Welcome to the community of Hicksons

Aim: to link all Hickson families together

Free DNA test to any British man with the surname Hickson or any variation thereof provided you supply sufficient documentation

Any man whose paternal line (father's father's father etc.) has the name HICKSON or a variation thereof can join our DNA project.

To qualify for the free test, you must provide a pedigree of 5 generations (paternal line and their wives). The earliest man must have had the surname HICKSON, HIXSON, HIXON or HIGSON, must have been born in Britain, and must have died before 1841.

Please provide references to original sources (no secondary sources). Family Bibles are acceptable.

You may join the project without applying for a free test for which no formal pedigree is not required, but please tell us as much as you can about your earliest known HICKSON ancestor.

I would like to apply for a free test - or - I would like more information on DNA