little too late to Reine Chemie. I went on distilling my Chloroantimon, and got at last the Antimon Butter. The other liquid which was Anthimonchloid with HCl I pricipitated with water as barisch Chlorantimon. In the afternoon I went for a walk up to the Herrenhäuser Allée alone when I came home I read my part over (we are going to play it again and have a grand rehearsal on Monday at 5) abd after coffee I worked at my analytical chemistry but did not quite finish it. I learnt some french words.

16 Friday

Hanover. Ernst Hahn told me that Dr Hahn did not want us to act [?] that again he said it was nonsense and it took too much of Ernst & Adolph's time away. I went in the tramway to school in the morning. I went to the Theatre to see Tannhauser. I met Emily there and went with him and a young man Herr Westphal whom he introduced to me up in the 4 rank. It was very nice. Herr Müller plays and sings so well. Afterward I walked a part of the way home with Irma B. & Frau[?] Hormann who had been there.

17 Saturday

Hannover. I got up rather late and could not do much work before I went to Physiks to which I came in very good time. After that I came home and worked till dinner. After Dinner Adolph Braun W.v.d.Alten, Gerber, Lichtenberg & F. Edler came for As to a Vorfeier to G. Reinicke's birthday. We played in the garden first and afterward played different round games indoors, the last of which was great nonsense, mainly writing down two names w[h]ere the people greet and all that sort of nonsense.

18 Sunday

Han. Went to Church. Went to Hahn in the afternoon. Stayed home in the evening. Mr Koch & Cleve were here that's all.

[19 to 21] April

19 Monday

Hanover. I came a little too late again this morning to Chemistry, I must look sharp now. I am to make Antimonoxy out of my antimony things. After I left the laboratory I went and bought a Schwefelstickdon for a present for Georg R, it being his birthday today. We did not have a rehearsal today I expect that it will never be given again because Dr Hahn does not like it. Played Poker a little in the afternoon after the lab. worked at my Reine Chemie. I have begun writing out Platin. Paid for my wash. Had a letter from Tante Marie Alten.

20 Tuesday

Hanover. Did not come too late to Dr Heeren's lecture this morning he lectured about the Ballet dancers' dresses. I had a lesson by Miss Appuhn but had not learnt any words for it. My newspaper only came very late just when I was going to pst a post card on which I had written that I had not yet received it. The postcard I bought at 3 o'clock I wrote out all my analytical Chemistry and some of my reine Chemie. I have now got about 6 pages more to write out.

21 Wednesday

Hanover. When we had sat at reine Chemie for about ½ an hour Borckers came in and said Prof. Heeren had not come and we had better not wait for him, so we went away I walked about till it was time to go to Physiks and then went up. Prof Quintus showed us the Sonnenspektrum [solar spectrum] it was very good but the dark lines that he talked about were very thin indeedm he afterwards showed us that by throwing the rays on to a "hohlspiegel" [Concave mirror] one can reverse the colous that is to say where the red end was there is the violet end & reverse. Professor Kraut leactured about the Platinmetalls. Mrs Reinicke is in Hildesheim. I have not had a letter from home for about 3 weeks.

[22 to 25] April

22 Thursday

Hanover. I came too late to chemistry again today, (I must get up earlier) of course Prof Heeren had learnt the Tanletin he prepared on Tuesday. He finished the inorganic chemistry and began organ[ic] chemistry is going to begin with Oxalsäure tomorrow. Professor Kraut has finished the metalle today and has begun Sulphur. Mrs Reinicke came back from Hildesheim by the train which is due here at 5,55 in the afternoon. I have not yet had a letter from home, I cannot make out why they don't write.

23 Friday

Hanover. I did not come too late to Chemistry today. Prof Heeren began lecturing about O or C2O3 or Oxalsäure. I have got number 16 to analyse it is a Legirung with Arsenik in it. Prof Kraut said he would give me a quantitative analysis next week. I went to the laboratory in the afternoon too. I bought a copybook for 1 .. I have written out my reine Chemie as far as organic Chemistry. I have not had a letter today either. I had a lesson by Fraulein M Appuhn today from 2-3.

24 Saturday

Hanover. I bought a copybook for writing my quantitative analysis in. I have written out all my analytical & reine Chemie, and copied my first quantitative analysis into the book I bought. Quintus Icilius' lecture was very slow. In the afternoon I went with Ernst Hahn & Adolph Braun to Hemmingen. When we got there we had coffee and fished but did not (Tram 1/-) catch anything. In the evening we drank 1½ bottle of champagne and I smoked 3 cigarettes. We left there at 9,5 and I got here at 10,15. We had to walk home too late from Tram.

25 Sunday

Han. Went to church. After church I visited Berstoff with Irma, Adolph & Ulricht. Walked up Hurn hauser way with Vandeleur & Hancock. Stayed up this evening. Only Paptara Koch here. Stamp [2/6]

[26 to 28] April

26 Monday

Hanover. I did not come too late to Prof Heeren's lecture today. He lectured about Weinsaure [tartaric acid]. I went on with my No 16 and have nearly finished it, quite all but the unlösliche [insoluble] Oxyde. Prof Kraut gave me No 17 which is Schweinfurther Grun = CuOA + CuOA2O3. I am to bestimon it quantitative, he said. I help Anna Reinicke translate her English. I finish all my reine chemie but did not have time to write out any of my practical or read any of my old reine, over. I learnt some french words for my french lesson tomorrow. Have not had a letter yet.

27 Tuesday

Hanover. I got up as I thought at about ½ past 7 and when I dressed I went down and found it was 9 instead of 8 so I had to miss my lecture, but I copied Vandeleur's notes as soon as I got to the Laboratory. I lent Berg 2½ Lilbesgs. In the afternoon I had a lesson by Miss Appuhn. I had not time to write out all my Analytical chemistry as I went to see the Vampsyz. Adolph Braun was there. My paper did not come so I sent a postcard. I have not yet had a letter from home.

28 Wednesday

Hanover. I got up at about 7 and worked out some of my analytical chemistry, Quintus 1st lecture was very slow the last one was a little better. After Physiks I took Heynemann a American who has Physiks with me to the laboratory, I showed him the scales and the reiteschen, and he touched the thing over which it hangs. And Prof Kraut came as red as a turkey and swore at him dreadfully. I am to work at place No 7 now as Henis is not there now. I worked all my analytical chemistry out but not all my reine. I got a nasty tiny thorn in my finger this afternoon.

[29 to 2] April & May

29 Thursday

Hanover. I went to all the lectures as usual and Kraut told us he would not be in Hanover next week and would therefore have to put out his lectures. In the afternoon I read my paper and then went as far as Herrenhäuser and back again and then worked. I went to ask Emily whether he would go with me to Tivoli but he said he could not, so I did not go either. I had not quite time to finish my reine Cheme as I learnt 10 french words for my lesson tomorrow. I have not yet had a letter from home.

30 Friday

Hanover. I got up a little after 7 but took a good long time dressing so I had not time to write out my Chemistry, butI looked over my french words before School. Prof Heeren told us some receipts [recipes?] for Ink. I went to the laboratory in the afternoon. I have not got No 18 that is to say I have finished it now. I did not quite finish my reine Chemie again, but I did some of it. I have got a letter at last. Mamma dated it the 1st of April the envelope is dated the 28th. it was open too, but all right inside. Mrs R gave me my pocket money for May. I went to Tivoli it was not so bad.

May 1875

1 May Saturday

Hanover. I got up between 8 & 9 and worked till I went to school. Prof Quintus' lecture was very slow indeed. After the lecture I bought some stamps and 6 copybooks. I wrote out the rest of my Reine Chemie and began some of my pracktische. I had another letter today from the 27th. I went to Hahn's (bookseller) and asked if they coud change my inorganic Chemistry for qualitative analysis, but I was told it was not possible as it went through different hands before they get it and besides I had cut it. Ralph wrote and sent me some stamps.

2 Rogation Sunday

Han. Wrote to Mama & Ralph. Went to church. [Kligebentel 1₰ (Collection)]. Went to Laartzen in the afternoon came back at about 10 o'clock with train

[3 to 5] May

3 Monday

Hanover. Today we had a holyday because there is a fair. Mrs Reinicke gave me 7½ sbr & Miss Koch who is in bed 2½. I went to the market in the morning with G Reinicke and spent 5 sbr. I won a knife. On the way home I went to the "Expedition des honnoreiche Intelligenz blattes"[1] and fetched the 3 numbers which had not come. I went again soon after dinner with G.R. and we took an answer to a riddle. I went to the market again in the afternoon. I learnt some french words for tomorrow. And paid for my wash which came yesterday.

4 Tuesday

Hanover. I got up at 7 and worked a little before I went to school. I have now got No 19 to analyse but I have got to analyse 17 quantitatively, that is to say the Euizs. Baryh which I have made of it. Mrs Reinicke is in bed today too (she was on the 2 & 3rd also) she had great pain in her knee I believe. I bought a book of words to the Vampyr. I have written out all my reine & praktische Chemie except the very little of No 19 which I began today. We have had very hot weather here today I went to School without my great coat for the first time

5 Wednesday

Hanover. I got up in good time. Prof Heeren made some explosive Cotton today. Prof Quintus Icilius did not lecture today as he has gone with Prof Kraut somewhere or other, and has therefore put out his lectures for this week. I went to the laboratory this afternoon as well as this morning. Adolph came here for about ½ an hour this afternoon. I wrote out all my reine chemie and nearly all my Physiks. I also read some of my old reine Chemie, and have got as far as Phosphor. Mrs Reinicke is still in bed. It rained last night; beautiful weather today. I saw written up in the polytechnic that one fellow wants to give lessons in Mathematics.

[6 to 9] May

6 Thursday

Hanover. We had a holiday of course today. I got up at about 8. I went to the Schlosskirche. Miss Appuhn & S Westermacher were there, they told me to give their love to Mrs Reinicke, also still in bed. Miss Clerk was also there. It seems to me as if the most English people have left off going to the Englisch church, since Mrs Wilkens wrote a book about there being no hell, and then telling the people in church that if they did not get better they would go to hell. I went to fetch Adolph Braun, Ernst Hahn & Vandeleur but they were all out. I read the Schullers. Thieves (Räuber) from beginning to end.

7 Friday

Hanover. I came a little too late so that I did not see Prof Heeren burn the guncotton. I have now got No 31 to analyse. Mrs Reinicke gave me a 10 fl banknote to pay Miss Appuhn with. And I could not change it at Dominos Jacob and Athmurs, but Mayer the Banker changed it for two 5 fl banknotes. I paid the other out of my money and gave Mrs R. back 3 fl so that I owe her now 1 fl more. Ulrich Braun came and made me a visit, he brought his stamp-album. He has got some very good stamps.

8 Saturday

Hanover. As Quintus Icilius is still away we had no lecture today. I worked a little directly after breakfast and then went to the assizes to hear a case where Buckholz a swindler is accused of "Betrügerischen Bankrott" [fraudulent bankruptcy] with his wife, eldest son and 2 servants. After dinner I went to Mr Wilhelms a polytechniker who wants to give lessons in Mathematics but he was not at home. My book has not yet come that I ordered at bookseller Hahns. I went to the Theatre to see Bidukind, I gave Adolph Braun a ticket, we went up in the Gods. Miss Ellmenreich looked very nickoo[?] particularly at last. [10/-]

9 Sunday

Han. I went to the Mark church with G.R. [Klingelbeutel (collection bag) 6.] Went to Herr Gunther, he was not well so I did not see him. Stayed at home Wrote to Mamma & Dora. [Mottenpulver (moth powder) 2/6]

[10 to 12] May

10 Monday

Hanover. Prof Kraut was not in the laboratory all the day, I expect he has not returned yet. I went to the Theatre to get a ticket to see Gök von Berlichingen but it was not given, it was changed for Alte Schweden. I paid 22.6 for my wash. Berg paid me back the 2½ which he owed me and Vandeleur bought a stamp for me. Went to the lab in the afternoon. Have got a nasty gathering on my nose the last few days it is better now. I went to Frensdorff to change the Cheque but Mrs R had to sign it first. Mamma has written.

11 Tuesday

Hanover. Prof Kraut was not in the laboratory all the morning. I went to Frensdorff to change the cheque for 25 lbs. I got 1700 fl for it. I just went in to see the assizes in the morning and about an hour in the afternoon. I had a lesson by Frau Appuhn. I went to the Lhukstrasse to see Wilhelms but he was not at home so I said I would write. I went in the Tramway. I have written out all my reine Chemistry, I meant to fetch the book from Hahns but did not have time. Mrs Reinicke is still in bed.

12 Wednesday

Hanover. I slept till ½ past 8 and so I could not go to reine Chemie. I went to Quintus Icilius second lecture from 10-11. Prof Kraut has not come back yet. I went to the laboratory in the afternoon after having been at the assizes for about ½ an hour. Fidelio isn't to be given tomorrow. I have now got to No 32 to analyse. I went to the Bookseller Hahn but my book (Valenin's qualitative chemical analysis) has not arrived yet, they are going to send it as soon as it comes. A Hahn & A Panthon were to have come home today but I do not think they did so I did not take Mama's letter there. I wrote to Mr Wilhelms about my lesson. bought a stamp & posted it.

[13 to 16] May

13 Thursday

Hanover. Prof Kraut has not come back yet so I suppose he will not come back till after Whitsuntide. This afternoon I went to Hahn's and gave Anna Hahn who had returned with Miss Panthon from a journey to Theressenstadt last night, a letter from Mama. I then went to the Police assizes but there was not much off today so I did not stop long. I went to Fidelio (in the gallery) with Emily & Hancock, [the] latter went away after the first act. Miss Gungl has got a very good voice. I bought a Textbook.

14 Friday

Hanover. I got in to Prof Heeren's lecture room just at the same time as he did, he is now lecturing about Schellack aned Golophonium. Kraut has not come back, as I thought I finished No 32 in the morning and went in the afternoon only so that Busse (assistant) should show me how to reckon my quaantitative analysis, which he did; after that I went to the assizes where I heard the end of the Kromanwalts speech and Mehlis & Simon speech. I went to see Gök von Berlichingen. I saw Carl n Reiche there but did not speak to him as he did not seem to know me.

15 Saturday

Hanover. I got up at eight. Georg Reiniche had gone to Hoya, his holidays began yesterday. I went to Quintus Icilius' lecture. After which I went to the assizes I stayed there till about ¼ past 2 but did not hear much because to jury as the Judges began running in & out all the time. At three I met Emily, Hancock & Vandeleur, and we went down to Georgia and rowed (Tram) Hancock & I in one boat; Emily & Vandeleur in the other After having rowed for an hour we drank a glass of bier and bathed & then came home. My wasch came. My book came Valentin's.

16 Whit Sunday

Hanover. Went to church collect. Went to Hemmingen. in the afternoon. stayed there all night. 2 Tramways

[17 to 19] May

17 Whitsun Monday

Hemmingen. Got up at about ½ past 7. I slept with Fresher[?] Hans v. Campe. It was very warm all day except early in the morning. I sat in the sun with Ernst v. Alten & Hans v. Campe in the morning for a good long time. After dinner we went up stairs till after Coffee. Ten we went to Deverse to the Schutzenfest. Frl. Gussie v. Linsingen, Herr Carl v. Alten-Linden and his wife geb Mary Linsingen were there. I danced with Miss v. Linsingen & Mariechen Alten, with the first I could not get on at all. I gave 50 .. to the Peijatz & 2 to the drummer

18 Whitsun Tuesday

Hanover. We got up at about 8. Ernst v. Alten was nearly up when we went down for a wander. In the morning we caught a lot of "Maicafern" for the chickens, and then sat under the trees in Marieenthal; it being very warm. In the afternoon at about ½ past 4 we drove away from Hemmingen to Linden but as the horses had lost some of their shoes as she ran away on Sunday they had to walk all way. I walked back here from Linden; on the way I paid for my qualitative chemical analysis by Valentin. Gms60..

19 Wednesday

Hanover. I got up a little before 8 and got to Prof Heerens lectures all in good time. At 9 I went to Physiks till 11. Quintus showed a good many things but it was nevertheless dreadfully slow. Prof Kraut has come back now. I have got No 33 to analyse now; it has got some chromium in it. In the aternoon I went to Herr Günther and asked him to get the conditions under which I could get into the Brussel business to learn Business. I went to the laboratory from 4 till 6. I have written to Oncle Gustav & to Otto Wilhelms a polytechniker with whom I shall most likely have Mathematik lesson.

[20 to 23] May

20 Thursday

Hanover. Professor Heeren had a lot of different aids on the table but he did not show them to us. I worked all the morning in the laboratory. I bought two postcards which I gave to Mrs Reinicke for the ones I borrowed from her the day before. In the afternoon I walked once up and down the Georgstrasse. I got a letter from Mama (!) Mrs Reinicke is up now but she cannot walk about properly. I have not finish writing out my analytical chemistry.

21 Friday

Hanover. Came in proper time to Prof Heeren's lecture he showed us about 100 different oils I went to the laboratory in the morning and afternoon I am nearly finished with 33. I have only got to find out whether one precipitate contains P2O5 or not. I have got a post card from Oncle Gustav saying he would meet me at Salzgitter at 9 o'clock if possible. I hear that Westermachers are going tomorrow by the same train. Have got a little more analytical chemistry to write out.

22 Saturday

Liebenburg. I started from here at 6 o'clock and went as far as Börßum with Mr & Miss Westermacher and Miss G Appuhn. Oncle Gustav met me at Salzgitter. My ticket to Brunswick cost 1.. 19.. to Salzgitter. We walked first to the Burg where Oncle had to hear a Witness. I[n] the afternoon it rained a good deal so we could not go up to the Bäunkoph. It is very pretty here. I read some parts out of [Ludwig] Devrient Novellen. In the evening we went into a "gast haus" and met 3 gentleman out of Liebenburg we drank some beer and I then went to Volkmans where I slept.

23 Trinity Sunday

Hanover. It rained a good deal. Could not go to Bäreskopt. Came back at ¼ past 12 at night. [A glass of beer at Brunswick 1/6].

[24 to 26] May

24 Monday

Hanover. G Reinicke woke me a 7 but I went to sleep again and slept till past 8. As I had to miss Heeren's lecture I borrowed Vandeleur's notes. I went to Wilhelms to arrange about lessons fees[?] T[?]ram. I am going to have two lessons a week. I wrote to Mamma and Oncle Gustav, and bought a stamp and postcard. I lost 1.. on the tramway. I have taken ½ a sovereign from my English money and changed it for 3..10.. because I am afraid I shall not have enough money without.

25 Tuesday

Hanover. Got up in very good time. I took Vandeleur's book back which he had lent me to copy out yesterday's lecture. I have got No 34 to analyse, now it takes such a long time. I had another private lesson by Miss Appuhn after which I bought a parquet ticket for the Räubers. I have written out all my chemistry, and learnt some Geometrie. I looked in my chemistry book about the formulae and have found out one was but not the other. I wish I had waited. got a 2 rang ticket. lagen.

26 Wednesday

Hanover. I came in good time to Prof Heeren's lecture. I went to Quintus Icilius' lectures from 9-11. he showed us a good deal about Photographing. I have not got much further in my analysis. I sold my ticket to Morsleman for 1/6 because I shall either go to Parterre with Messerchmidt ... 2ns Rang. I had a lesson by Wilhelms in Mathematics, we went through a good deal; I like his lessons very well on the whole only it is a nuisance to go to his house which is about ½ an hours walk everytime. I went with the tram. I saw the adjudant of the general who was in Lidenburg on Sunday.

[27 to 30] May

27 Thursday

Hanover. I got up at 8 o'clock and worked ar my analytical chemistry till I had finished it. It was past 11. I then went to a shop in the Packhofstrasse to try and get a box but could not (it rained dreadfully). I bought 100 peices of writing paper & 100 envelopes at Carl Hahns for. I went to Hahns from a little past 2 for two hours they are going to start for England on Tuesday. I gave Mrs Reinicke the 170.. and paid her 28.. for an old wash, she had paid me. She gave me pocket money.

28 Friday

Hanover. I came to Prof. Heeren's lecture in pretty good time. After the lecture was over I went to the theatre and bought a ticket for today to the gallery, one for tomorrow to 2 rang 9th etage and one for Monday for Parterre. I also bought 2 .. other tickets one for Messerschmitt and one for another fellow out of the laboratory. I also bought a text book to the Stumme von Portici, [The Dumb Girl of Portici] which I saw this evening. Frl Hildelbrandt played very well but Herr Candidus was dreadful he was just like a stick.

29 Saturday

Hanover. I went to Physiks. Prof Quintus Icilius does not get on very quickly. After that I had a lesson by Wilhelms in Mathematics. I bought a copybook. I went to Hahns for about an hour in the afternoon. In the evening I went to see Philippine Welfer. Frl. Ellmenreich played for the last time. It was dreadfully full and hot. I heard that tickets were sold at 1 for 3.. . She played splendidly and got about 40 bouquets and 15 wreaths. She said a few words of thanks to the people at last was encored 31 times. I waited at back door where she came out. Punianer wanted to take horse out and full carriage but the coachman would not. She went to Rudolphe Hotel to a ball; a lot of people waiting to see her. She went in whilst nearly Hurrah! Hurah!

30 Sunday

Hanover. I wrote to Mamma bought 2 stamps. Went to Hahns in the afternoon & evening. Saw Tante Frieda Bernstarff after church.

[31 to 2] May & June

31 Monday

Hanover. I came in very good time to Prof Heerens lecture. I went to the laboratory in the afternoon too. I had my hair cut at the place "Am Balmhof", I went to Hahns to fetch Miss Panthon to go to the theatre but they had already gone. The Rauber was given by Polytechnikers. The theatre was very full indeed. I bought a programm (Cover; Inside page; Back page) for 1 .. 6 .. . Oechelhauser played very well so did Juhl & Wachsmuth and Stetzner. Juhl was rather awkward in making bows, I came home with Miss Panthon, Miss Hormann & Adolph Braun.

June 1875

1 June Tuesday

Hanover. I came in good time to Prof Heerens lecture, he is now at Oether. I am to make some Prussic acid tomorrow in order to separate the cobalt from the nickel. I had a private lesson by Miss Appuhn, after that I bought a photograph of Frl Ellmenreich & Frl Hildebrandt, each cost 9 ... I wrote to Ralph and sent him 2s to buy a present for Dora, and gave the letter to Anna Hahn who starts for England tonight at about one. I went with her to the station to see about a porter.

2 Wednesday

Hanover. I came a little too late to School today. I did not make the prussic acid today but I have got all the necessary things together now and shall begin tomorrow. I went to Ahlburg to see about a box and he showed me ones which had nearly the same dimensions as I wanted but I think it is too big altogether. I told him I would let him know tomorrow; I saw Altens in the afternoon and Ernst told me there would be a Schistzenfest in Hemmingen on Sunday so I think I shall go there on Sunday instead of going to Dannenberg as I intended. I had a lesson by Wilhelms. Trams. I saw in the paper that they got 1300.. for tickets to the "Rauber".

[3 to 6] June

3 Thursday

Hanover. I came a little late to Prof Heerens lecture. I made some prussic acid today. I went to Ahlburgs and ordered a box to be made for me. I shall very likely go there tomorrow and tell them to make a common wood one. I bought a monthly ticket for the bade-halle and left my towel etc there. Mrs Reinicke gave me the money. I had a letter from Mama she writes that I must be very careful about my expenses, we are going to leave our old House on the 20th.

4 Friday

Hanover. I came a little late to School this morning that was because I went to Arlburg to see about my box, it is to cost 6.. 10.. and to be ready in about 2½ weeks. Prof Kraut showed us a very interesting experiment. I have now finished my prussic acid. Messerschmitt wants me to lend him my analyriche Chemie tomorrow, which I told him I would. I bathed with him at 5 o'clock. I have got to write out my analytical chemistry from yesterday and my Reine from this morning.

5 Saturday

Hanover. I worked at my analytical chemistry but was not quite able to finish it. I have only got to write out about 5 lines more. I came a little too late to Quintus Icilius. I had a lesson by Wilhelms he wanted me to pay him every 5 lessons that is 10... After dinner I went to Wunder and had myself photographed. It was dreadfully hot in the atelier, he said the pictures were good; I am afraid I shook rather by the last one. I bathed directly after. I have written out all my chemistry except said piece. I read phosphoric & nitric acid in Valentin's book.

6 Sunday

Hanover. Went to Mr Gunther at about 9 and from there (tram) to Hemmingen to Scheitzinfest. Frl Linsingen, Mr [and] Mrs Alten Linden, Oncle William Hammerstein & Willy Marenholz were there.

[7 to 9] June

7 Monday

Hanover. I got up at about a quarter to 8. and came a little too late to school, I was so tired from yesterday, I only came home at 11. I have at last separated the Cobalt from the Nickel and then I precipitated the Cobalt with Cu2OSO3 and warmed at, the precipitate got quite dark and it ought to be blue. I have got my books back from Messerschmitt. I have read some of my reine chemie through today. I intended to write home but I could not as I had not sufficient time.

8 Tuesday

Hanover. I came in good time to chemistry today. Prof Kraut's lecture was not particularly interesting he has now got as far as Nitric acid, This afternoon I had a lesson by Miss Appuhn, after which I went to bathe, where I found Hancock and Vandeleur waiting for me; we bathed first and then went to see if my proof was finished but it was not, we then went and rowed on the Leine [a river in Thuringia and Lower Saxony.]. After that I came home. I wrote to Oncle Gustav to his birthday; I have got all my chemistry today to write out still.

9 Wednesday

Hanover. Georg R. never woke me this morning and nor did the servant, the consequence was I slept till 8 o'clock and could not go to Reine chemie; but I got up and went to the lab and worked till 9 I then went to Physiks till 11. back to the lab till 12 and then had a lecture by Kraut. Directly after dinner I copied Vandeleur's note of the morning's chemistry and then took him back his book. I bathed between 5 & 6. fetched my proof which is rather good but I am too much, what my own name says I had a lesson by Wilhelm & paid him for his 5 lessons 10 mV. I came back in the tram. Wrote to Dannenberg.

[10 to 13] June

10 Thursday

Hanover. Professor Heeren said he would "zum Schlusse" [in conclusion] lecture about the Pigments. I had to glow the chrome iron ore for about an hour over the bellows. In the afternoon I bathed at 3 o'clock there was hardly anybody there. Vandeleur said he would come but as it rained he did not. Hancock came just when I finished. I wrote out all my analytical but not quite all my reine chemistry. I wrote a letter to Mamma & should have written to Dora but I had no time.

11 Friday

Hanover. I came in very good time to chemistry this morning. I worked in the laboratory till past 5 and then went to bathe; of course Hancock came just when I had finished; he is in a war with Vandeleur. I bought 2 postcards & 2 stamps .. and wrote to Stange a pawnbroker to come and buy my old clothes. At tea I remembered that I had left my lamp oven [?] burning and went to the lab. but could not get in. I had a letter from Dannenberg who asked me to come on Sunday. I bought some pens. I bound "Der Pflicht geopfert" (a novel) [The sacrificed duty: Experiences from the Swiss Alps]

12 Saturday

Hanover. I had written for a person to come from 8-9 to buy my old coat 2 pairs of trousers one waistcoat and three shirts, but she did not come; that is to say she came at 7 but she would only give 30.. and I wanted 5 so I let her go again. I went to Physiks and afterwards to Mathematiks and I bathed in the afternoon and then went to row with Hancock and Vandeleur but there was hardly any water. Changed 2 fo lb. I went to Hahns. Herr Gunther sent me a letter from Herr Oppermann. I paid for my washing. Stamp (23/6)

13 Sunday

Hanover. I went to Dunnenbey[?] at lelle[?]. I started to go at 7.55am, and to return at 7.45pm

[14 to 16] June

14 Monday

Hanover. I woke up at ½ past 9 and was perfectly disgusted with myself for having overslept myself. Of course to miss Prof Heerens lecture but I copied Vandeleur's notes [...] 2-3. I was dreadfully tired all day. I bathed at 5 and met Hancock and some other English fellows there, I have written out all my chemistry and wrote to Mama and Dora and sent Mama a copy of Mr Oppermann's letter which Herr Gunther had sent me yesterday.

15 Tuesday

Hanover. I got up at 7 o'clock and learnt some french words before I went to the polytecknik. I sent my letter home and bought a 5 .. stamp for it. [5/-]
I paid Mrs Reinicke 1..3.. for a wash from about the [1/3/-] 29th of June. I had a lesson by Miss Appuhn and bought a copybook for it. I have written out all [1/-] my chemistry except some practicals. I went to Adelbury to try and countermand my order of a box and did I was told that they could easily get rid of it. I wrote to a pawnbroker Apel to come to see me tomorrow.

16 Wednesday

Hanover. I got up soon after 7 and worked at some Mathematics and almost forgot the time so that I came a little late to chemistry, Prof Heeren began talking about the new theorie. Quintus Icilius has begun to lecture about electricity. I had a lesson by Wilhelms from 7-8 and he told me not to come on Saturday as he is going to make an excursion to Wilhelmshaven. I got a letter from Mama but she has not had my last letter yet. I have not quite written out my analytical chemistry nor my reine as I must buy a book first. I ordered a box at Fietdge.

[17 to 20] June

17 Thursday

Hanover. I came in nice time to Prof Heerens lecture but I had not time to work beforehand. At about 11 I went with Vandeleur & Messerschmitt to Rolly as I had wanted to see when the boat left Hamburg. I bought an ink stand for Anna Reinicke it being her birthday. I bathed with Vandeleur & Hancock at about 3 and then went and fetched my Photographs, they had printed ½ a doz too many, but as they gave me them for 19.. I took them. After that we went to baak[?] but there was no water in the Ihme. I bought a copybook and began my 12th book

18 Friday

Hanover. I got up at about 5 minutes to 8 and did not come too late to Prof Heeren's lecture but that was because Prof H. came too late himself. He lectured about Anilin and made a mistake at a formula that he wrote on the black bord, and we found it out, and told him but he could not understand, and he got dreadfully perplexed. I went to the lab in the afternoon, but did not work there. Kraut ... Busse were there. After that I went with Hancock and Vandeleur to boat, but as there was no water they went to a confectioners & I bathed. I bought 2 stamps & 2 postcards. I wrote to Mama for the last time to Hertford House and to Apel a pawnbroker.

19 Saturday

Hanover. I got up at about 8 o'clock and read some of my reine chemie over. I got a receipt for my paper for Mai & June. I have not paid for April. I went to Physiks at 10 it was rather interesting today. He lectured about electricity and showed us a lot of experiments. I went to Hahns for about an hour in the morning and half an hour in the evening. I went to Kraut's to tell Ulrich Braun that I was not going to Hemmingen on Sunday after all as I had told him this afternoon when I met him in the street. I hear Tante Marie is coming here on Wednesday next.

20 Sunday

Hanover. Went to church to Herr Gunther and to Hahn's till about 7 o'clock. Came home then.

[21 to 23] June

21 Monday

Hanover. I got up at about ¼ past 7 o'clock and learnt some French words & then went to chemistry Cuno told me that Borchers (Heeren's assistant) had said that Prof Heeren would finish today, but he did not, he sent a piece of paper round for all those who were there to sign. I bathed at 5 o'clock with Vandeleur and Messerschmitt, Haunbey, Hamilton, Laury & another fellow I know were all there. Handcock was coming but did not. I walked up to the Klagesmarkh with Vandeleur and told him I would be at the station tomorrow. Mrs R heard her mother had died on Friday/Saturday

22 Tuesday

Hanover. I got up in plenty of time to go to chemistry. Professor Heeren did not even finish his lectures today. I went to the staion at about ½ past 10 to see Vandeleur go away he is going via Hamburg to Newcastle. Person billet 2/-.

I bathed at 5 with Laury Hamilton & Rufus(?) some fellow whom I have lately come to know better. I have written out all my chemistry except some analytiche. I did not know my french words by Frl Appuhn very well today I am sorry to say.

23 Wednesday

Hanover. Professor Heeren has not finished but he said he would finish tomorrow and send a paper round for those to sign who want to make the exam. Cuno & Messerschmitt want me to write down their names for them. Prof Quintus Icilius has now got to Gabanismus, he asked us to come to the chemische Auditorium on Friday at 7. As he is going to make some experiments. I got a letter from Papa with a cheque for 8 lbs which I changed today and got 54..12..for it. I went to the Station to meet Tante Marie but she did not come [2/-]. Laury introduced me to a fellow called Marriott.

[24 to 27] June

24 Thursday

Hanover. Professor Heeren finished his chemistry today and we had to write down our names to make the exam and had to put down whether early or late. I put early. Also Professor Kraut finished lecturing about analytical chemistry although he had not been able to finish, he never lectured about Kohlenstoff & Zirconium. I went to Kraut's at ½ past 3 but was told Tante Marie was sleeping and I was to come again, which I did, I find she looks very poorly is thin and coughs a great deal but they say that is mostly from the Journey.

25 Friday

Hanover. I went at 9 to the Polytechnik after having written to Mama to acknowledge the cheque. I[n] the morning whilst I was in the laboratory Kraut came up to me and asked me if I was going to work next week if not I must put my place to right today, I understood year instead of week and said no. I found it out afterwards but as it would only be today I did not say anything. Took my reine Chemie to be bound. Prof Quintus Icilius showed us some experiment with gebanicbett (41 Ele). My book came. [Paid 3/5/-]

26 Saturday

Hanover. I meant to go with Prof Kraut and some of the fellows but I did not get up in time I went to the station at 9 but nobody else was there I afterwards heard from Grube that Jzbylla had missed too I went to Quintus' lecture and signed my name for the exam. I went to the races in the afternoon two races were very interesting the 2nd & 7th. I bought the programm for1½ I took 5.. from Mamma's money for my pocket money. I learnt some Physiks in the evening.

27 Sunday

Han. My washing came. I went to church with the young lady who lives at Hahn's (Kulenkamp) & Ernst H. I as at Krauts in the afternoon.

[28 to 30] June

28 Monday

Hanover. I got up at about 8 and began to repeat some Physiks till I went to bathe at about 11. After having bathed I came back, after going to see if my "Reine Chemie" was bound but it was not but they told me they would send it this afternoon. After having breakfasted I went and fetched Irma Braun and went with her to Hemmingen to fetch Oncle Gustav & Mariechen Alten. I came back at about 4 and went to the [10/-] races, where I arrived just when the 2nd race was being run, I got my "Reine Chemie" alright tonight. Program f. races [1/6]

29 Tuesday

Hanover. I got up at a little past 8 and worked at my reine chemie till about 10. I then learnt some french words and went to bathe. After dinner I went to Miss Appuhn and from there to the Polytechnik where I saw that I am to be examined on Monday by Dr Heeren instead of Thursday, which is a great shame. In the afternoon I worked at reine chemie and also in the evening, but I have only got about the 150th page. I had written to Jacobi (a pawnbroker) to come and buy my old clothes but he did not come.

30 Wednesday

Hanover. I got up at about 8 o'clock and worked at reine chemie I then went to Physiks, Prof von Quintus Icilius read out when the different fellows would be examined. I shall be examined the first, on Saturday between 10-11. At eleven I went to the laboratory and paid Grube my bill and gave him 15gns. Frinkgeld. After that I went and took my analytical notes to be bound and then bathed. At 2 I went to the Polyteck and saw some galvanic experiments. I had a private lesson by Wilhelms and told him it was the last and paid him. I went .. with the tram and bought a Prolog to the Auffñhung for Rauber 31 Mai [4/-]

July 1875

[1 to 4] July

1 Thursday

Hanover. I worked at Physiks all the morning and did nothing else. After dinner I went to Jacobi (a pawnbroker) and she told me she would come at 7 which she did I sold her a great coat 2 waistcoats 1 coat 2 trousers 3 shirts and a pair of boots for 4.. Mrs Reinicke gave me 3,7,8 which she still had from Mama money. I gave Mrs Reinicke 3.10 for the servants monthly wages. I was at Brauns till a little past 5 and then bathed. I was very hot.

2 Friday

Hanover. I worked on at Physiks and wrote out the principal laws. In the afternoon I came up stairs directly after dinner & Georg R told me I must go to Miss Appuhn, which I had oltogether forgotten; but I went & came an hour too late. I gave her 2.. for the 4 lessons. I bathed at five and stopped in the water 30 minutes and then went to Krauts and fetched Lieschen Braun and took her to Hemmingen, coming back I came too late for the tram and had to walk all the way.

3 Saturday

Hanover.I got up at about 6 and went with Reinicke's to the station they went away with the 7.55 train and I made a fool of myself by buying tickets to Hamburg instead of Hensburg but I got rid of them early enough. I came back here and worked at Physiks and then went to be examined. I came a little too late as my watch did not go right, but [inserted above is the word Marke] it was very easy to exam. I bathed at 11. Went to Hahns from there to Krauts from there with Brauns to Altenbekens Bahn, (Braun went to Barsinghausen) and from there to Prof Kraut, he was very friendly. I then went to Messerschnitt he was not at home. Saw Majorie Buse and gave her my address for my certificate. Reichmeister have come. bath.

[Louise Trinkgeld, Wash 1.14.6]

4 Sunday

Hannover. Went to Ernst Alten. Herr Gunther & Ahrbeck stayed here in the afternoon & evening. Reichmeisters & Major Cleve were here.

Leftesswater -/6

[5 to 7] July

5 Monday

Hanover. I got up at about 7 and went to the Polytechnik for my exam by Prof Heeren. He asked me pretty easy questions. I then went to Liebich and bought a fly catcher for Mrs Reinicke. Kruse gave me back my execator but he did not give me back my 3.. I bathed at five o'clock and hurt my shoulder jumping in. Ernst Alten was there. I said googbye to all the English fellows there that I knew. I stopped journey up all night.

6 Tuesday

and left this morning at 2,5. Miss Clerke was at the station and was also going to England. I arrived in Rotterdam soon after 11 o'clock in the morning and went with a Mrs Mitchell who I met at Utrecht to the Bath hotel where we dined. The boat went at 5 o'clock; there were very many sheep and cattle on bord it was very nice on bord whilst we were on the Rhine but afterwards it was rather rough. I went to bed at 9 o'clock

7 Wednesday

Highgate. and woke at about 5 after we had stopped at Harwich I went on land had my boxes examined and arrived in London at about 7.30. I took a cab up here, where I arrieved at about 9 o'clock. I went to the flowereshow at about 2½ o'clock with Arthur who came up for the occasion. We all stopped there at Uncle Sidneys after the flowershow was over and danced. I was clever enough to fall down with Emily Stones and could not get on with the waltz at all. We came home soon after 11 o'clock.

[8 to 11] July

8 Thursday

Highgate. I got up at half past 8 o'clock. I wrote to Frau General Auditeurin Reinicke to Godfrey and Dawsons & Sons in answer to an advertisement in the "Times". In the afternoon I went with Ralph to Hertford House, we ate some strawberries and gooseberries, & then went down to the cricket ground for a little while; after we came back we went & fetched the rest of the chickens and 3 hens. This evening I went to here a concert in the school with Papa Mama & Maggie.

9 Friday

Highgate I got up at 7¾ o'clock. I went over to Hertford House to see if I could find Mama's spectacles but in vain. I went to Aunt Ida's to ask whether Henry Ellis might play tomorrow. At about 11 I went with Mama to Jones and from there to the stores where she got some things for me and a few others. I went to Ellises to fetch Maggie who did not come as it rained so hard. I made up accounts with Mamma, who gave me a £

10 Saturday

Highgate. I got up at about 8 o'clock. [Wire -/1] I went over the way to Hertford House and saw Esom, a pawnbroker collect the old iron in the field. At one o'clock we went down to Kentisch town station and got there about 25 minutes too early; we met Aunt Ida, Clärchen, Kate , Willy, Ted Nettlefold and nearly all the rest there and went to Elstree to play a cricket match against Herberts school eleven. [Tickets 6/-] We got 85 runs and they got about38. 2 wickets down. I was bowled the first ball. We went & came in Trams. [-/8]

11 Sunday

Highgate. We did not go to church. I went with Maggie to Aunt Ida's and with Papa for a walk to Hampstead.

[12 to 14] July

12 Monday

Highgate. I got down at about ¼ past 8. After breakfast I went to the local board about the dustman who is to come here after that I went to Esom[?] about some paper and then went on to Smithfield with the tram. Willy gave me some invoices to copy and after that some thing to adress and fold up. I came home at about 6 with Papa, who paid the tram. I played two games of billiards with Papa & lost both. I went for a walk over the shepherdscott. fields.

13 Tuesday

Highgate. I got up at about ½ past 7 but had to wait a good long time for breakfast. I went down to Smithfield at about 20 minutes to 9 with the tramway to the Angel and I got there in about 50 minutes. I docketted a lot of letters for Willy and came home at about 5.0 with Papa. We walked as far as Barnsbury Street and got in the tramway there. I wrote a letter to Mrs Reinicke and took a letter to Captain Shoot-my-legs (Willy Jeakes).

14 Wednesday

Highgate. I got up at about 8 and went to down to Smithfield where I arrived at about 10 minutes to 10. I finished docketting those letters and then went up stairs where I carried out some invoices. I came home alone at about 6 and went with Margaret & Mama to Aunt Maria to dinner; Philip & Amy came up whilst we were at Dinner, Phillip was in very good spirits indeed. I sent my letter to Mrs Reinicke this morning with a 2½ stamp. I learnt the walse [waltz] at Waterlow. Clara taught it me.

[15 to 18] July

15 Thursday

Highgate. I got up at about 8 o'clock. Mama was already down when I got in the breakfast room. I went down with Horace to the tram. It poured dreadfully all day I carried out a good many invoices and then copied a letter about 5 times for Willy. I came home with Papa to Kentish town with the Midland and came on in the tram. Mama & Papa went out to Stedalls and so Maggie & Ralph & I were alone but Herr Eggelbrecht came up.

16 Friday

Highgate. It rained nearly all day. I went down to the tram with Horace who got out at the Nags Head. I had to make out an invoice again which I had made out the other day but made a mistake in it. I made out some other invoices docketed some letters and then began to add up some things in the analysis Book. I bought a pair of Gents pat. elf. Molière's shoes and paid for them.

17 Saturday

Highgate. It rained nearly all day again but not quite as much as yesterday. I changed my dancing shoes for kad[?] boots with pat. tops. Mama gave me 10s. I did not pay for my tram as the conductor (80) would or could not change my 10s. I went with Charley to the Albert Hall to a concert. I afterwards went to his House. The rail cost altogether 1.1d. [1/1]. I had a letter from Godfrey, Mrs Reinicke and Bornemann who says he cannot get my Zeuguin[?] without a "Schein".

18 Sunday

Highgate. Hung up the pictures with Papa. In the evening we went to Aunt Maria after Tea[?]

[19 to 21] July

19 Monday

Highgate. I was the last down this morning and I tried Horace's black trousers on before I had finished breakfast so that my breakfast was nearly cold before I had finished. I went down to the Angel & came back again with the tram. I had to pay 9d extra for the dancing boots which I have got instead of the shoes. I had to pay 6s 6d for my dinner last week. After I came home I helped Papa mow the lawn and went to the Nettlefolds to tell Hugh we were going to fetch him at ¼ past 8. I sent my letter to Bornemann.

20 Tuesday

Highgate. I went to Smithfield the same way & at about the same time as usual & came back with Papa. At about ¼ past eight I drove with Maggie to the Nettlefolds, where we fetched Hugh & then went on to the Ellises to an evening Party. I got introduced to a good many people there as I hardly knew anybody. I did not get on with the Valse [waltz} at all well except the last dance with Miss Cart. Arthur came at about 10. 10/- from Papa. We came home as to arrive here at about 2.

21 Wednesday

Highgate. I got up about ½ an hour later than usual and went to Smithfeld just as usual. After I came home I had 2 games at Billiards with Papa which of course I both lost and then we dressed to go to the Waterlows. We got there at about 9½ o;clock. I first danced with Clara an extra. I did not get introduced to many people, and could not get enough Partners, particularly at the end, so I took turns with Fred H. [to] partner Emily Stones & Hilda and the last one with one turn with Clara & another with Annie Hickson. We got home at about a quarter past 9.

[22 to 25] July

22 Thursday

Highgate. Jonny[?] woke me up at about ¼ to 9 when I got up. I was the first down of those who had been to the party, except Horace who was a good deal earlier up. Maggie soon followed & th[en] Papa & Mama, I got to Smithfield at about 11 o'clock, where I found nearly every body although I expected to be one of the first. Papa paid for my coming home as I had no change. I mended Dora's cage in the evening.

23 Friday

Highgate. I went to Smithfield at the usual time and made out Invoices nearly all day. I went to Meekings & Co. to get some pins with a brass Cross at the head & some common brass headed nails. I went and came back in the tram. and paid Papa back for the Tram he paid for me yesterday. I read some of the book Papa & Mama & Maggie were reading to them.

24 Saturday

Highgate. Maggie has ricked her neck today and is very bad. I went to Smithfield with the Tram, coming back we had to walk to this corner of the Liverpool road as all the trams were full that passed us. We went to Grannie's coming home and thought we should find Mama there but she was not there. Ted & Hugh Nettlefold were there in the evening. I thought Hugh was very quiet but Ralph says he always is so.

25 Sunday

Highgate. Went to church with Dora. Papa not well. David [or Daniel?] & Fanny & Babies came here & so did Clara.

Chloridine for Papa - 1/1½

[26 to 28] July

26 Monday

Highgate. I did not do anything particular, that I now remember. It is now Monday 1st but as we slept at Aunt Ida's I could not write in this book. I went down to Smithfield in the tramway and came back too.

27 Tuesday

Highgate. I went down to Smithfield in the tram and came back also in the tram. I cannot remember anything particular today either.

28 Wednesday

Highgate. Tram in which I went and came from Smithfield, I paid the conductor 8.. to whom I had owed it some time. I went down one day and as I had not got any change and he could not change my half a sovereign he told me to owe him it.

[29 to 1] July & August

29 Thursday

Highgate. I went down to Smithfield by tram and came back also by tram. Aunt Maria sent us some ticket for the Alexandria. We slept at Aunt Ida's last night as we had the drains up in our house.

30 Friday

Highgate. We slept at Aunt Ida's last night. I went down to Smithfield in the Rail[?] alone and came back in the tram. I went to the Army and Navy stores today in order to get my new black coat altered. I wanted them to alter the front but they said they could only alter the width of the hest[?]. I went from Blackfriarss to Victoria and back in the underground Railway.

31 Saturday

Highgate. We all slept at Aunt Ida's again, except Maggie, who has gone to Jones's I went to Smithfield with Alfred in the Railway & came back in the tram. Ralph & I went to the Alexandra Palace. I bought a Programm of the concert and I also paid for a swimming bath for both of us. We came home at about 8.

1 Aug Sunday

Highgate. We slept ay Aunt Ida's and I & Dora went to church. Clara was there.

August 1875

[2 to 4] August

2 Monday

Highgate. We slept at Aunt Ida's last night, Mama woke me early and I went and woke Alfred & Herbert and we went and fished at Uncle Sidneys. I caught 12, Herbert 12 & Alfred 7 one of which was pretty large. We lunched at home after which I went to Granny and stayed there a few hours & then went to Aunt Ida's. I played at Lawn tennis two or three times. In the evening we fished at Jeakes'. I caught one.

3 Tuesday

Highgate. We slept at home tonight but not in our own beds as the gas escaped in our room so we could not sleep there so we slept in Horace's room. I went down to Smithfield in the tram and came back to. Papa gave me 1 sovereign to get a "topper" with. I got one at Davage's for 14s. I went to the Victoria stores to get Maggie watch but it was not finished I got Ralph's & Mamma's watch from the Longacre stores and got a glass put in mine 6/6 bought an atmospheric optic narvel for Maud's birthday. Was at Aunt Ida's from about 7 till ½ past 9. danced & played.

Ernest mixes up the words "to", "too" and even "two". I have corrected most of them but sometimes it seemed a good idea to copy exactly his spelling to show the error.

4 Wednesday

Highgate. We slept in Horace's room again yesyterday evening, but we are going to sleep i our own tonight for although our gas is not yet alright it does not escape anymore. I went down to Smithfield in the Tram and came back in it too. I bought some cut shot when I was coming home. After dinner Jonny & I looked to see if we could find my fishing line, but we could not find it. Jonny then played at billiards with Papa & I read the Times. C[o]lonels Baker's case.

[5 to 8] August

5 Thursday

Highgate. I went over the way to say good bye to Aunt Ida & family who went to Fairseat at about 10 o'clock. Alfred & Herbert have gone to Cowleys for a day or two. I went & came from Smithfield - Tram 6d. and I bought two floates on the way. After Dinner I went and fished at Jeakes. I only caught 3 Jonny caught 8 but he began much sooner than I did. Afterwards I played at billiards with him and won by 16. (game 100)

6 Friday

Highgate. I went down to Smithfield by tram at about the usual time and came back ditto. I made out a very large Invoice for Murray and copied some of the travellers sheets and some of them into the analysis book. I went to the Army & Navy Stores to ask about my coat and was told it was sent this morning. I went to the Victoria Stores and got Maggie watch; I payed 5s of which Papa still owes me 6. Maggie went the day before yesterday.

7 Saturday

Highgate. I went down to Smithfield in the tram at about the usual time. I copied the travellers letters into the analysis book. I came home with Papa soon after dinner, soon after we left Smithfield it began to rain & pour tremendously, so we got into a Highbury tram (yellow) and by the time we got this side of the bridge by Clarke coal office the road was about 1 foot deep in water. It had left off by the time we got home nearly. 2 Nettlefolds came in the evening.

8 Sunday

Highgate. I went to church with Godfrey, Dora & Ralph. We went over the way to dinner, and stayed there all day.

[9 to 11] August

9 Monday

Highgate. I went down to town in tram and came back to usual way. I took some of my boots down to be mended but forgot to bring the bag back again. Aunt Mary & Granny were here when we came home. Granny is going to sleep here. Aunt went away after supper. Aunt Ellen came up whilst we were at tea but went away soon after. Jonny and I went to the priory to take a note. I wrote a postcard to Hancock most of it was nonsense. I paid for my last weeks dinner.

10 Tuesday

Highgate. I went down to Smithfield as usaul a little early if anything. Fred was there yesterday as well as today. Papa had a letter from Charley who had gone to Dieppe with Louis [Louisa]. I wrote some addresses and copied the orders & did up June's letters. Papa came home by rail but although he started about 5 minutes earlier than I did he only got here about 5 minutes earlier. I fished with Ralph after Tea.

11 Wednesday

Highgate. I got up just in right time and went to Smithfield as I usualyy do. I copied to orders at Smithfield and then made out some invoices. When I came home I found that Granny had gone home, so we had dinner. We have been having tea everyday Granny [has] been here. Horace went over the way and had a ride on "Old Phrump" Uncle Sidney's horse. Jonny and I went to Jeakes and fished we caught about 22 which are to be boiled for the chickens. Papa began "The Maid of Sker" a novel which seems to be nice.

[12 to 15] August

12 Thursday

Highgate. I went down to Smithfield and back by tram as usual. When I got there Willie was not there so I had to wait till Uncle George opened the letters. There were a great many travellers orders today Fred & I copied them together, and then I carried yesterday's & todays's into the analysis book. I came home alone as I could not find him and when I came home I heard he had been there a long while. We fished at Stedalls.

Mama gave me 10/-

13 Friday

Highgate. Mamma got a letter from Swanage about a house that was to let there, and I telegraphed to tell them to secure it for us. Aunt Ida has invited us to go down to Fairseat tomorrow and stay till Monday. I went and came from Smithfield per tram. Fanny & Dan came here to dinner, and after dinner Dan played billiards with Papa. I read The Tempest which I had begun on the tram down to Smithfield.

14 Saturday

Fairseat. I went down to Smithfield at the usual time and went from there after dinner to Fairseat from Holborn Viaduct. [Time table 1d.] Papa Ralph & I walked from Boro' Green Station to Fairseat we met Clara & Celia on the Wrotham Hill. Mama & Papa went to Aunt Maria's and we all went to Aunt Ida's. Alfred Herbert & Emily Stones came down in the evening. After supper we danced in the playroom. Alfred & I went into the cottage to ask Eva & Jessie Waterlow to come in, but they did not.

15 Sunday

Fairseat. Arthur came. In morning went to Trosley downs in afternoon round Pilgrims road up "labor in vain" & back[?] home.

[16 to 18] August

16 Monday

Highgate. We slept at Fairseat. Ater breakfast we went for a paper chase by the plat Stanstead. Horace & Alfred were hares, we caught Horace. A little past Stanstead. When we got back Ida & Maud were not to be found. So we went in all directions to find them, (my heel was so bad that I could not go far) to find them. Horace got on Uncle Sidney's horse Old Trump and found & them. But Clärchen did not come home for ever so long. At last she came and got hysterics etc. We left with 2.55 train. I came home with Tommy. Dory & Eclipsey. [Tram 1/-]

17 Tuesday

Highgate. I had an awful headache last night, but it is better today. It is very hot toay only not quite as hot as yesterday. I went to Smithfield & came back as usual by tram. I paid for my dinner today. Papa went to Mr Johnson's to dinner. After dinner I went and had my hair cut & was shampooed and paid for Ralph's having his hair cut. Mama got me a straw hat with a slightly broad rim. Ralph & I went and got some fruit out of the Hertford House garden.

18 Wednesday

Highgate. I had got half way down the Hill when I remembered I had forgotten to get the store ticket & money for Papa's socks so I came back again; I could not get any at the stores when I did get there. I came back in the tram from Smithfield as usual. I went over to Hertford House to get as much fruit as we could. After that I went down to Granny's to tell her that Eclipsey was going to Fairseat and so Aunt Mary need not come here. Mama has been packing nearly all day to go to Swanage tomorrow by the 11.15 train from Waterloo.

[19 to 22] August

19 Thursday

Swanage. We (Papa, Mama, Ralph, Dora & myself) left Highgate soon after 10 and went to Waterloo station where we met Fanny Jones & the babies. We left the station at 11.15 for Wareham where we arrived at about 3.40 about 20 minutes late. We got in an omnibus that had been oredered and drove here. It seems a very nice place nice lands etc. I am sleeping with Ralph in one room opposite Fanny & Dora. We have 2 sitting rooms & 4 bedrooms altogether. [Ink 1d]

20 Friday

Swanage. Ralph & I got up at about ½ past six and went and bathed. The others did not bathe today. After breakfast Papa, Ralph and I strolled along the sand as far as we could get towards Old Harry a rock on the downs Balla[r]d Hill and got back soon after ¼ past one. In the afternoon Fanny, Mamma, Papa, Dora & I went over the downs at the back of our house to Tilly Whim (a cave) and came back at first right at the top & then at the bottom up the Zig-zag road.

21 Saturday

Swanage. We all got up before breakfast and bathed. Papa, Ralph & I bathed off the sands. We fished after breakfast. Ralph caught one smallone and I was rather sick Papa broke the line. In the afternoon we all walked over Balla[r]d Down to Studland and walked back nearly the same way. I do not feel any the worse for being sea sick. We did not eat our fish as Mrs Hill said she thought it was only good for bait.

22 Sunday

Swanage. Went to church. [Collection 3d]. We all walked through Ulwell to nine Barrow Down & back.

[23 to 25] August

23 Monday

Swanage. We all bathed this morning before breakfast except Mama. Soon after breakfast Fanny, Papa, Ralph and I walked past "Dancing Ledge" & Seacombe to Winspit and from there through Langton rather crosscountry home. We were about 4 hours and a half. After dinner we went out fishing with Dora, but did not catch anything, nobody was sick, although it was rougher than Saturday. I read some of the Monastery.

24 Tuesday

Swanage. We all bathed this morning before breakfast. At about 11 o'clock I walked per road to Shetland where we picnicked. The babies came in a donkey waggonett. At about 4 we walked toward Aggelstone but we went by without seeing it. I gave a halfpenny to a girl who opened the gate. Papa began a sketch at Studland. Arthur seemed to enjoy himself very much. We played at whist in the evening.

25 Wednesday

Swanage. We all bathed before breakfast and went to Poole at 11.30 (i.e. left here) by steamer. We got at Poole in about an hour and humbuged about in the town till it was time to go to the station to fetch Miss Emma Johnston. We then came back by Steamer. I went from the Sation to the boat per omnibus. Comimg back we ran down a boat and had to wait to pick up two mwn that were in it. They were very slow lowering the boat. gave 6d. to the fellow who brought up Miss E Johnston's port manteau. & paid for the pies [2d]

[26 to 29] August

26 Thursday

Swanage. We all bathed before breakfast as usual except Miss Johnston who I think did not bathe although she went down. It rained whilst we were dressing. It rained a great part of the day so that we could not go out for much of a walk. Ralph & I fished off the pier. I caught one fish and pulled two up but they slipped off. Ralph did not catch any at all. Papa gave me 1s. for the omnibus & porter yesterady.

27 Friday

Swanage. We all bathed today before breakfast except Fanny. Emma Johnston did. At about eleven o'clock Miss Johnston, Papa, Ralph & I walked along the road through Langton to Worth where after seeing the church we sat down and waited till the others (everybody here of our party) came up some walking, some riding in Donkey Gig. We dined a little past the village and then went on except the babies & nurses to St Albans Head, coming back we tried to fish at dancing ledge in vain. Got home at about ½ past 8.

28 Saturday

Swanage. We did not bathe this morning as it rained. It continued raining all day so we could not go for a walk. I read a good deal of the Monastery up to where Halbert is going with Henry Warder to the Lord of Avenel. I played with Fanny against Papa & Ralph. We got one out of two numbers. Emma Johnston read the Maid of Sker aloud.

29 Sunday

Swanage. Bathed. Went to church. [Collection 3d] Walked to Studland May round by Old Henry over Ballard down house[?]

[30 to 1] August & September

30 Monday

Swanage. We all bathed before breakfast except Fanny & Dora. After breakfast we prepared for a picnic to Corfe Castle. Papa, Ralph, Dora, Kate (one of the nurses) and myself walked there over "Nine Barrow Down". We got there just as the others who had come in a waggonette were going up to the castle. It is a very pretty ruin. Fanny, Dora, the nurses & babies Ralph & I drove back. We picked a great many nuts on the way home. Played whist in the evening.

31 Tuesday

Swanage. We did not bathe today as it was so very windy. In the morning we only strolled round by the church & in the afternoon we went to Tilly Whim and sat down there. I won my Phillip chess with Dora & have got one on with Fanny Jones, which I am afraid I shall not win. I have finished the Monastery. Godfrey is coming down tomorrow we shall most probably go and meet him at Corfe Castle. Johnstons are coming tomorrow.

September 1875

1 Sept Wednesday

Swanage. In the morning we did not go out for a walk. We went into town to ask a fisherman to take us fishing but he said it was not a good time so we did not go. $Ralph and I went and fished off the pier, he caught a pretty good sized Rock fish and I caught one other little fish. In the afternoon we went for a walk to Lord Eldons marble quarries and walked home quite a new way, very pretty way. We did not fetch Godfrey as he is coming tomorrow. Mr & Mrs Johnston, Miss Jackson & Hanson came. Miss Johnston left us. [Pier Dora & I 2d]

[2 to 5] September

2 Thursday

Swanage. We all bathed this morning and met Emma Johnston on the sands who bathed with the ladies. After breakfast we (Papa Ralph Dora & myself left here with our lunch in our pocket. Papa soon left us and we went on to Corfe Castle to meet Godfrey. We had 3 bottles of Ginger beer. We waited about 2 hours before he came and then went to Papa who had been sketching and came home with him Mama Jonny & Miss Beachy Hanson. This evening Papa Mama, Jonny & Godfrey have gone to Johnstons

3 Friday

Swanage. We all bathed this morning not-with-standing a little rain. After breakfast it rained hard till about ½ past eleven, Godfrey, Ralph & I went and fished off the peir till about one; we caught 7 and had them cooked for tea after dinner we took our rods and fished at Dancing Ledge. We brought 4 pretty good ones back. I caught the largest and Tom caught the rest. Mama gave me ½ a sovereign pocket money. I read the Maid of Sker this evening.

4 Saturday

Swanage. We all bathed as usual this morning. We fished for about 2 hours off the pier but only caught 3 between us. In the afternoon we rowed to Studland Bay and met the others there. We fished a little while there, Godfrey caught one plaice, we then fetched Papa and rowed round old Harry and fished. I caught one Tomy[?] one and Godfrey amp; Papa caught 9 between them. In the evening we played atwhist.

5 Sunday

Swanage. We went to church. In the afternoon Fanny, Godfrey, Ralph, Dora & I walked on Nine Barrow Down.

[6 to 8] September

6 Monday

Swanage. None of us bathed this morning as there was a very heavy fog. We said at first we would not have the waggon either to go to Lulworth in but as it cleared up we went after all. We drove all the way there and arrived at about 10 o'clock we ordered dinner at half past and went to see the Cove which is very pretty after dinner we walked to Durdle Door and back. We left at about 6.30 and arrived at about ¼ to nine o'clock.

7 Tuesday

Swanage. We (Papa, Godfrey, Ralph & myself) bathed before breakfast the others did not as Fanny was going per steamer round the Isle of Wight at 9. I bought some prawns for fishing with. At about one Papa, Godfrey, Ralph and myself left here and walked on the top of the downs to Chapmans Poole and came back to Dancing Ledge and fished there, we did not catch very many fish. I gave Papa 1 penny to go on the pier as he had no penny.

8 Wednesday

Swanage, We did not do anything particular this morning, nor did we go out for a walk. This afternoon all of our party of the masculine sex went with Mr Johnston out in Mr Hill's sailing boat; as Mr Hill was not well himself another sailor went with us instead but there was no wind so we had to row but as there was a very heavy swell on we did not try to fish but came back directly. I was dreadfully sick Ralph was a little but not much nobody else at all although Papa was rather queer.

[9 to 12] September

9 Thursday

Swanage. At about 10 o'clock we left here and walked to Studland when we got there it began to rain so we stood in a cart-shed till it left off and then went to the Agglestone. Mama, Emma Johnston & Miss Jackson had driven there; at least to Studland, we got back at about 2. Papa, Ralph & Dora went to Bournemouth at 4 and came back at 7. I played with Godfrey at piquet and won one gane out of 4.

10 Friday

Swanage. We all bathed as usual except Dora. After breakfast we cut sandwiches and Papa & Fanny went per Steamer with Johnstons to Weymouth and Godfrey, Ralph & I walked to Bournemouth, we started at about 11 and walked through Studland to the end of the sand and got freeied across and walked along the sands, We bathed and walked about the town and came back per steamer which was an hour late.

11 Saturday

Swanage. We all bathed this morning except Mamma before breakfast. After breakfast we cut sandwiches and at about half past 10 we (Papa, Godfrey, Ralph & I) started on the Kingston Road, we walked through Kingston past the marble quarries to Church Knowle. Mama, Fanny & Dora had driven to Kingston and arrived about ½ an hour later. After having luncheon we walked up to downs to Corfe Castle, and then along to Top of Nine Barrow Down.

12 Sunday

Swanage. We did notbathe this morning because of the wind. We went to church. We walked over some Little Down.

[13 to 15] September

13 Monday

Swanage. We were all very bad last night. We had diafhoea, so we did not bathe this morning. We had a quiet day altogether and did not go out for a walk at all. Godfrey, Ralph & I fished off the pier in the afternoon. We caught 8 fish. In the evening Mama, Papa, Fanny & Godfrey went to Johnston's and played at Whist. Beachy came here and we read some of the Ingoldsby Legends. We are most likely going to walk to Worbarrow tomorrow & back.

14 Tuesday

Swanage. Godfrey, Ralph & I bathed this morning, the others did not bathe because of the weather, it was very rough, so we bathed out of a machine, Directly after breakfast we cut sandwiches and at ½ past 9 we went down the hill to the wagonette, but Mr Lucker, the coachman, had let his horse and could get none. So we drove to Kingston in Mr Summons waggonette and walked to Warbarrow and back to Corfe Castle and then drove back, arriving at 20 minutes past 7.

15 Wednesday

Swanage. We all bathed this morning except Fanny who said she should not care for it because she could not swim in such a rough sea. We enjoyed our bathe very much. All the morning we stayed at home Mama was packing, and in the afternoon we went into the woods nutting. We found a great many nuts some of which Fanny is going to take, & some Bice Hanson took home. In the evening Mr & Mrs Johnston came and Mr Johnston, Fanny, Papa & Godfrey played at Whist.

[16 to 19] September

16 Thursday

Highgate. We (Godfrey, Ralph & I) bathed out of a machine. The waves were not so high as yesterday, but the water was very cold. At about 11 o'clock we left Swanage in and omnibus for Wareham where we got into the train and arrived at Waterloo soon after 6 o'clock where we met Dan. We came up here in a Fly & where we found Horace with a cold and Anna (the German servant) with bad toothache. Clara came in the evening.

17 Friday

Highgate. I went to Smithfield at about 9 o'clock. Percy has not been well lately and was not there today, all the rest were. Papa told me in the evening coming home that Herr Kamphöphener had got a place for me in Paris and that I am to go in about 6 weeks or 2 months. Tram to & back from town. I had a game of billiards with Godfrey he won by about 83. I read some of the Maid of Sker this evening.

18 Saturday

Highgate. I went to Smithfield at the usual time and made out Ivoices as usual. I came home per train to Kentish Town & tram from there. I went to Aunt Ida's and played at Lawn Tennis till nearly 7. We then came home and found Charley Waterlow & Clara here. Annie Hill came in after tea. We played at Billiards, Papa & I against Godfrey & Charley, we lost. Fanny's birthday is on Monday. Percy was not in Town today. Tram & train to and from Town.

19 Sunday

Highgate. I went to church to St Annes on the West Hill with Clara, Ralph & Dora.

[20 to 22] September

20 Monday See 23rd Inst

Highgate. I left here at about 9 o'clock and went straight to Smithfield per tram. It did not rain while I went but it rained from about 11 o'clock without interruption, so we came home by train, Papa paid for my ticket. This evening, Harry, Fanny & Ted Nettlefold were here, we played at billiards. I played in 2 four games and won one and lost the others by 2 or 1. .. Ted did not go till about ½ past 11 o'clock.

21 Tuesday

Highgate. I was rather better today that is to say as far as spirits & strength goes but I was not very well otherwise. Godfrey & I put the books into a little better order in the library and then we played at Lawn-tennis; In the evening I played at Chess with Godfrey, he beat me t[w]o games and I beat him one. After that I read some more of the Maid of Sker, I finished the second volume and began the 3rd.

22 Wednesday

Highgate. I went to Smithfield rather early today by tram and made out the invoices. In the afternoon Godfrey, Horace & Ted Nettlefold came to Smithfield and I went with them & Alfred to the King Street Baths per railway & tram. The bath was very nice only a little too warm for swimming, we got back at about 7 o'clock per tram. Fanny, John & Maxwell were here I played cards with them & Dora till they went. I then read 6 pages of a French book to Mama, and afterwards I read a little of the Maid of Sker.

[23 to 26] September

23 Thursday See 20th Inst Monday 20th

Highgate. I stopped in bed till about 2 o'clock, having the diarrhoea very badly. I was not able to get up. I was in great pains today. It is Fanny's birthday today, and I was going to Aunt Ida's but could not. Dora & Ralph went at about 4 and Godfrey went at about 6. Ralph got a pencil with a knife at one end for himself & myself. Godfrey gave her a knife.

24 Friday

Highgate. I went to Smithfield today by tramway as usual, and made out Invoices there was one pretty big one. I went per train to Sheppards Bush instead of Paddington Station & then came back to Bishop Street & walked into the Great Wstern Station where after waiting about ¼ of an hour Maggie arrived with Mr & Mrs Williamson & family from Swansea. Maggie introduced me and we came back in a cab.

25 Saturday

Highgate. I went to Smithfield at about the usual time and had a great many invoices to make out but not large ones. I came back at about a quarter past 3 o'clock. We cut the Ivy, Aunt, John Hill & Annie Hill & Lewillyn Hill came this afternoon. I had 2 games of Tennis one with Papa & one with Dora. Mamma cannot find Maggie's watch. I read a good deal of The Maid of Sker. Ralph played billiards with Papa.

26 Sunday

Highgate. I walked from here to Harry's with Maggie & Dora and then to Ellises. Charlie, Louise & family were here.

[27 to 29] September

27 Monday

Highgate. I went to Smithfield at the usual time in the tramway. At about ½ past 12 o'clock I got a letter to say that Papa wanted me to go to the Brewery Road, so I took a train to Camden Toad Station and walked to Brewery Road where I saw Harry who wanted me to fill up some circulars, which I did but not all. I dined at Fanny's & Harry's. I walked to the Junction Road with Horace and then took a tram to the Archway Tavern & walked up the hill.

28 Tuesday

Highgate. I went down to the Brewery Road this morning with Horace and got there about a quarter past 9 o'clock, I wrote out all the rest of the circulars which Harry wanted and put stamps on them. I dined at Harry's and Fanny's, Evelyn was very merry she is such a jolly little girl. I came home rather early

Mama gave me 5/-

This evening a had a game of chess with Papa which I lost. Read some French and a good deal of the Maid of Sker.

29 Wednesday

Highgate. I went to Smithfield today having no more to do at the Brewery Road. I made out invoices at Smithfield and then helped Alfred get out some orders. I came home with Papa as usual per train. I took a letter to the post of Maggie's; I finished the Maid of Sker and read some Ffrench to Mama. I wrote to Mrs Reinicke, a very masterpiece of spelling this evening. I have bought some string home for a net for Lawn tennice, [stet] I have only done about 4 stiches of it. I hope Nelly will not make so much noise as she did last night.

[30 to 3] September & October

30 Thursday

Highgate. I went to Smithfield as usual today by tram and bought a stamp to put on Mrs Reinicke's letter but as it would not stick I had to take it down to Smithfield for some gum. I made out all but one Invoices and helped Alfred with some orders. One of the girls there had a fit today on the top of the stairs. I came home by tram. I wrote to W W Hancock to his birthday on the 2nd of October.

October 1875

1 Oct Friday

Highgate. I went to Smithfield as usual and came back alone as Papa came back by train. I posted my letter to Hancock this morning. I made out a lot of Invoices today and have got to make out another one. I fetched another ball of string from Smithfield but I find it is thinner than the rest. I have netted 15 rows altogether I think. Clara & David were here to tea. I beat David at Billiards.

2 Saturday

Highgate. I went to Smithfield in the tram today and came back with Alfred. I got 2 balls of string and paid for all 3 balls that I have had for the nett. This Evening Lucy, Maggie & Ted Nettlefold, Horace Clärchen, Fanny & John & Fred and May came here; we had a few dances and games and afterwards Papa, Willie Jeakes who also came, Horace & Ted Nettlefold played at billiards. Mama gave me a jolly alarm Clock.

3 Sunday

Highgate. My birthday. Dora gave me a collar box. Tom a Dictionary. Maggie is going to get something. Horace ditto. Aunt Ida a jolly pen & pencil case.

[Pocket money 10/-]

[4 to 6] October

4 Monday

Highgate. My alarm Clock woke me at about ½ past 7 o'clock but I find it does not strike to its own time. I went down to Smithfield as usual and came back just the same way. I had a good deal to write at Smithfield. I sent for some Emery powder "From Earth to Moon" and a great Eastern continental timetable. Horace, Alfred and I went to Nettlefolds to dinner & afterwards played Shellout with Ted & Hugh. I lost altogether, as near as I can make out.

5 Tuesday

Highgate. I went down to Smithfield as usual, when I got there I found a letter from Clara for me there in which she wished me to send the car [or cart?] to Fairseat House to fetch some apples for Charley. I had a good deal to do up in the packing salloon at Smithfield, about 226 pounds worth of goods were sent. I have bought From the Earth to the Moon home today to read. Came home by tram. I have netted about 25 rows altogether.

6 Wednesday

Highgate. I wrote a letter to Arthur this morning to tell him if I got an answer from him I should come come down to Chatham tomorrow. I then took the letter to the General Post Office. I had a good many Invoices to make out, after I had finished I posted up the book I had been using. I then came home with Alfred per tram. Charley Waterlow came here this evening and played billiards with Papa. I have netted 34 or 35 rows. Ralph has done 25 rows.

[7 to 10] October

7 Thursday

Chatham. I went to Smithfield about the usual time as I had not heard from Arthur, but when I got there I found a letter to tell me to come so I came home had my hair cut, packed my clothes and went down to Holborn Viaduct to the 12.42 train. I arrived at Chatham at nearly two, bought an Echo. A boy carried my bag. Arthur played football. We went into the upper dockyard and I messed with about 100 officers at 7 in full dress very swell.

[Papa 10/-]

8 Friday

Highgate. I slept at Chatham in Arthur's room on 2 chairs & a box made into a bed. Arthur was on duty till about 12, when he came we went to see the Alexandria, a large Ironclad and also went on board a tuttett ship. We then came home and had lunch & played at Lawn tennis afterwards. Arthur won twice. I came home by the 4.50 train which is an express, but was about ¾ of an hour late at the Viaduct. Arthur's little dog is a jolly little fellow.

9 Saturday

Highgate. I went to Smithfield as usual but did not take Arthur's watch to be mended as I thought I should not have time. I did have a good deal to do. I came home as usual. Ralph & I finished 50 rows and I netted the two net together, and we had a game over it but we shall have to make about 40 lines more. Godfrey came home this evening. Willie Jeakes was here & played billiards.

10 Sunday

Highgate. Did not go to church. Went to Grannies & to Fannies & saw her & Evelyn. Read a good deal.

[11 to 13] October

11 Monday

Highgate. I went to Smithfield by tram as usual today and came back just the same alone. We paid for our dinners which was 6s 2½d. Papa gave me ten shillings pocket money for the week. I did not have very much to do at Smithfield today. This evening Godfrey & I took Maggie to some singing club or other & fetched her afterwards. I set my alarm at ½ pat 5 tomorrow in order to get up to fetch our new servant.

12 Tuesday

Highgate. My alarm woke me rather before the time, I went up and woke Godfrey who went with me. We got down at Shoreditch about 10 minutes late, where we found Augusta Garry, who came up with us in a cab. We had rather a row noise with the cabman. I went to Smithfield as usual & came back just the same [way]. Godfrey has gone to Cambridge. I forgot to say goodbye to him.

13 Wednesday

Highgate. I went to Smithfield as usual today by tram, I took my alarm clock & Arthur's watch with me, I fetched Aunt Ida's store ticket before I went, I took the above mentioned article to the Long acre stores and was told that the main spring of Arthur's watch was broken which would cost 2/6 and the glass would cost 9d. I left Smithfield at 4 came home and then went to Johnston's where there were a few people & we played at charades, Dumb crambo & danced one quadrillle, Fraulein Haase was there.

[14 to 17] October

14 Thursday

Highgate. I went to Smithfield as usual by tram and came back ditto. I found it very cold work writing up in the packing room, I had a good deal to do. and there were so many waiting parcels besides. I netted 9 rows this evening so that if I do ten tomorrow I shall have finished my share of the net. Ralph has only done 2 rows. I cannot read Shakespeare nowcoming home in the tram.

15 Friday

Highgate. I went to Smithfield at about the usual time by tram. I had a good deal to do today up in the packing room. We sent away about 223£ of goods. I came home by tram as usual alone. I read my french with Mamma as usual, and then netted about 15 rows. I have not read anymore aloud. Between Earth & Moon as I want to finish our lawn tennis net first.

16 Saturday

Highgate. I had a good run to catch the train going to town, but got there before Papa although we both left at the same time & he went by tram. I had a good deal to do. I came home as usual. We put on our finished net and had about 5 games of lawn tennis. Papa bought another bat. Mr Mickoll & Son, Willy Jeakes, Charley & wife & Ethel Ellis are here this evening & play billiards.

17 Sunday

Highgate. Went to Church with Dora there was a collection [3d]. Dan & Fanny came up.

[18 to 20] October

18 Monday

Highgate. I went to Smithfield as usual by tram and made out the credits for the returns. At ½ past 12 I took a Metropolitan train to Edgeware road & walked from there to the Jones. The ladies were both very well. Wilfred is rather rough about his arms & face, but he can walk a little. I went back soon after two. I got home sooner than Papa who went to sleep in the train and went on to Finchley & walked home.

19 Tuesday

Highgate. Mama gave me my pocket money before I went to Smithfield by tram. I had a good deal to do there. Alfred wants me to play at football with him against the Elstree school but I do not know whether I shall. I came home at the usual time and found Nelly Hickson here she stayed to Tea (Papa was at Johnstons) and afterwards went to Fairseat House from where I fetched her and took her to the station. I have been reading some of Faust.

[Dinner 6/10]

20 Wednesday

Highgate. I went down to Smithfield by tram with Horace, who said he wanted to take another measurement of my alarm clock, and so I asked him if he was making a case for it and he said yes, so I told him I had not got it, it was at the stores being regulated. Yhey packed about 270£ up in the packing room & about 150 - the show room. I came home by tram. It has been raining all day very hard. This evening I fetched Dora from Aunt Ida's, and played at Old Maid, I was made once. Fraulein Haase a great many times.

[21 to 24] October

21 Thursday

Highgate. I was rather later at Smithfield this morning than I have been lately. Directly I got there a wrote out a ticket for Mudies books. I had a good deal to do at Smithfield, I made out invoices for over 400 pounds worth of goods. I came home rather late, and met David in the tram; I translated some french with Mama & then played at Chess with Papa & gave him a glorious beating.

22 Friday

Highgate. I went to town as usual today by tram. I did not have very much to do. Tom Hickson came in the afternoon to get some boots for dancing lessons, and amde such a noise. I meant to come home early as Francy & Hugh Nettlefold were coming; Clara came and fetched Papa & I in the carriage. The Nettlefolds did not come but Clara & Charley Waterlow did. Clara had her little puppie here. Charley beat me 3 games at billiards.

23 Saturday

Highgate. I went to town as usual and came back a little earlier and went to see Faust at the Alexandra Palace with Ralph. As it rained nearly all day we found it rather wet work walking across the fields; the opera was not as good as I expected. 2 Admission 1/-, 2 Theatre 1/-, Progs and Claokroom. We afterwards went to Aunt Idas and had a few games and a few dances. 2 Jeakes & 5 Nettlefolds were there.

24 Sunday

Highgate. Did not go to church, hung up pictures with Papa. Dan & Fanny came in the afternoon.

[25 to 27] October

25 Monday

Highgate. I went down to Smithfield as usual by tram. Will showed me how to make out the returns. I had a good deal to do today, as there were so many parcels etc returned and I had to make out all the Invoices as usual. I meant to go and fetch my clock & Athur's watch today but as I heard Aunt Ida usually went to the store on Monday I did not go; she did not go after all. Mama gave me pocketmoney [10/-]. tram back [3d]. [Dinner 6/8]

26 Tuesday

Highgate. I went to Aunt Ida's in the morning and asked her for her Store ticket, which she lent me and asked me to get some butter for her. I went down to town with Alfred & came back with him. I went to the stores and got Arthur's watch & my clock & payd 6/6 & 2/9 when I got home I found put on my Invoice for repairs & cleaning 2/9 which ought not to have been charged. Mama is going to write about it. Maggie and I went to Nettlefolds to dinner.

27 Wednesday

Highgate. I went to Smithfield by tram from Upper Holloway to Farringdon St. 3rd class with Horace and we met Beatrice Hickson at the station. I had a great many Invoices to make out in the evening; but if they do not look sharp, they will not have nearly so much booked this week as there was last. I went to Charley's with him this evening direct from Smithfield. I had dinner there and then went to M[rs?] Williamson's to fetch Maggie & Dora, I had to wait along time we took a cat to the bottom of the hill.

[28 to 31] October

28 Thursday

Highgate.I went to Smithfield by tram as usual as I just happened to catch one or else I meant to take a return ticket from Upper Holloway to Farringdon ST. if possible. I had a good deal to do, all the same as usual. I came home by tram at the usual time. After dinner I read french with Mama and then began to learn a waltz. I practised the first 2 lines. I then had a game of chess with Papa who had to take all my men but 2 pawns in order to beat me.

29 Friday

Highgate. I went down to Smithfield by tram and took Maggie & Dora's slippers with me to be made up for Godfrey. I had a good deal to do at Smithfield today, and stayed rather later than usual. I came home with Alfred. After Dinner I read french with Mama practised a little and beat Tommy 3 [at] games of chess.

30 Saturday

Highgate. I went to Town by tram today as usual. I had a good deal to do but I managed to get all the Invoices done but one which is a good deal considering they go on packing till 2 o'clock. I came home by tram and had 2 games at Lawn-tennis with Ralph; Margaret & I went down to Highbury Newpark to tea and spent the evening there. We got home soon after 10 o'clock. We enjoyed ourselves very well.

31 Sunday

Highgate. I did not go to church. [?] ladies came. Charlie, J Allrick Hay, Miss Johnstons & Alfred called.

November 1875

[1 to 3] November

1 Monday

Highgate. I walked with Alfred & Horace down to Town up the Camden Rd & Alfred & I took the train from there to Farringdon St. I had a great deal to do for a Monday as I had to make out the returns of the week. I walked back. (Dinner). As far as Barnsbury and caught the tram there. In the evening I read french with Mama had four games of chess with Ralph he beat me one by a fluke. Papa beat me one game.

2 Tuesday

Highgate. I went down by tram alone I had a good deal to do at Smithfield. Percy went to Leicester. I came home with Alfred who came here. Mama & Papa went to dinner at the Jones; Marianne & Edith Jeakes were here. Alfred & I had a game of Billiards I won by about 50. After supper we all had two games at Poole. I won one. After Jeakes went Maggie, Tom & Alf had a game and Ralph won.

3 Wednesday

Highgate. I went to Smithfield alone as usual by tram. I got the slippers which Maggie & Dora had worked and which had been made up; they had made them a size too large. I did not have so much to do today, although I think we did a very good day. When I came home I found Clara here. she stopped to dinner and I took her back at about 9. Papa beat me, three games at chess today. After tea I read some french with Mama and came to bed at about 11 o'clock.

[4 to 7] November

4 Thursday

Highgate. I went to Smithfield today alone. Horace walked down the Hill with me and went in or rather on the tram as far as the Nags' Head. I did not have very much to do, that is to say, I had a little more to do than yesterday. In the evening I went into St Bartholemew's Hospital to fetch Clara but she stopped so I came alone. Maggie & I called at the Nettlefolds.

5 Friday

Highgate. I went to Smithfield by train from Upper Holloway. I had to wait a good long time before the train came. At about 11 o'clock Papa came and fetched me and I went with him to see Maggie at Mr Heatherleys, from there we went to the British Museum to see Ethel Ellis; we then went to some shop in Long Acre where Papa bought some paint brushes etc. I sent Godfrey's slippers to him. I came home by tram with Alfred.

6 Saturday

Highgate. I went to Smithfield by tram with Alfred, they have now reduced the fares outside it only costs 2d. to the Angel, we went on in a green tram. I made out the largest Invoice today it came to £100. I came home with Charley by train to Kentish Town. W Keep got in the same train but did not get out and went on to Haverstock Hill by mistake. Charley & David W., Tommy & I played at football at Hertford House.

7 Sunday

Highgate. I went to church with Dara. We met Keep & Alfred at the door. Dan & Fanny came.

[8 to 10] November

8 Monday

Highgate. I went down to Smithfield in the tram today as it was rather cold. I could not get the returns the same for a long while & found I had made one mistake. The[y] did not send very many goods away today as there were so many returns. I came home with Ruth, Clara, Papa, Horace & Alfred in Aunt Maria's carriage. I read a little french and a good feal of the Heart of the Mid-Lothian. [Dinner 6/-]

9 Tuesday

Highgate. Miss Ivy sent Mama 3 tickets for the Mansion House so Mama, Maggie & I drove down with Clara & Dora as far as Smithfield and walked from there to the Mansion House to see the Lord Mayor's show. After we had seen it there & had some luncheon, we went to the Station where we arrived with Difficulty & went to the Temple walked up the Embankment & saw the show with Ladies (Marian Jeakes was a maid of Honour). Come home by Buss & Tram Maggie & I went to a lecture at the Institution.

10 Wednesday

Highgate. I went to Smithfield in the tram today, the weather being rather bad, I had a good deal to do & should have done it all only I got interrupted so often. Yesterday they did very little. I came home at the usual time alone on the tram as I could not get in. Thekla v. Bär [gut & Difrouth?] came over from Germany today & was to have come up to Aunt Ida's. Maggie & I went over to see her but we found she had not come. She is coming up tomorow afternoon most likely. I read a good deal of the Heart of the Midlothian.

[11 to 14] November

11 Thursday

Highgate. I went down to Smithfield in the tram. I found we had done a pretty good day yesterday, but I think we did a better one today. Horace came round in the evening and went home came with Alfred & I on a tram. When I got home I heard we were going to dine at Aunt Ida's so changed my coat and went. Thekla von Bär was there. After dinner Aunt, Horace, Clärchen & Alfred & I played at Poker and lost.

12 Friday

Highgate. I went down to Smithfield by tram. I did not have so very much to do although we did a very good day. I came home by train & tram with Alfred. Aunt Ida, Clara, Clärchen, Horace, Alfred and Thekla von Bär came here to dinner. After dinner we all had a game of Poole excepting Papa, Mama & Aunt. And then Alfred, Horace, Ralph & I had a game at farthing shellout. I lost one penny.

13 Saturday

Highgate. I met Alfred going down to town. He Horace & myself went as far as the Nags Head together, where Horace got out and left his bag behind as he afterwards told us, we went on to the Angle [Angel]. I think we did not send off many goods this morning. I came home by tram, Charley came and played billiards with Papa & Horace. It was very misty & rainy. I had a game with Papa & Tommy and lost both. Tommy had a mustard foot bath this evening, which occassioned a frightful smell.

14 Sunday

Highgate. Dora & I went to church. It was a very wet and wind day. I read a good deal.

[15 to 17] November

15 Monday

Highgate. I went down to Smithfield in the tram. I had a good many credit notes to make out and could not get the returns right. Papa got 3 tickets for Macbeth on Thursday. Papa has given me my pocket money [10/-] and Mama gave me 5s. I came home in the tram. After tea I took Maggie to her singing class and fetched her at about ½ past 9. I had very little time to read the Heart of the Midlothian.

16 Tuesday

Highgate. I went to Smithfield by train this morning as I thought I was just in time but I had to wait a long time and did not ge to town much before 10. I got two more places for the theatre on Thursday. I did not have much to do at Smithfield at five I dressed and went to Jones bought some gloves and wetn with them to Johnstons in a cab fly to hear Mr Anger read Much ado about Nothing. I came home in a fly with Francy & Hugh Nettlefold, A Pike and Maggie.

17 Wednesday

Highgate. I met Alfred going down to Smithfield and went down with hime on a tram. I found we had done a very [...] day yesterday. I did not have very much today, that is to say I had finished in very good time. A German came to Smithfield today and bought some of the army shoes. 275 prs I think. Coming back I walked as far as Barnsbury St. [Islington, 1.6 miles]. I finished the Heart of the Midlothian today. I read some french with Mama. Maggie has stopped at Charley's tonight and is going from there to her drawing tomorrow and then coming to Smithfield to go to the theatre with us.

[18 to 21] November

18 Thursday

Highgate. I went down to Smithfield on the tram with Alfred. I had a pretty good deal to do, and we did a very fair day. Maggie, Papa & Horace, Alfred & I had tea at Smithfield today. Papa & I had two games at chess both of which I lost. After tea Maggie, Papa & I walked to the Lyceum Theatre where we went to see Macbeth. Ralph & Mama were there. I thought Irving was very good but Lady Macbeth, Miss Bateman was thoroughly horrible, ugly & drawls too much.

19 Friday

Highgate. I went to Smithfield today in the tram. I had a good deal to do and as I wanted to go to Harry's, Alfred helped me make out some Invoices. I went to Harry's by train, to Camden Rd and then walked and almost lost my way in the dark. Evelyn was very jolly, during dinner she very cooley began to pick my plaster off. Fanny gave me a photo of her which I am to keep till I get a better one. We came by train (Maggie & I).

20 Saturday

Highgate. I went to town by tram rather early. Yesterday I took Arthur's dress clothes to Town because he had telegraphed. He came at about 7 and ran off with Will's Coat by mistake, So I sent his clothes on by passenger train. At about ½ past 12 Alfred & I went to Louie's to dinner and then went to find Herbert on Primrose Hill; they came very late and then we came home and had a game at football at Hertford House with David, Charlie & Horace. Charlie & Louie dined here.

21 Sunday

Highgate. Horace & I went for a walk round Craick[?] End, Cony Hatch [Colney Hatch] to Ruth's at Finchley and home. Dan & Fanny came.

[Pocket money 10/-]

[22 to 24] November

22 Monday

Highgate. I went to Town by the 8.52 train from Upper Holloway. It took me a good while to fill up the traveller return sheet. I went to get some butter for Mama and then to Davage to have my hat ironed. Louie & Sam were at Smithfield to dinner. At five I stopped and had two games at chess with Alfred, I beat him one and he me the second. I read 3 pages of french with Mama but did not feal inclined to read English, Tram home.

[Dinner 7/8]

23 Tuesday

Highgate. I went to Town by tram alone; today. The Clerk at Smithfield instead of calling the Invoices over and my entering them and my making out the invoices he calls them out and books them whilst I make out the invoice which way saves a deal of time. I came home by rail to Upper Holloway. I went to hear Mr Anger read, he read 3 & 4 Act of Much Ado about Nothing. Mama went as well. We all enjoyed it very much.

24 Wednesday

Highgate. I went down to Smithfield by tram, and we made the Invoices the new way. In the afternoon I was letting down a hamper full of parcels, and when it got half way down I found I could not hold it properly, and it slipped through my hand and burnt it a good deal. I went to Jones to ask whether Fanny whether she had found them. Arthur and Wilfred were very merry. I came home by tram. I went to Uncle Sidney's this evening, he was in very good spirits, and said Aunt Maria was about the same.

[25 to 28] November

25 Thursday

Highgate. My hand does hurt much now. I went to Smithfield by tram today. I had a great many invoices to make out today, akthough I do not think the total was very much. I came home outside a tram as it was full inside when I got it. After ta I read some french to Mama and then had two games of billiards with Ralph both of which I lost. I beat Alfred a game at chess today at Smithfield.

26 Friday

Highgate. I went to Smithfield in the tram about the usual time today. My hand does not hurt hardly at all today. I made out and did up all the Invoices today and think that it was a very fair day considering that the boot trade is slackening at this time of the year. I came home by tram as usual, Mr Tomlinson came and had one game at chess with Papa which lasted about 3 hours, Papa had to give up.

27 Saturday

Highgate. I went to Smithfield in the tram as usual. I had a good nany Invoices to make out at first, and I went and got some butter for Mama and went to Meetings about the drawing room cornice. After I got back I had more to do than I could so I left it till Monday. I came home by tram with Uncle George, Sidney, Charley W, Horace, Alfred & I had a game of football. I had two games of billiards in the evening.

28 Sunday

Highgate. I went to church with Dora. Nobody came this evening.

[29 to 1] November & December

29 Monday

Highgate. I went down to Smithfield by the 8.52 train from Upper Holloway. As I just happened to catch it, I had a great many Credit notes to make out and a good many Invoices considering it is Monday. I came back on a tram as there was no room inside when I got up. Papa showed me a new game that the Princess of Wales played with her children, a sort of [n]oughts & crosses.

Theatre - Royal Princess's Theatre, Monday 29th

30 Tuesday

Highgate. I went down to Smithfield by tram as usual it was very cold today. I did not have very much to do today. Uncle Sidney sent Alfred an order for the Old Bailey to the Wainwright trial and I went with him by they would not let either of us in, as it was already full. I came home in a tram and went to the Johnstons again to hear Mr Angel read the last part of Much Ado about Nothing.

December 1875

1 Dec Wednesday

Highgate. I had breakfast at ¼ to eight and then went to Aunt Ida's to fetch Alfred, we went down by tram and went to the Old Bailey, they let Alfred in with his order but they would not let me in, and as Uncle Sidney was not at Bartholemews, either at 10 or 1, I could not get an order. I heard this evening that the verdict is: Death to Henry & Thomas 7 years penal servitude. Francis & Lucy, Maggie & Hugh Nettlefold & Annie Pike came this evening; we played at cards and had pretty good fun.

[2 to 5] December

2 Thursday

Highgate. I went to Smithfield by tram this morning, it was very cold and a good deal of snow had fallen. I had a great deal to do today at Smithfield as William Hatch went upstairs and helped pack we did about 320 pounds. After I had finished I went upstairs and had a game of chess with Alfred, which be beat [me]. I was just in time to catch the 5.32 train.

3 Friday

Highgate. I went down to Smithfield by the 9.8 train from Upper Holloway. I did not have so much to do today, as there were hardly any boxes so that they lost a lot of time looking for some. I had two games at chess with Alfred at dinner time and won both. I came home with Alfred by the 5.4. Miss Johnston is going to sleep here tonight. I went over the way for about an hour, Clara is not much better.

4 Saturday

Highgate. I went to Smithfield by tram today as I just happened to catch it and as it was rather late I did not want to wait. Miss Johnston slept here last night. There was a very dark fog in town today. I came home with Alfred. I went over to Uncle Sidney's and played with David & Charley and Ralph. Willy and Marianne Jeakes were here this evening. I heard with surprise of Anna Hahn's engagement.

5 Sunday

Highgate. I read some of Josephus' life this morning. Dan and Fanny came to dinner.

[6 to 8] December

6 Monday

Highgate. It was snowing hard when I went down to Smithfield today I went in a train I met Uncle George, Percy, Fred & Tom in St John's St. There were a great many returns today and I had only just done entering at 5 o'clock. Our dinner was cheaper this week than usual as Fred had come back. It was 6/8½. I came home by tram. Papa beat me two games at chess and gave me his queen.

7 Tuesday

Highgate. I met Alfred going down to Town in the Tram but he got out at Barnsbury St as he wanted to get something I believe. It is still very cold today and I do not believe that it has thawed worth speaking of all day. I came home alone as usual. After dinner I went over they way Charley & David had been sledging and had been on the pond but did not feel inclined to go out again. It was a beautiful evening.

8 Wednesday

Highgate. I walked down to Kentish Town with Maggie and took a train from there. It has thawed all day long, I went on to Uncle Sidney's pond before I went to town but it was frightfully bad ice. I had a good deal to do at Smithfield as William Hatch helped pack upstairs. But I went away at about ¼ past 12 to Green??an to get a new suit and some butter and Alfred entered while I was gone. I came home with him by tram. Papa has gone to the billiard club and Mama is not well and is in bed.

[9 to 12] December

9 Thursday

Highgate. I went to town by tram it is still thawing, but I think that it froze a little last night. I had a good deal to do at Smithfield; but Papa called me at 4 and asked me to take a parcel of Books to Harry, so I went to his new place by omnibus, and came home with him as far as the Camden Road. I met George Waterlow in the tram. I read a lot of the life of Swift aloud tonight.

10 Friday

Highgate. I went to Smithfield today by train. As I just past the church at 9.8 I had a pretty good deal to do at Smithfield that is to say enough to help me quietly going. I came home with Alfred by tram from the Angel as usual. My clothes came to Smithfield today, which I had ordered on Wednesday. Arthur came home with Puck today. We went over the way for about an hour. Puck has grown a great deal lately.

11 Saturday

Highgate. I went to Smithfield by tram today but walked to the Nags Head as I just missed one tram. I had a good deal to do as it is Saturday, but I found time to go and get some buter for Mama. I brought Dora & Maggie's skates home. I came home by tram. Charley came to play at billiards with Papa. Godfrey came home this evening, I beat him a game at Billiards and beat Arthur 1● to 7 games at Bang.

12 Sunday

Highgate. Arthur, Dora & I went to church, Clara is still in bed but better. Arthur went back to Chatham this evening.

[13 to 15] December

13 Monday

Highgate. I went to town this morning as usual by tram. I was rather earlier than usual; directly I got to Smithfield I went upstairs to see if I was wanted and then went to Lacy's in the Strand to buy a copy of She stoops to conquer. I then walked to Tottenham Court Rd and tried to find a shop where I could get a gas-shade but could not and went to the Old Bailey by omnibus. Our dinners cost 7/2½. I came home by tram.

14 Tuesday

Highgate. I went down to Smithfield as usual by tram I had a good deal to do when I got there. I asked Alfred to lend me his dress coat & waist coat to go to Johnston's in, which he did. I came home with him, 3 Nettlefolds, Annie Pike, Maggie, Godfrey, Dora & I went in an omnibus to Johnstons; we danced and Miss Coates Lovel & Jackson acted with H Carl & Godfrey a charade "India" very well, we got home at about 1.

15 Wednesday

Highgate. I walked or rather ran to the Nags Head and took a tram from there. I had a good deal to do today, so much that I have not yet got yesterday's or today's returns done. Godfrey came to town at about 5 we had tea and then went per omnibus to the Princesses theatre to see Rip van Winkle we got there rather early and easily got in the first row. It was very good indeed we both thought. We came home by omnibus & tram, and got home at about 1 o'clock or a little before.

[16 to 19] December

16 Thursday

Highgate. I went to Smithfield by tram today as usual by tram. I had a good deal to do as I have not yet finished the returns for Tuesday or any of the following days. I began Tuesday but could not get it right and could not find any mistake at all. At about ½ past 4 I tok the train to the Edgeware Rd and went to Jones. I stayed there to dinner and came home directly after by tram from Tottenham Court Rd.

17 Friday

Highgate. I met Alfred going down to the Angel and walked from there. I found out the mistake I had made yesyerday. After dinner Godfrey, Alfred & I went to Lincolns Inn to see if a case of Dans was on but it was not and most probably would not cone on till Monday. We went to Guild Hall and heard a part of two very interesting cases. And then went to Smithfield and came straight home.

18 Saturday

Highgate. I went down to Smithfield as usual by tram, I met Uncle George, Percy & Fred at the first turning after the Angel. I bought some large screws for Papa to fix the ventilation in the billiard rom. I came home directly after dinner by tram. I had a good many games of Bang with Ralph & Godfrey and got the best in both cases. I had a game of shellout, Poole & 4 Biloliards. I read Marlow's part in She stoops to conquer.

19 Sunday

Highgate. Went to church with Arthur and went to Johnston's afterwards. Willy Jeakes, Chas Waterlow & Dan called.

[20 to 22] December

20 Monday

Highgate. I walked with Godfrey to the Nags Head and then took an omnibus to Holborn and went to Malsiss' court to hear Dans case, but he did not finish it as Mr Beton who was to be cross examined did not turn up. After that I went and got 4 copies of She stoops to conquer and then went to Smithfield Dinner. I came home by tram. Willy Jeakes, Charley W, Arthur, Papa, Ralph She stoops to conquerI had 3 games of shellout. I lost a good deal.

21 Tuesday

Highgate. I went to town by tram as usual and had a good deal to do, just before dinner Will came up and helped me and then Alfred came up instead. have finished my return sheet but I could not get it quite right. I came home by tram. Mama, Godfrey and Maggie went to a concert and Papa & Arthur have gone to Johnstons. Horace to Munro, I beat Ralph at a game of billiards by 1. I am going to have a bath.

22 Wednesday

Highgate. I went to Smithfield today by tram as usual, it was raining hard when I started but not at all when I got to Smithfield. I had a good deal to do this morning, but had nothing to do after 4. Mr Topper & Mandy told me they would only have a little to do today. I went with Alfred to Bishopsgate St and came home from there by tram. Carl came this evenng he is going to act Tony Lumkins, and ask his sister to take Miss Neville. Ted Nettlefold came here and played billiards.

[23 to 26] December

23 Thursday

Highgate. I did not go to Smithfield today as there was very little to do yesterday and I thought there would be less to do today. I sawed a good deal this morning and then went up to town with Godfrey and had my hair cut and was weighed and measured. This evening we all went over to Aunt Maria's. Aunt and Uncle gave me a book and I got a doll which I gave to Maud and some gaiters which I changed for a scarf ring.

24 Friday

Highgate. I went to Town today, there was not very much to do and I came away at about 3 o'clock. The babies had already arrived and Clara came a little later. Dan and Fanny are coming tomorrow I think. I bought two christmas presents, and got a pair of gloves, prayer book, Inkstand, nectie ring, gold studs given to me. We had a game of cards and then a game of billiards and then a few games of pool. I won a game and a ½.

25 Saturday

Christmas Day

Highgate. Clara slept here last night. This morning Ralph and I went over to Hertford House garden & got some holly which Dora hung up in the hall. Then we went with Papa to Aunt Ida's soon after we came back, Horace, Clärchen, Alfred, Herbert, Fanny & John came over here; then Miss Jackson & Mrs Johnston called. Dan & Fanny came. In the evening we had some more games at shellout. I lost ½. Dan & Fanny did not sleep.

26 Sunday

Highgate. I went to church this morning with Arthur & Dora. Willy Jeakes called this afternoon.

[27 to 29] December

27 Monday

Highgate. I did not do anythng particular this morning except go to Aunt Ida's to see whether we could get up a game of football.

[6d out of the Xmas pudding]

Emily Stones called. After dinner or rather lunch I [?]act some of my part, till Maggie came with Francis, Lucy & Maggie Nettlefold, to tell us she was nearly sure Miss Steer would act Mrs Hardcastle with us. Mr & Mrs Johnston & M Jeakes came to dinner after which we had some games at Shellout. I won about 1½d.

28 Tuesday

Highgate. I went to Town by tram as usual. I had hardly anything to do upstairs so Will gave me the Analysis Book to add up. Papa gave me my pocket money as I had forgotten to ask Mama for it. [Dinner 7/1½] I came home at about 4. Clara went back to Aunt Maria's today. She gave me a present of a pound. Mr & Miss East [or Cart] came today for a rehearsal, it got on pretty well considering that nobody knew their part properly. [Tram 3].

29 Wednesday

Highgate. I went sown to Smithfield as usual by tram. They did not pack anything except waiting parcels today so I went on adding up the Analysis Book. I did not finish it but shall finish it tomorrow. I came home a little earlier today, I met David at the Angel and Kate Hickson got in at about the Camden Road. Charley W. came here this evening and played at Billiards with Godfrey and 4 game of pool with Ralph & I. I won ½ at pool. It is rather colder this evening.

[30 & 31] December

30 Thursday

Highgate. I went to town by train today. And finished the Anaylsis Book in the morning; in the afternoon I helped W Hatch the foreman put up some Boots, Papa went to Mr Walter Waterlow about me, he said (in short) that he would let Papa know in about a fortnight, he thought he could most likely give me a place. Came home by tram. M de Monginot came here this evening and we had a conversation with him in French.

31 Friday

Highgate. I went to town by tram as usual and helped throw up some boots in the show room, for as they are going to take stock tomorrow and Monday they had to sort them first. I came home by tram as usual only I called in at Grandmama's to give her a letter, Mr and the two Miss Adams' were staying there, we had rather an early dinner and then dressed and went to see "the Cowley and Hickson Minstrels." I think an act is much more interesting than Nigger Minstrels. I thought Cowley and Alfred did their part very well, and Fred did his Stump Oration very well, in which there were a good many good jokes. I danced a good deal once with Clärchen Emily Stones Clara, Miss Farmeloe, Oakeshott, Nelly Stones, Dora Fanny. May twice with Annie & three times with Hilda. We got home at about half past one o'clock after having jumped & danced in the new year with Nelly Stones.

and ...

The following year, 1876


The Hickson and Cowley Minstrels

Currency in Hanover in 1875

Hanover was a Province of the Kingdom of Prussia and the Free State of Prussia from 1868 to 1946.

Following German unification in 1871, the country adopted the German mark as it currency in 1873. Initially, the coins and banknotes of the various predecessor currencies, such as the thaler, the kreuzer and the guilder, continued to circulate. [2 kroner = 1 rigsdaler]. More detail

It would seem that the larger currency unit used in Hanover at this time was probably "fl" for Florins (or in German Gulden, which was the Hanover currency in 1875).

Up to 1858 Hanover had 1 Thaler = 24 Gutegroschen (Ggr.) and 1 Ggr.=12 Pfennig. From 1858 to 1866 1 Thaler had 30 New Groschen (Ngr.) and 1 Ngr. = 10 new Pfennig (Npf).

Prussia had 1 Thaler = 30 Silbergroschen (sbr) and 1 Silbergroschen = 12 pfennige (₰)

Prussia took over Hanover in 1866, so they used the Prussian northern currency which was, from 1867, 1 Gulden (or Florin) = 60 Kreuzer.

Handwritten abbreviations, however, often had little semblance to the full currency name.

Theatre prices, (As you like it) are shown as Gew. and Rittel. - is that student prices and normal prices?

Throughout this diary Ernest has entered currency in the left three columns as, I think, Florins / sgr / ₰ (pf) when he was living in Hanover.

For English currency he has sometimes written lbs instead of £s - very confusing - see, for example: Tuesday 5th January


Difficult to read (or understand) in the text.

The stalls, sometimes the rear stalls

Hoya is about 70 kms north from Hanover

Colonel Baker

The assault on Miss Rebecca Kate Dickinson by Colonel Valentine Baker

Also reported by Victoria Calendar


The William Hickson Boot and Shoe Company had premises at Smithfield and also in Northampton

The village of Fairseat in Kent

Both the Hicksons and the Waterlows owned Manor Houses in Fairseat. When the families moved to Highgate, William Edward Hickson continued to live there.

The various houses in Highgate

Lauderdale House

On 24th June, 1865, the Lauderdale House estate was conveyed to Sir Sidney Hedley Waterlow

Waterlow Park, formed from the grounds attached to the three houses, Lauderdale House, Fairseat and Hertford House was on 16th December 1889, presented by Sir Sidney Waterlow to the London County Council, for the benefit of the public for ever.

Hertford House

James Hickson lived there in 1869 when it was acquired from the trustees by Sir Sidney Hedley Waterlow.


This House which was next to Hertford House, was leased, in 1865 by the Bloxham family, to Sir Sidney Hedley Waterlow.

Source: British History Online, Lauderdale House and Waterlow Park

Lord Mayors of London 1872-1876

Index of names:


I believe that the suffix chen used here means 'the younger'. It is a diminutive word like lein as in Fraulein

Adams, Miss
Jan 11, Feb 13, Feb 15, Mar 1, Mar 6 & Dec 31
Hanover. the Misses Adams of December 31, in England, are possibly not the same people
The von Alten family
"The Altens" - Mar 29 & June 2
Ernst von Alten
Mar 10, Mar 29, May 17, May 18, July 4, July 5
Hederich von Alten
Mar 29 (Hanover)
Marie (or Mariechen) Adeline Berta A von Alten (1856-1934) married Gustav E von Einem 12th May 1876
Born 25 March 1856, died 8th December 1934
Apr 11, 19, May 17, June 28
Tante Marie v.Alton
maybe the mother of Mariechen and the other von Alten's mentioned here.
but see:
W v.d. Alten
April 17
Herr Carl von Alten-Linden and his wife
May 17 and June 6
Altenbeken is a municipality in the district of Paderborn in North Rhine-Westphalia, about 164 km from Hanover
Anger (Mr Anger or Mr Angel)
German actor or reader of Shakespeare, Nov 16, Nov 23 & Nov 30
Appuhn, Fraulein M
Ernest's French teacher
Jan 8, 10, 12, 19, 22, 26, 29, Feb 2, 5. 16, 19, 23, 26, Mar 2, 5, 9, 12, 16, 19, Apr 6, 8, 9, 20, 23, 27, May 6, 7, 11, 22, 25, June 1, 8, 15, 22, 29, July 2
July 4 (Hanover) - this is the only mention of him


Bär, Thekla, von
visiting from Germany
Nov 10, 11, 12
Barsinghausen is a town in the district of Hanover, about 26 km from Hanover
April 14 - amateur actor, Hanover
Apr 1, Hanover
Berg (Mr Berg)
Was he a lab assistant? Occasionally Ernest lent him money which he always repaid
Jan 27, Feb 3, 23, Mar 3, Apr 27, May 10
Bernstarff, Tante Frieda
Don't know who she is, presumably a German Aunt, von Einem or ...
Heeren's Assistant - April 21, June 21
July 17, 19 (Highgate)
Jan 27, 28 (Hanover)
Shop where Ernest had his skates ground
The Braun family
July 3
Jan 18, Feb 11, Mar 14, Apr 14, 16, 17, 24, 25, 27, May 5, 6, 8, 31, July 1
Apr 10, June 28
July 2
Mar 14, Apr 25, May 7, June 19
Buse, Marjorie
July 3 - An officer of the Hanover Polytechnic?
Kraut's assistant
May 14, Jane 18 (Hanover)


Campe, Hans v.
May 17 (in Hanover) - only mentioned once in the diary
Cart, Miss
July 28
See also East or East in the text
Clerk or Clerke, Miss
Feb 25, Mar 4, May 6, July 6
Cleve, Major
Apr 18, July 4
See "The Hickson and Cowley Minstrels"
Jan 8, 11, 29, June 21, 23 (Hanover)
Fellow Chemistry student at the Polytechic


Town in the district of Lüchow-Dannenberg in Lower Saxony, Germany, about 140 km NE of Hanover
Dur, Dr
Lectured about the human eye in Hanover
Mar 10


East, Mr & Miss
Dec 28
See also Cart or Cart in the text
Edler, F
Apr 17 in Hanover
Eggelbrecht, Herr
July 15 went to Highgate
July 9, July 20, Sept 26 (Highgate)
Oct 16, Nov 5 (Highgate)
July 9 (Highgate)


Skating friend in Hanover


Augusta Garry
Oct 12 (Highgate)
Apr 17 (Hanover)
Grote, v
Mar 29 (Hanover). The space in the diary looks as if Ernest intended to fill in the first name later.
Tante Gechla
Is she closely related to Tante Sophie? Note that her maiden name was Grote-Schauen
Feb 7 (Hanover)
Laboratory Assistant
Gunther, Herr
Jan 9, 10, 22, Mar 7, May 19, June 12, 14, 20 and July 4 (Hanover)
Went to see him about Drawing and also about studying Business


Haase, Fraulein
Oct 13, 20 (Highgate)
Jan 7, 10, 15, Feb 17, 22, 27, Mar 7, 18, 26, Apr 3, 4, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 18, May 1, 8, 11, 12, 13, 27, 29, 30, 31, June 12, 19, 20, 27, July 3 (Hanover)
Jan 12 (Hanover) aged about 50, married Mr v Hartunch
Jan 11, 18, 21, 27, 28, 29, Feb 1, 4, 20, 24, Mar 2, 18, 21, 26, 27, 31, Apr 12, May 13, June 1, Dec 4 (her engagement) (Hanover)
May 27
Apr 16, 19 (Hanover)
Mar 26, 27, Apr 9, 16, 24, May 6 (Hanover)
Jan 28 (Hanover)
Apr 3 (Hanover)
Feb 24 (Hanover)
Jan 14, 15, June 21, 22 (Hanover)
Friend of Ernest
Hammerstein, von
Mar 30 (Hanover)
Mar 29 (Hanover)
June 6 (Hanover), Uncle
married Johann Gottfried von Einem
Hancock, W W
Feb 1, 18, Mar 16, 23, 24, 31, Apr 7, 25, May 13, 15, June 8, 10, 11, 12, 14, 17, 18, 21, Aug 9, Sept 30, Oct 1 (Hanover)
It wasn't until mid April that Ernest discovered the correct spelling of Hancock's name
Hanson, Bice or Miss Beachy
Sept 1, 2, 15 (Swanage)
Hartunch, Mr v.
Jan 12 (Hanover) married Miss Hahn
Hatch, William
Dec 2, 8, 30 (Highgate)
June 21 (Hanover)
Hay, J Allrick
Oct 31 (Highgate)
Mr Heatherleys
Nov 5 (Highgate)
Heeren, Professor, Dr
Chemistry lecturer
Jan 26, Feb 9, Mar 3, 4, 18, 19, Apr 5, 20, 22, 30, May 7, 14, 19, 20, 24, 31, June 1, 3, 14, 16, 17, 18, 21, 22, 23 (and more) (Hanover)
Jan 11 (Hanover)
Apr 28 (Hanover)
Feb 14 (Hanover)
Physics student
Apr 28 (Hanover)
Hormann, Sophie
Apr 10 (Hanover)


Icilius, Professor Quintus
Jan 23, 27, 30, Feb 5, 6, 10, 13, 20, Apr 3, 7, 10, 14, 21, 24, 28, May 1, 8, 12, 15, 19, 26, 29, June 5, 16, 23, 25, 26, 30 (Hanover)
Ivy, Miss
Nov 9 (Highgate)


Jackson, Miss
Sept 1, 9 (Swanage), Sept 14, Dec 25 (Highgate)
Aug 2, 11, Oct 23, Nov 2 (Highgate)
Nov 2 (Highgate)
Nov 2, 9, Dec 4, Dec 27 (Highgate)
Willie, Willy, John William Jeakes
July 13, Oct 2, 9, 16, Dec 20, 26 and many others, if I have got the right Will, Willy, Willie (Highgate)
Willy appears to have worked at the Boot & Show company as well as Ernest, after all it was a family business
Willie married Clara Hickson on the 20th April 1876
Johnson, Mr
Aug 17 (Highgate) - Surely Ernest meant to write 'Johnston'
Aug 31, Sept 2, 10, 13, Oct 13, 19, Nov 16, 30, Dec 14, 19, 21 (Highgate)
Emma, Miss
Aug 25, 26, 27, 28, Sept 1, 2, 9, Oct 31, Dec 3, 4 (Highgate)
Mr & Mrs
Sept 1, 8, 15, Dec 25, 27 (Highgate)
July 31, Oct 18, Nov 2, 16, 24, Dec 16 (Highgate)
Daniel married Jessie Hickson in 1871
Jan 1, Aug 19, 31 (Highgate & Swanage)

Below is the family tree of Daniel Jones' family:

I have been trying to find the link (if any) between Dan, Daniel Jones and Fanny Jones. In my records I have no record of Fanny Jones, but from this diary it is clear that she was very present with the family, furthermore Dan and Fanny (surnames often not mentioned) often appear together. Daniel Jones lost his wife in 1874, probably in childbirth so it seems logical that he might turn to his sister, if any, to accompany him to family gatherings - see December 25th for example. Did he have a sister called Fanny Jones? Are Dan and Fanny the same people as Daniel Jones and Fanny Jones?

... or had he remarried to someone called Fanny?

Daniel Jones, born 7th Feb 1834, was the son of Henry Derviche and Mary Jones

His wife, Jessie Hickson born 14th Sept 1844, was Ernest's half sister, her mother being Sophia Hill

Fanny Stedall married Henry (Harry) Hickson and they had a daughter called Evelyn in 1873

Frances Einem Hickson, born 1862, daughter of Samuel and Ida Klothilde Agnes von Einem


Kamphophener, Herr
He found a place for Ernest in Paris - see next year (1876)
Keck, Capt
Feb 14 (Hanover)
W. Keep
Nov 6, 7 (Highgate)
Kheden, Herr v.
Mar 29 (Hanover)
Koch, Miss & Mr
Mar 25, Apr 18, Apr 25, May 3 (Hanover)
It was difficult to read 'Paptara' maybe an error.
A shop
Kraut, Professor, Dr
Ernest's Chemistry lecturer, Analytical Chemistry and Organic Chemistry
German student
Note: I don't know what an execator is
"the young lady who lives at Hahn's"


a bookshop in London's West End (The Strand)
June 21, 22, 23 (Hanover)
German student
April 17 (Hanover)
German friend
June 6 (Hanover)
Fraulein Gussie v. Linsingen and her mother, Mary who was married to Carl v. Alten-Linden
Lovel, Miss Coates
Dec 14 (Highgate)
Spent an evening with the family
Lucker, Mr
Sept 14 (Swanage)


Jan 9 (Hanover) - only mentioned this once
Dec 22 (Highgate) - employee at the boot and shoe firm
Mar 17, 30, 31 (Hanover)
Mar 30, 31, Apr 1 (Hanover)
Miss (elder sister)
Mar 25 (Hanover)
Can't find this word in the dictionary, tried various spellings
June 23 (Hanover)
Oct 2, Dec 31 (Highgate)
May 7 (Hanover) 'the banker'
Fellow student at the Polytechnic in Hanover
There are two mentions of Meyer, one calls her our servants parents the other Aunt Meyer. Ernest's maternal Gt Grandmother was Martha Christiane Sophie F Meier (1745-1825)
(1) in Hanover (Jan 12), (2) in Hoya (Apr 2)
Mr Mickoll and son
Oct 16 (Highgate) - visited abd played billiards
Mitchell, Mrs
July 6 (Rotterdam)
Ernest met her at Utrecht
Monginot, M. de
Dec 30 went to Highgate
Dec 21 (Highgate)
Is this the name of a place or a person?


Francis (Francy)


Dec 31 (Highgate)
a lady with whom Ernest danced on New Year's Eve
Oppermann, Herr
June 12 (Hanover)


April 14 - amateur actor, Hanover
Panthon, Miss A
I think that Ernest lived in the same house as Anna Hahn and Miss A Panthon
Ernest put '?' after his name
Jan 11 (Hanover)
Pelten, Ernst
Mar 29 (Hanover) - German friend
Pike, Annie
Nov 16, Dec 1, 14 (Highgate)
Jan 8 (Hanover)
Printhaus, Miss
Mar 21 (Hanover)
Is Puck a dog or some animal? - This is the only mention of Puck.


Reiche, Carl n
May 14 (Hanover)
July 3, 4 (Hanover)
I am not sure of the spelling of this name, it could be Reinecke, Reinicke or even an 'h' instead of 'k'
Reinicke, Herr Amtsrichter
Feb 6, Apr 2, 6 (Hoya) - see Meyer
Miss Anna Reinicke
Jan 9, Feb 8, Apr 26, June 17 (Hanover)
Georg Reinicke
Feb 18, Apr 5, 17, 24 (Hanover)
Mrs Reinicke
Jan 7, 12, 25, 26, 28, Feb 1, Mar 8, 20, 27, 30, Apr 1, 8, 10, 21, 22, May 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 10, 11, 20, 27, June 3, 15 (Hanover), July 13, 14, 17, Sept 29, 30
Frau General Auditeurin Reinicke
July 8 (Highgate)


Jan 11 (Hanover)
Selech, E
Jan 10 (Hanover)
Jan 29, Feb 5, 19, 26, 27, Mar 19, 20 & May 14 (Hanover)
Architect, Mr
Feb 21 (Hanover)
Stedall, Fanny married Henry Hickson (Harry) in 1872
Stedall, Louisa married Charles Hickson in 1866
Steer, Miss
Dec 27 (Highgate)
Mary Valentina married William Stones (who was drowned at sea in 1866) and they had 3 children:
Emily A (1852)
Marian W (1854)
Ellen (1856) [Nelly]
Strifler, Miss
Ernst sold her a few stamps
Summon, Mr
Sept 14 (Swanage)
Drove the family in his waggonette


Tomlinson, Mr
Nov 26 (Highgate)
Topper, Mr
Dec 22 (Highgate)
Employee at Hickson's Boot & Shoe firm
Trinkgeld, Louise
Turner, Mr
Mar 23, 24 (Hanover)
connected to a Cast Iron Factory, manager?, employee?
Tynlyn, Emily
Male friend in Hanover


Could this be Gerhard Uhlhorn (1826-1901) an Evangelical Lutheran theologian?
Mar 26, 27, 30 (Hanover)


Valentin's Chemical Analysis
Apr 3, May 15, 18, June 5 (Hanover)
Vandeleur, Sam
Fellow student who helped Ernest a lot
Mar 16 (Hanover)
Apr 12 (Hanover)
Irma's uncle


Warder, Henry
Character in The Monastery
Wenfe, Carl v.d.
Apr 1 (Hanover)
Westphal, Herr
Apr 16 (Hanover)
Wilhelms, Otto
May 8, 11, 12, 24, 26, 29, June 2, 5, 16, 30 (Hanover)
A Polytechniker who gives lessons in Mathematics
May 6 (Hanover)
Williamson, Mr/Mrs
Sept 24, Oct 27 (Highgate). Maggie was present both times

No surnames

I was a bit confused as to who 'Granny' was.
She must have been Elizabeth Grant whom William Hickson married in 1848 after the death of his first wife in 1847.
Ernest's 2 natural grandmothers were
  • (paternal) Matilda Underhill, wife of William Hickson
    • She was born 30 Dec 1783 and died 3 Apr 1847
    • This fits with the English references, but she was already dead
  • (maternal) Irmengard Karoline Charlotte von Hammerstein, wife of Johann Gottfried von Einem
    • She was born 19 Jan 1807 and died 16 June 1868
    • This fits with the birthday greetings sent on 9th Jan, but she had already died
"The German servant"
Sept 16 (Highgate)
Dec 14, 22 (Highgate)
Could this be Carl Hahn on a visit from Hanover? This Carl had a sister
Aug 14 in Fairseat, Kent. This could be the daughter (born 1852) of Ellen Celia Waterlow who married George Hickson
either Charles Hickson or Charles Waterlow
July 10, Aug 16, Oct 2, Nov 11, 12, Dec 25 & Dec 31 (Highgate)
Don't know who she is, but she seemed to be at Ernest's home when she is mentioned, even on Christmas Day.
Aug 13, Sept 16, Oct 17, 24, Nov 7, 21, Dec 5, 19, 24, 25
Often found together with Fanny
Ernest has clearly written 'Dory' and not 'Dora'
Don't know who or what Eclipsey is
Fanny (Her birthday was 20th September)
Character in The Monastery
Ida, Aunt - There seem to be three possible people:
Aunt Ida, Tante Ida, Tante Ida Schwacke, (Ida & Maud - Monday, 16th August)
Aug 14 (Jessie Waterlow)
Jessie Hickson or Jessie Waterlow?
John - Not sure who this John (or Jonny) is:
John Horace known as Horace; John Godfrey known as Godfrey; John Arnold Einem known as John; John William Jeakes known as Willie; or John Hill or could it be Tommy?
June 26 (Hanover)
Student at the Polytechnic with Ernest
Aug 3, 16, Dec 23 (Highgate)
Her birthday was in August, she was probably a young girl (Ernest gave her a doll on 23rd December). Was she related to Ida?
June 22 (Hanover)
Ernest put '?' after his name
Not sure who Sam is, could he be closely related to Louisa?


For more information see The Hicksons of Caddington which lists this entire Hickson family together with many stories concerning the family together with family trees. (nearly 700 pages)

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